Brazilian Wood Male

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Brazilian Wood Male Reviews – Click here to know the truth about this male enhancement supplement! Does it work? Read more.

Overview Of Brazilian Wood Male

Brazilian Wood is an all-natural male enhancement supplement. It’s designed to help men overcome sexual and erectile dysfunction. According to the manufacturer, its potent blend of herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals tackles sexual dysfunction by addressing toxins, inflammation, blood flow, and testosterone levels.

Is Brazilian Wood as safe and effective as the manufacturer claims? Here’s what the science says.

Brazilian Wood Male

Brazilian Wood Male Review – Health Web Magazine Images

How Does Brazilian Wood Male Work?

Brazilian Wood’s official website claims the product treats the root cause of sexual dysfunction. These “root causes” are toxins, free radicals, poor vascular health, and low testosterone levels.

The manufacturer says Brazilian Wood works for men of all ages and a wide range of medical conditions. The product may work best when taken consistently for an extended time.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of Brazilian Wood Male

“Supernatural Man LLC” manufactures Brazilian Wood. According to the product’s website, the manufacturer adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards and uses an FDA-inspected facility located in the United States.

Brazilian Wood’s ingredients are supposedly “pure, natural, and carefully sourced.” The manufacturer doesn’t specify where it sources its ingredients. This makes it difficult to determine the product’s safety profile. You may be able to obtain additional information about Brazilian Wood’s ingredients by contacting their customer service team.

What Are The Ingredients In Brazilian Wood Male?

Here’s an overview of Brazilian Wood Male’s main active ingredients:

Yohimbine Bark – Yohimbine is a tree native to Africa. A meta-analysis[1] of clinical trials found that yohimbine improves erectile function compared to placebo groups. However, yohimbine doesn’t produce significant improvements on its own. It is most effective when combined with other erectile dysfunction treatments such as l-arginine and the drug trazodone.
L-Arginine – L-arginine is an amino acid known for its vasodilatory effects. Vasodilation is essential for erectile function because it encourages optimal blood flow to penile tissue. A meta-analysis[2] concluded that l-arginine combined with pycnogenol could significantly improve symptoms related to erectile function, including intercourse satisfaction, orgasmic function, overall satisfaction, and sexual desire. L-arginine is also effective for erectile dysfunction when administered alone. In a double-blind and placebo-controlled study[3], patients with vasculogenic erectile dysfunction who took l-arginine for three months demonstrated significant improvements in their International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) scores.
Ginger – Ancient systems of medicine, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, utilize ginger as an aphrodisiac and treatment for erectile dysfunction. Currently, there is limited research on humans demonstrating the potential benefits of ginger on sexual function. Ginger may help types of sexual dysfunction by lowering oxidative stress in the body. Some of ginger’s most powerful anti-oxidative plant compounds include gingerols and shogaol.[4]
Muira Puama – Muira Puama is a plant native to the Amazon region. Currently, there is minimal evidence of muira puama’s use for treating erectile dysfunction in humans. One study[5] on rats found that a nutraceutical containing ginger, paullinia cupana, muira puama, and l-citrulline may help delay and reverse histological and functional characteristics of erectile dysfunction associated with aging. However, considering muira puama was present alongside other ingredients, we can’t attribute any significant changes in erectile function in the rats to muira puama exclusively.
Catuaba Bark – Catuaba is a plant native to Central and South America. Catuaba may improve sexual function by reducing fatigue and increasing stamina. A study[6] on rats found that a catuaba extract reduced exercise-induced fatigue. Aside from this animal study, there is limited research on catuaba extract for humans.
Guarana Seed – Guarana seed contains caffeine. Some research[7] suggests that caffeine can reduce your risk of developing erectile dysfunction. Guarana seed may also lower oxidative stress in the body due to its beneficial array of phytochemicals like tannins[8]

The Science Behind Brazilian Wood Male

The official Brazilian Wood website claims the product is scientifically formulated. However, the manufacturer doesn’t provide a list of scientific references to back up claims about the product’s effectiveness. The manufacturer makes several unsupported claims, including that some of the product’s ingredients encourage nitric oxide production, improve cardiovascular health, effectively manage obesity, boost arousal and libido, and prolong erections.

The research we’ve compiled in the previous section addresses some but not all of these unsupported claims.

What Are The Benefits Of Brazilian Wood Male?

  • It may improve erectile dysfunction
  • Brazilian Wood Male may protect the body from free radical damage
  • The product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • It could reduce inflammation

What Are The Drawbacks Of Brazilian Wood Male?

  • The product doesn’t come with a free trial
  • Brazilian Wood Male is expensive
  • Some customer reviews appear fake and photoshopped
  • It’s unclear where ingredients are sourced and if they are safe

FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

You can find answers to common questions about Brazilian Wood Male down below.

The safety profile of this product is questionable. The manufacturer doesn’t specify precisely where some ingredients are sourced. The manufacturer also doesn’t provide details about third-party testing to ensure Brazilian Wood’s ingredients are free of contaminants like toxins, heavy metals, microbes, and agricultural chemicals.

There isn’t a free trial for this product. However, the manufacturer does offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your results, you can get a full refund by contacting Brazilian Wood’s customer service team within 60 days of the original purchase date. The Brazilian Wood website claims you don’t have to return your bottle to qualify for a refund.

You should take two capsules per day. It’s unclear if the supplement should be taken on an empty stomach or alongside a meal.

Other products that may improve erectile function and male hormone health include Testpro Ultra Max and Virectin.

The manufacturer claims this supplement is entirely safe and carefully sourced. However, we can only verify this statement with proof of third-party testing.

Some of Brazilian Wood Male’s ingredients may lead to side effects like gastrointestinal upset, heartburn, irritability, headaches, and visual changes.

You can find additional information about Brazilian Wood on its official website. Third-party review websites also give details about this product.

What Are Consumers Saying About Brazilian Wood Male?

The Brazilian Wood website only features three customer reviews. These customers reported more sexual intercourse satisfaction, increased energy levels, and improved sexual performance.

We can’t guarantee the legitimacy of these reviews, considering some appear fake and photoshopped.