African Fly

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African Fly is a supplement that may increase stamina, allowing erections and energy to sustain for longer periods of sex.

Overview Of African Fly

African Fly is a supplement that is claimed to consist of herbs that will boost testosterone and sexual performance. It is marketed as a liquid aphrodisiac that may be able to improve your energy levels, thus supporting healthy erections and greater sexual stamina.

There are mixed reviews online regarding this product, as each experience with the product may vary. Still, it’s been purported that African Fly will lift your sexual energy and afford you more intense experiences.

African Fly

African Fly Review – Health Web Magazine Images

How Does African Fly Work?

African Fly, a liquid testosterone booster, uses herbs to optimize three aspects of sexual function: greater testosterone, the flow of blood, and the stimulation of nerves. Herbal ingredients like Corynanthe Yohimbe and Myristica Fragrans work to drive testosterone and might boost your sexual urges and sustain your stamina.

Other herbs like Cinnamomum Cassia and Syzgium Aromaticum might increase your nerve sensitivity, which can make for more pleasurable and intense orgasms. Additional herbs contained in African Fly are Turnera Diffusa and Zingiber Officinale, which are said to improve sexual health by providing men with firmer erections and women with increased vaginal lubrication.
When your testosterone levels are optimal, your blood is pumping nicely, and your nerves are stimulated, this can allow you to have a more favorable sex drive and better stamina. Improving these three aspects of sexual health can often modulate sexual issues that you may be dealing with.[1]

What Are The Ingredients In African Fly?

Corynanthe Yohimbe – This herb has been studied over time and is said to create aphrodisiac sensations. The indole alkaloid structure promotes pharmacological capabilities, like the actions on adrenergic receptors that influence adrenaline, as well as vamping up vasomotor activity, which influences sexual urges and stamina.[2]
Cinnamomum Cassia – Study results have suggested that this plant extract can be advantageous for improving sexual function. The key here is the positive effect of increasing smooth muscle in penile tissue. Stimulating these nerves prompts better and more continuous erections after climaxing, which can make it easier to engage in sexual acts for longer periods.[3]
Syzygium Aromaticum – This is another herb that is included to promote erections and boost sexual pleasure. The major component of this herb, known commonly as Clove, is nerve stimulation, which is necessary to increase pleasure and support stronger orgasms. Clove can increase the levels of testosterone and has smooth muscle relaxant effects, which have positive effects on erogenous zones and the ability to attain pleasure.[4]
Zingiber Officinale – There are many studies focused on this herb and its role in sexual health, as it can work to ease erectile dysfunction. These herbal extracts can bolster testosterone levels and improve sperm viability, which boosts sexual health and the ability to have greater erections. Better blood flow will provide better erections that are firmer and longer lasting.[5]

How Should You Take African Fly?

There are various ways to use African Fly that are dependent on your desired outcomes. You can use the supplement each day or only use it on an as-needed basis. Whatever frequency you choose to use it has an impact on the dosage. As a result, the dosage ranges from two pulls from the dropper twice daily to three pulls from the dropper three times daily.

If you’re looking into using African Fly to encourage penis enlargement, you’ll want to take African Fly two or three times a day. It has been purported that keeping African Fly in your system can support steady growth.

Start slowly, taking one dropper full to gauge your response, and then elevate your dosage as you become acclimated to the supplement. If you choose to take the supplement twice a day, have two dropper fills in the morning and two in the evening. If you use African Fly three times daily, have three dropper fills in the morning, midday, and evening.

On the other hand, if you’re just looking to use this product to enhance your erection and performance, use African Fly one to three hours before any sexual activities. If you don’t feel any enhancements, try using the supplement every day for one week. After this, go back to using the supplement only before engaging in sexual activities.

What Are The Benefits Of African Fly?

  • African Fly is a liquid supplement that is designed to be an aphrodisiac.
  • The manufacturer claims that this supplement can boost testosterone levels, resulting in greater sexual desires/ The herbal ingredients that are used might be helpful in nerve stimulation to give greater orgasms and pleasure.
  • According to the manufacturer, African Fly might upgrade blood flow to erogenous zones, which results in firmer erections that last for longer periods.
  • This supplement might increase stamina, allowing erections and energy to sustain for longer periods of sex with more intense pleasure and orgasms.

What Are The Drawbacks Of African Fly?

The downsides of African Fly include the following:

  • Clinical trial results are not made available to the consumer.
  • The label Information is limited and does not include exact amounts of each ingredient provided.
  • Free samples of African Fly may not be offered.
  • There aren’t many African Fly reviews online.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of African Fly

Ayers Naturals is the manufacturer of African Fly. The manufacturing firm is located in the United States. In addition to African Fly, this company produces GoodWood Performance Fuel, another product designed as a sexual performance enhancer.
Any inquiries, concerns, or comments that you may have regarding the product can be communicated via the email address and customer service number provided on the official webpage.

FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

According to the manufacturer, other male enhancement products work to create erections, while African Fly goes the extra step to make the erections firmer and last longer.

Many consumers noticed changes within the first few days of use. Please consider that each consumer may garner different results.

Yes. African Fly is designed to increase blood flow to improve sexual health, including optimizing vaginal lubrication and boosting sex drive.

Female consumers shouldn’t use African Fly daily for longer than a month because of the testosterone increases.

African Fly is generally safe for most consumers, but the manufacturers note some significant safety concerns on the official website. This supplement is not suitable for pregnant and nursing women. Additionally, consumers taking MAO inhibitors may need to avoid this product, as the ingredient Yohimbe may cause sensitivities and decrease the effectiveness of the medication.

Consumers experiencing hypertension or hypotension, as well as those recovering from heart attacks, have also been advised to avoid this supplement. In addition to this, men and women who have experienced genital nerve damage should proceed with caution.

It costs $55.00 to purchase one bottle of African Fly. When browsing the website, you will see that bundles are offered. You can purchase two bottles for $100.00 or three bottles for $135.00.

According to the official website, African Fly does provide a refund policy. You can try this liquid supplement for 60 days, and if the results aren’t favorable, a full refund will be afforded.

Jungle Beast Pro and Spanish Fly Pro are two herbal-based supplements marketed as liquid aphrodisiacs. These products are designed to boost libido and act as male performance enhancers. We recommend that any potential customer look into several products to determine which one will be most suitable.

One potential side effect noted by Ayers Naturals is the potential for excessive dosing and the adverse results that occur. Some male customers have had experiences with too many erections when using the highest dose. To prevent this, increase your doses gradually based on your tolerance.

Also, consider the side effects associated with some of the ingredients. The herbal ingredient Yohimbe has been linked to heart attacks as well as the occurrence of seizures. This may be a component to think about if you’re prone to experiencing heart troubles or seizures.[6]

The ingredient Cinnamomum Cassia, better known as Cinnamon, has been associated with gastrointestinal complications. There have also been studies looking into the connection between cinnamon and liver issues.[7]

You can gather more information about African Fly on the official website. You might also find additional details from third-party retail stores.

What Are Consumers Saying About African Fly?

Many of the African Fly customer testimonies attested to an increase in sexual desires and feeling turned on more often. Some users described having better endurance, which enabled them to last longer during sex. Male customers had better erections, even in the morning. Most results were noticed within two weeks of use.
Additionally, other customer reviews noted that there didn’t appear to be any effects or changes. Even after more than one week of use, there didn’t seem to be any positive effects. Also, several consumers complained about the taste.