CKLS Cleanse

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Overview Of CKLS Cleanse

The full meaning of CKLS is colon, kidney, liver, and spleen and the herbal supplement may help the user eliminate all the toxins and chemicals in the body. People that use CKLS do so with the hope that it may help them get rid of constipation, colon pockets, tiredness, mucus build-up, headaches, sluggishness, and stress. 

However, the claim is that CKLS may work only when the user also consumes a volume of cold-pressed unrefined olive oil. Having heard all that CKLS claims to offer, we have decided to take a look at the numerous CKLS cleanse reviews out there and come up with our thoughts about the product.

As a result of this, we’ll be discussing the manufacturer, the science behind the product, the benefits, side effects, how to use it, user reviews, and many other things. Read and get enriched.

How Does CKLS Cleanse Work?

CKLS cleanse claims to use all-natural ingredients like uva ursi, cascara sagrada, and aloe vera resin to detoxify the entire body. The cleansing of five major organs of the body may be achieved through the individual characteristics of the herbs contained in the formula.

While the cascara may help in dissolving gallstones and cleansing the liver, uva ursi may eliminate kidney stones, while aloe vera resin might encourage the growth of bacteria that enhances digestion and eliminates constipation.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of CKLS Cleanse?

The CLKS cleanse is a product of the New Body Products Company, and the manufacturer claims to be beating out products that may enhance the body system. The firm was founded by an organic chemist known as Dr. Paul Gross.

CKLS Cleanse

CKLS Cleanse Review – Health Web Magazine Images

What Are The Ingredients In CKLS Cleanse?

There is insufficient information about the ingredients contained in the CKLS cleanse formula. But from retailer websites, we were able to gather the list of primary and secondary ingredients.

Aloe Vera Resin – This comes from the aloe vera plant, and it has proven to be effective in causing the growth of bacteria that may solve indigestion, and when food digests faster, constipation is eliminated. Its efficacy in the treatment of IBS is also attested to by the Medical News Today.
Cascara Sagrada – This all-natural medicine is said to help in getting rid of gallstones and detoxifying the liver. The nutrients effect is said to be brought about by the antiquinones in it. But this claim is not fully substantiated, as the demand for safety and effectiveness study on this claim was turned down by companies when FDA made the demand, citing cost.
Uva Ursi – It has been used for the treatment of kidney stones for many centuries. It is believed to be a solid diuretic herb that may be effective in supporting the urinary tract and kidney.
Cayenne Pepper – This is believed to work as a stimulant for the intestine. The colon is said to be the area where its major effect is felt, as it eliminates wastes that attach to the digestive wall. It contains antioxidants like cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin, lutein, choline, beta carotene, and vitamin E, all effective in helping the body get rid of free radicals according to Medical News Today[1].
Chamomile – This has been used to take care of internal inflammation and to make the nerves calm. It is mostly found in detox products, as it is believed to help in cleansing the body.
Chapparal – It is believed to be popular in detox products as a blood cleanser, also containing antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties that may work against blood ailments. It may also help[2] in urinary and upper respiratory tract infections, kidney stones and gallbladder, diabetes, premenstrual syndrome, menstrual disorders, and stomach problems.
Mullein – This has mucus cleansing properties from the lungs and intestinal walls, and this reduces the growth of harmful bacteria, as some mucus harbor bacteria.

What Is The Science Behind CKLS Cleanse?

CKLS cleanse relied on ingredients that have been used for various medical cleansing purposes for many centuries. They include aloe vera for bowel improvement, cascara for liver cleaning and gallstones elimination, and uva ursi for kidney stones elimination.

However, we have to note that there are no conclusive scientific studies or clinical trials about the effects of these ingredients or the CLKS cleanse formula.

What Are The Benefits Of CKLS Cleanse?

  • It may enhance the supply of sufficient oxygen to all parts of the body.
  • The product has only herbs with a long history of medical use and effectiveness and no additives.
  • It comes with a lot of good feedback.
  • CKLS Cleanse may help in cleaning the spleen, lungs, kidney, and colon.

What Are The Drawbacks Of CKLS Cleanse?

  • Users may complain of diarrhea and severe cramps.
  • There are no return policies or free trials of the supplement by the manufacturers.
  • Some users may also not like the fact that it comes with diuretic properties.

FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

While conducting this study, we came across some recurring questions from users, and have decided to answer some of them here:

Retailer websites say that this product may contain laxatives, so one has to be close to the bathroom when on this supplement, as severe bowel movements may occur.

While some users may not experience side effects, others complain of severe cramps and diarrhea according to numerous CKLS Cleanse reviews we came across.

A person using this should not take alcohol, dairy products, coffee, sugar, fried food, meat, fish, flour-based products and must not smoke. It is also not for nursing mothers, pregnant women, and children.

This could be gotten from the retailer websites and the product page at affordable prices and many people may believe that it comes cheap because of the work they claim it does.

This comes with a complicated 7-day regimen. While consuming 5 tablets per day before sleep, the user, according to review websites, should also stay on a strict diet for seven days.

The diet includes ounces of cold-pressed and unrefined olive oil, fresh fruits and vegetables, cabbage soup or vegetable broth, fresh lemons, and gallons of spring water.

There are no return policies or free trials of the supplement by the manufacturers, but people that buy on retailer websites may be lucky to enjoy one.

Against other detox supplements, CKLS holds its head according to information from retailer sites. People prefer it because the product may contain herbs only, though the mode of administration and the olive oil involved deters a lot of people from embracing it.

From what we gathered from the review sites, some of the people that used the CLKS may experience side effects like dizziness, severe cramps, terrible diarrhea, bloating, and excess gas.

Now, while a few of the reviews we came across attested to the effectiveness of the CKLS cleanse, many others indicated that the consumers were not happy with the supplement. Some said that they experienced initial weight loss with it, but nothing happened in the long term.

What Are Consumers Saying About CKLS Cleanse?

Specifically, studying the CLKS cleanse reviews on the retailer websites, we found some people saying that they’ve used it for more than years and they are now stuck with it because of how effective it is.

But some also said that the herb has a good taste and that they noticed no long-term effects. So, it has mixed reviews.