Black Bull Extreme Honey

Black Bull Extreme Honey Review – Health Web Magazine Images

Black Bull Extreme Honey may be suitable for those experiencing low testosterone levels and its associated symptoms like low libido and loss of muscle strength.

Overview Of Black Bull Extreme Honey

Black Bull Extreme Honey is a male enhancement supplement featuring aphrodisiacs like Tongkat Ali, maca, and Horny Goat Weed. This supplement comes in a unique form. As opposed to capsules, Black Bull Extreme is administered in honey pouches that you eat.

Is this supplement effective at boosting testosterone and libido? Let’s break down the science and see what customers are saying.

Black Bull Extreme Honey

Black Bull Extreme Honey Review – Health Web Magazine Images

How Does Black Bull Extreme Honey Work?

The manufacturer of Black Bull Extreme Honey says the product addresses several areas of male vitality. Not only could it boost testosterone levels, but it could also improve erection quality, stimulate sex drive, and reduce inflammation in the male reproductive system.

The manufacturer says you can notice Black Bull Extreme Honey’s benefits in just a few weeks.

What Are The Ingredients In Black Bull Extreme Honey?

You can view a picture of Black Bull Extreme Honey’s ingredients and product label by visiting third-party websites. Black Bull Extreme Honey’s main ingredients are described below.

Honey – In some ancient systems of medicine, honey is considered a powerful aphrodisiac. For example, Ayurveda prizes honey as a “Vajikarana,” or a substance that improves sexual performance and potency. Research on humans is lacking, but one study[1] found that pure honey could enhance fertility and sperm quality in rats. Other research[2] suggests that honey can support reproductive health due to its anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory plant compounds, such as flavonoids, polyphenols, B vitamins, and minerals.
Maca – Maca is a Peruvian plant that may boost libido and energy levels. Like honey, there is limited research on humans. A study[3] on mice found that maca decreased ejaculation latency and significantly improved ejaculation frequency and nitric oxide (NO) levels. Adequate nitric oxide levels ensure the smooth muscle tissue of the penis relaxes and blood flow increases to sustain erections.[4]
Ginseng – The research on Ginseng’s ability to improve erectile dysfunction is mixed. A medical review[5] of nine studies found that Ginseng had trivial effects on erectile function compared to placebo. However, Ginseng may slightly improve men’s self-reported ability to engage in and enjoy sexual intercourse. We need more thorough research on this herb.
Tongkat Ali – In a six-month double-blind and placebo-controlled study[6], men who paired Tongkat Ali treatment with cardio and resistance training demonstrated improvements in erectile function and serum testosterone levels. Other research on Tongkat Ali demonstrates conflicting findings. The efficacy of Tongkat Ali may depend on its dosing and pairing with a healthy lifestyle.
Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium) – Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) utilizes Horny Goat Weed as an erectile dysfunction treatment. However, there is limited evidence of its efficacy in humans. A study[7] on rats found that Horny Goat Weed extract significantly improved mean arterial pressure in cavernous tissue and tissue expression of NO and calponin. Both NO and calponin play a role in sustaining erections.
Ginger – Some research[8] suggests that ginger can positively influence sexual behavior. In this research, regular consumption of ginger was associated with high sexual desire and more frequent sexual behavior, including intercourse. The exact causal mechanism behind ginger’s influence on sex is unknown. It may be related to ginger’s anti-inflammatory bioactive components and ability to improve blood flow.
Black Seed – A study[9] on rats found that black seed can improve erectile function by relaxing blood vessels. Research[10] on humans found that black seed extract can significantly improve sperm count, motility, and morphology in instances of infertility.

What Are The Benefits Of Black Bull Extreme Honey?

  • It could improve sexual drive
  • Black Bull Extreme Honey may support optimal testosterone production
  • The product may be easier to take than capsules
  • It may improve energy and endurance

What Are The Drawbacks Of Black Bull Extreme Honey?

  • Black Bull Extreme Honey isn’t third-party tested
  • The product isn’t suitable for vegan individuals
  • Some may not enjoy the taste
  • It doesn’t come with a free trial

Who Should Take Black Bull Extreme Honey?

Black Bull Extreme Honey may be suitable for those experiencing low testosterone levels and its associated symptoms like low libido, loss of muscle strength, hair loss, and mood changes. Those experiencing prostate problems may also benefit from Black Bull Extreme Honey.

The manufacturer doesn’t specify if this product is suitable for all ages. If you have questions regarding Black Bull Extreme Honey’s compatibility with certain medical conditions or medications, we recommend consulting with a doctor.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of Black Bull Extreme Honey

“Jungle Herbs Corp” manufactures Black Bull Extreme Honey. There is minimal information about this manufacturer online. Black Bull Extreme Honey’s packaging claims it is a “Product of the USA.” It’s unclear what part of the USA the manufacturer is in, what practices they follow, and where they source ingredients.

The lack of information about Jungle Herbs Corp puts the legitimacy and safety of its products into question.

FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

Check out the sections below for more information about Black Bull Extreme Honey and its ingredients.

We can’t guarantee that this product is safe. Some of its ingredients haven’t been tested for long-term safety in humans.

Some research has associated one of Black Bull Extreme Honey’s ingredients, Horny Goat Weed, with adverse events. These adverse events involved changes in mood and anxiety.

There is no official website for Black Bull Extreme Honey. You must purchase it through its third-party retail partners, who have inconsistent pricing.

On one third-party retail website, a box of 12 packets is $49.99. Another retailer offers 12 packets for $27.00.

There isn’t a free trial available. The Black Bull Extreme Honey refund policy will depend on the third-party retailer you purchased it from.

The retailer “Elite Royal Honey” offers a 90-day money-back guarantee for its products, as long as they are returned in unused condition. The retailer “Crownhoney” offers a 30-day return policy for unused items.

The package directions say you should consume a “partial” of the pouch approximately 30 minutes before intercourse. The manufacturer doesn’t indicate how much a “partial” of the pouch is.

Other products that may support erectile function and sexual performance include Endopeak and Virectin.

As we briefly mentioned in an earlier section, Black Bull Extreme Honey doesn’t have an official website. You can read more about this product by visiting the websites of its third-party retail partners. These partners include Elite Royal Honey, Crownhoney, and Royalty Honey USA.

What Are Consumers Saying About Black Bull Extreme Honey?

Customers from Elite Royal Honey reported improved erectile function and more energy. Some customers said the product arrived damaged, and the honey spilled everywhere.

There are no reviews available for Crownhoney or Royalty Honey USA.