EliteXtreme Male Enhancement

EliteXtreme Male Enhancement Review – Health Web Magazine Images

Overview Of EliteXtreme Male Enhancement

EliteXtreme is a male enhancement supplement designed to improve sexual performance, increase stamina, and boost libido. According to the manufacturer, EliteXtreme is all-natural and free from harmful side effects.

Aside from improving male sexual health, EliteXtreme may also support energy levels and mental focus while reducing stress and anxiety.

Are you on the hunt for a good male enhancement supplement? Let’s break down EliteXtreme’s ingredients and see if they can help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

EliteXtreme Male Enhancement

EliteXtreme Male Enhancement Review – Health Web Magazine Images

How Does EliteXtreme Male Enhancement Work?

The manufacturer says EliteXtreme Male Enhancement works through several mechanisms; boosts energy levels, supports testosterone production, improves blood flow to reproductive organs, and increases nitric oxide levels.

The official EliteXtreme website claims you’ll achieve the maximum benefits after taking the product for two to three months. However, it’s advised to take EliteXtreme for a full six months to solidify results.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of the EliteXtreme Male Enhancement?

“Elite Xtreme” manufactures this supplement. According to the product’s label, the manufacturer is located in the United States and uses a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved facility.

The official EliteXtreme website says the manufacturer only uses all-natural, non-GMO, and gluten-free ingredients. Although the manufacturer is based in the United States, it’s unclear if the ingredients are sourced domestically or globally.

What Are The Ingredients In EliteXtreme Male Enhancement?

Here’s the scientific research behind EliteXtreme Male Enhancement’s most notable ingredients.

Epimedium – Epimedium is also known as Horny Goat Weed. It is a popular ingredient in male enhancement supplements due to its alleged effects on libido and erectile function. There needs to be more research proving its effectiveness in humans. However, a study[1] on rats showed that icariin, a derivative of Horny Goat Weed, improved penile hemodynamic parameters, such as blood flow, nitric oxide production, and smooth muscle content.
Tongkat Ali – Like Epimedium, Tongkat Ali is a common ingredient in male enhancement supplements. In a double-blind and placebo-controlled study[2] on men with erectile dysfunction and androgen deficiency, Tongkat Ali treatment led to improvements in erectile function and testosterone levels. The study subjects also engaged in a specific exercise regimen that has been proven to augment testosterone production so we can’t attribute the improvements in erectile function to Tongkat Ali alone. The results of this study are still noteworthy.
Saw Palmetto – Saw Palmetto is rich in phytosterols, such as beta-sitosterol, (β-sitosterol). Its sterol content has proven beneficial for lower urinary tract disorders and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). However, research[3] suggests Saw Palmetto treatment can also be beneficial for erectile dysfunction by reducing inflammation, augmenting smooth muscle relaxation, and inhibiting phosphodiesterase (PDE5) activity.
Wild Yam Extract – Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) utilizes wild yam extract to improve sexual health. A study[4] on rats demonstrated that treatment with wild yam extract protected against erectile dysfunction by preventing inflammation of and oxidative damage to the testes and stimulating testosterone production.
Sarsaparilla Root – Sarsaparilla root is native to Mexico and South America. There is limited research exploring its sexual-enhancing effects. However, research[5] does show Sarsaparilla provides other benefits such as being hepatoprotective, anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, immune-modulating, and hypoglycemic.
Tribulus Terrestris – Tribulus Terrestris is a plant native to tropical regions such as Southeast Asia and Africa. In a double-blind and placebo-controlled trial[6], Tribulus Terrestris significantly improved sexual dysfunction in men with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. Tribulus Terrestris specifically improved intercourse satisfaction, orgasmic function, and sexual desire.

The Science Behind EliteXtreme Male Enhancement

Despite the manufacturer claiming EliteXtreme contains “scientifically-proven ingredients,” the official website doesn’t provide a list of resources that support this statement. Without ample scientific resources, we can’t verify some of the manufacturer’s claims, such as that EliteXtreme is “carefully researched,” “free from harmful side effects,” or “highly effective.”

What Are The Benefits Of EliteXtreme Male Enhancement?

  • It could boost libido
  • The product may support testosterone production
  • EliteXtreme Male Enhancement is all-natural and gluten-free
  • It may improve sexual performance

What Are The Drawbacks Of EliteXtreme Male Enhancement?

  • It isn’t third-party tested
  • The product is expensive
  • EliteXtreme Male Enhancement may interact with medications
  • It only has one detailed customer review on the official website

FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

Read the sections below to find answers to any additional questions you may have about EliteXtreme Male Enhancement.

As mentioned in a previous section, the manufacturer claims EliteXtreme is free from harmful ingredients and side effects. We are unable to guarantee EliteXtreme is safe considering the absence of third-party testing.

The product label says EliteXtreme is not suitable for individuals who are pregnant, breastfeeding or have a medical condition. It's best to check with your doctor before starting a new supplement.

You can purchase EliteXtreme from its official website. One bottle is $69.00, three bottles are $177.00, and six bottles are $294.00. The three and six-bottle bundles come with free shipping.

EliteXtreme is not available on third-party retailers like Amazon. Some third-party review websites provide an affiliate link to purchase the product. We can’t guarantee these affiliate links take the customer to the original and authentic EliteXtreme Male Enhancement product.

EliteXtreme does not provide a free trial. If you purchase EliteXtreme from its official website, you qualify for a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t delighted with EliteXtreme, you have until 60 days after the original purchase date to contact customer service by phone or email to initiate a full refund. Both used and unused bottles are eligible for a refund.

EliteXtreme’s contact information can be found at the bottom of the checkout page, or on the product’s label.

It’s recommended to take two capsules per day with a glass of water.

Other male enhancement products include Pharaoh Power and Virectin.

The manufacturer claims EliteXtreme doesn’t have any significant side effects. However, based on our research, some ingredients in male enhancement supplements can lead to symptoms like gastrointestinal upset, headaches, irritability, congestion, and vision changes. These symptoms are often a result of increases in testosterone.

If you’re interested in learning more about this product, you can visit the official EliteXtreme website. There are only a select few third-party review websites that provide additional details.

What Are Consumers Saying About EliteXtreme Male Enhancement?

The official EliteXtreme Male Enhancement website says the product has thousands of positive reviews. However, the website only displays one detailed customer review. This customer reported an increase in strength, lean muscle, and confidence during intimacy.