There are three ways to balance the chakras from home that can help to increase the frequency of life experiences you attract. You can balance the energy centers via healing with the angels, eating light, and sound balancing.

When you work on healing your energy centers in these three convenient ways, you will attract highly abundant situations in living areas such as your health, career, love, and finances.

Balanced chakras are responsible for bringing in a positive tone; the better the chakras’ frequency, the higher the energy matter you manifest. These three modalities of healing are quickly done via YouTube or DVDs.

These are easy to use and can be done with little distraction, making them a far more effective way to balance your activities than any other healing modalities.

Working with angels in a clearing capacity will balance the chakra to elevate its energy. With their healing abilities, the angels can dislodge fear and brighten the energy centers of all of our subtle bodies of well-being.

While the concept of healing with angels may seem outlandish because we didn’t learn about their abilities in school, their results are easily accessible and foolproof.

Concept of healing

Based on self-reported data over the past twelve years in my healing practice, my clients have experienced drastic changes in how they feel: lighter, more balanced, and grounded after clearing their chakras with the angels.

Comments I often receive post healing with the angels include, “I feel so much lighter. That’s much better. I feel more grounded, etc.”

The Archangels Raphael, Michael, and Metatron are the best angels to clear the chakras because they can do their work anytime, anywhere. Archangel Raphael is the healing angel whose name means “God heals.” His role is to bring God’s healing light to this planet and be called upon day or night.

All that is required for his help is your permission, and he instantly appears by your side. Because everyone is healthy in spiritual truth, Raphael reveals the true healed nature of ‘dis’-ease with his work.

You can visualize the archangel with emerald-green light, lifting away sludge from the chakras any time you need. By calling in Archangel Raphael, you are already ready to align with the healing frequency of health, and that will increase your total sum frequency. Here is a prayer to support your chakras healing:

”Dear Archangel Raphael, I ask you to come to me now
and remove any energy restrictions or blockages
in my chakras so that I may enjoy health and wellness.”

Next, the Archangel Michael, whose name means, “He who is like God.” Like God, he contains excellent healing power, including a lightsaber that he uses to detach you from the grips of fear. He is happy to help because once fear leaves us, we return to peace.

Balanced chakras

Call upon Archangel Michael to vacuum your entire fear-based energy system and fill it with diamond angel sparkle gel. Michael can also shield and protect your energy to prevent negative energy from sticking to your bodies and chakras.

As a defender of all that is pure, Michael works tirelessly with his strength to intervene, saving lives and protecting our bodies, minds, and spiritual energy centers.

Call this angel anytime, day or night, for his excellent protection in both the spiritual and physical realms, and don’t forget to ask him to vacuum your chakras once a day! His energy-healing work will make you sparkle at a moment’s notice!

Here is a sample prayer to support you with an Archangel Michael healing:
“Dear Archangel Michael, thank you for sending
healing energy to me and through me,
for my blessings and all those I attract.”

Then take a deep breath in and allow Michael to work on healing your chakras. The angels say it is essential to breathe deeply when working with them as this gives them greater access to your auric field. Holding the intention to work with the archangels is all that’s required to invoke their help. The angels can feel your intention over the wording of the prayer you use.

Lastly, there’s Archangel Metatron, who was the prophet formerly known as Enoch in the Bible. The name Enoch is Hebrew for “trained and vowed, dedicated, profound.”

Archangel Metatron has a dedicated association with the Merkaba, often described in many spiritual texts as “a chariot of God made of angels and seraphim with flashes of light.”

This “cube of Metatron” can work as an exfoliant to clear the energy centers. The cube spins clockwise and uses centrifugal force to push away unwanted energy residue. You can call upon Metatron and his healing cube to clear your chakras.

Here’s a prayer to support your healing:
“Thank you, Archangel Metatron, for utilizing your
healing cube to purify the energy of my body, mind, and emotions.”

Energy healing tools

The angels can clean those hard-to-reach places with their energy-healing tools to remove sludge, fear, and blockages to the chakras energy centers.

Next, we’ll discuss a light-based diet recommended by the angels, which leads to high-frequency energy. The angels say that everything we eat and drink has a corresponding effect on our spiritual and physical health.

Eating in the light to create higher vibrations is another excellent way to heal the energy vortexes. Vegetables and fruit grown in natural sunlight are a great way to keep the chakras running at their best.

You can notice the difference when you drink celery juice or lemon water in the morning as the green and yellow colors wake up your heart and solar plexus chakras.

The high-frequency light of the fruit and veggies goes into your body and repairs the chakras. You’ll feel so much better after having a light-based food choice in the morning instead of the heavy and sluggish feeling that accompanies having bacon and eggs for breakfast. Fruits and vegetables are a fast and easy method to increase the light frequency of your energy body because they’re grown in the light.

carbohydrate content food

“It isn’t just the fat or carbohydrate content that counts when making dietary choices – it’s the ‘spiritual vibrational’ quality of our foods and beverages that truly makes a difference in how we look and feel.” (Virtue, Doreen, Eating in the Light[1]). Moreover, the colors in the food are apt to supercharge the color range of the chakras.

Although you’d have to look the sounds up on YouTube, playing specific frequencies of sound balancing will tone each corresponding chakra. Sound baths correspond with specific music notes that will tone specific chakras that can help to unlodge old emotions and energies to a perfect balance.

Chakra balancing music uses sound to balance the seven energy centres (chakras) in the subtle body. Each chakra responds to a specific sound-healing frequency, known as solfeggio frequencies.

Each frequency has individual spiritual and physical healing properties. Frequencies make up an ancient six-tone scale used in sacred music and chanting. Music or sounds that generate these vibrations help balance the mind, body, and soul and assist with the flow of energy[2]” (Insight Timer 2).

Sound balancing is a unique and easy way to help clear the chakras. It also calms the mind and emotions, increases focus and clarity, decreases tension and fatigue, boosts your mood, and reduces feelings of anger.

“The history of sound healing goes back thousands of years. Greek physicians used musical instruments to heal patients, tapping into the power of vibration to aid in digestion, treat mental disturbance, and promote sleep.

The ancient Egyptians described musical incantations to help heal the sick. Native Americans used singing, chanting, and drums as part of the sound healing process.

It wasn’t until the end of the 19th century that researchers began to study the healing effects of music, finding that it could lower blood pressure and assist the work of the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps your body calm down and recover from stress.[3]” (Also Moves).

Sound bath meditations

Sound bath meditations can range anywhere from five minutes to an hour. You can practice a sound bath almost anywhere, so it’s easy to give it a short amount of time to see if it’s for you. Therefore, the sound bath method of clearing your chakras and other healing benefits are ultimately very beneficial.

While there are many practical ways to heal your chakras from home, you are ultimately going to have the highest success rate from working with angels, eating in the light and sound baths because of the deep layers of healing, level of refinement and easy accessibility.

You might need to repeat these practices daily for best results as chakras imbalances can form at any time, but at least these steps are easy to use and can be done with little distraction, making these a far more effective way to balance your chakras than any other activities.

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