Introduction – Essential Oils and Hypertension

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a condition in which the blood pressure inside the arteries is too high. High blood pressure exerts excessive force on the walls of the blood vessels, increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Hence, it is crucial to regularly monitor your blood pressure and maintain it within healthy limits. In most adults, there are no visible signs of high blood pressure, but some people may exhibit symptoms like sweating, anxiety, and poor sleep. The safest way to keep a check on hypertension is to use a blood pressure monitor regularly.

Hypertension is caused by various factors like stress, a high salt intake, alcohol consumption, smoking, and obesity. Therefore, the best way to prevent or treat hypertension is to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.

Early detection of hypertension can lead to a more efficient reversal. Apart from regular exercise and a healthy diet, essential oils may also help reduce blood pressure. These oils may help to reduce stress and relax the mind and body, thereby acting as natural remedies for high blood pressure.

Are Essential Oils Safe To Use?

Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants using the process of steam distillation or mechanical extraction techniques. They are concentrated aromatic compounds that capture the essence of the healing properties of the plant.

When inhaled or massaged on the body in diluted form, these oils offer various health benefits like reducing signs of high blood pressure, stress relief, pain relief, and muscle relaxation.

Essential oils for heart health are safe for inhalation or topical application in diluted form. They are usually mixed with carrier oils for dilution and have not been associated with any severe side effects or risks when used correctly. However, essential oils are not safe for ingestion.

Essential oils for high blood pressure work well in the form of aromatherapy or body lotions. Hence, they are safe to use when diluted and used correctly. However, if you are on certain medications for hypertension or other diseases, it would be best to consult your doctor regarding the use of essential oils.

How Do Essential Oils Reduce Blood Pressure?

Treat high blood pressure
According to studies[1], the inhalation of specific essential oils may reduce your cortisol levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone that contributes to high blood pressure or hypertension.

By reducing cortisol levels, essential oils may lower your blood pressure. In this sense, essential oils can be considered adaptogens or substances that restore a balance in the body. By contributing to regulating your cortisol levels, these oils can help treat high blood pressure.

However, for the most effective results, you need to detect hypertension at an early stage and start treating it immediately. Pairing essential oil therapy with a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, and techniques for managing stress can offer the best results.

You can also use essential oils for high blood pressure as a preventive measure, even if you do not have hypertension. Nevertheless, if you have severe symptoms of hypertension, you should consult a doctor for the best treatment approach.

The Best Essential Oils To Reduce Hypertension

Some of the best essential oils for heart health are:

  • Ylang Ylang – According to studies[2], Ylang Ylang essential oil may help reduce depression and lower blood pressure to treat hypertension. This essential oil has a therapeutic effect on the nervous system when applied topically or inhaled via aromatherapy. Hence, this essential oil may improve heart health and reduce stress.
  • Neroli – Aromatherapy with Neroli essential oil may reduce your cortisol levels. As a result, lowering stress and blood pressure. Moreover, this essential oil contains limonene, which may improve breathing and lower your heart rate. Hence, Neroli essential oil is often included in natural remedies for high blood pressure.
  • Clary Sage – Clary Sage essential oil may help lower stress, anxiety, heart rate, and signs of high blood pressure. Additionally, it may also help treat menstrual cramps, stomach disorders, and symptoms of menopause. Thus, this essential oil may be helpful for women dealing with hypertension and menopausal symptoms.
  • Lemon Balm – Lemon Balm essential oil is often used to treat the symptoms of stress, such as digestive issues, depression, and hypertension. It may also reduce high blood sugar and is commonly used by diabetes patients. So, you may consider using this therapeutic oil in your natural remedies for high blood pressure.
  • Lemon Balm

  • Lavender – Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils for high blood pressure and stress relief. It is famous for its relaxing properties and is used to soothe the mind and body. Hence, it might support reducing stress to lower your blood pressure. Additionally, it may decrease sleep issues and help you rest better at night.
  • Frankincense – Frankincense essential oil is a popular ingredient used in Eastern medicine. This oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties that can offer protection against various diseases. Additionally, it can reduce stress, making it a promising choice to treat high blood pressure.
  • Bergamot – Bergamot essential oil possesses antibacterial properties. Hence, it is used as an antiseptic agent to treat cuts and wounds. Additionally, it also possesses anti-inflammatory properties that may treat some of the signs of high blood pressure. Thus, this essential oil is often used with other essential oils to treat hypertension.
  • Helichrysum – Helichrysum essential oil possesses hypotensive properties that relax the body to lower blood pressure. It is also known to treat skin disorders, digestive issues, and other inflammatory disorders. You can pair it with essential oils for heart health to alleviate the symptoms of hypertension.
  • Jasmine – Jasmine oil is one of the best essential oils for high blood pressure. It can reduce depression and anxiety and may also treat insomnia. Additionally, it can improve your mood, boost your libido, and balance your hormones to regulate blood pressure.
  • Rose – Rose oil possesses calming properties that regulate your blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing. It also has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. Hence, topical application of diluted rose oil can be one of the natural remedies for high blood pressure.

You can dilute 5-10 drops of any of these oils in 60ml of carrier oil like coconut oil and use it for a massage. You can even add a few drops to a diffuser for aromatherapy. However, you may get even better results if you use a combination of these essential oils for high blood pressure.

To create a blend of essential oils to treat high blood pressure, mix 5 drops each of Lavender, Clary Sage, and Frankincense essential oils in 60ml of any carrier oil.

Use this blend for a relaxing body massage to reduce stress. Alternatively, add 3 drops each of Bergamot, Lavender, and Ylang Ylang essential oils in a diffuser for soothing aromatherapy.

So, if you are noticing any signs of high blood pressure, you may introduce these essential oils into your daily routine for instant relief.

How To Use Essential Oils To Lower Blood Pressure?


You can use diluted essential oils in various ways to treat high blood pressure. Here are some of the techniques you can try at home.

  • Inhalation – Inhaling essential oils for heart health through aromatherapy diffusers has a healing effect on the body. It stimulates your olfactory receptors, which further impact your nervous system. It reduces stress and blood pressure, minimizing the risk of cardiac diseases.
  • Body Lotion – You can use essential oils as natural remedies for high blood pressure in the form of a body lotion. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to your regular body lotion or carrier oil. Use this moisturizing blend on your body to gain the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils while pampering your skin.
  • Bath – Add 10-15 drops of the best essential oils for high blood pressure to your bathwater. Soak in the goodness of these essential oils while you unwind in your bathtub. This way, you will gain both the topical and olfactory benefits of these therapeutic essential oils.
  • Body Massage – A relaxing body massage with essential oils is a great way to reduce the signs of high blood pressure. Add a few drops of the best essential oils for hypertension to a carrier oil and use it for a body massage. At the same time, this technique will calm your mind and relax your muscles.

Body Massage

By using these methods with essential oils for high blood pressure, you may relax your mind and body to lower your blood pressure. However, a healthy lifestyle is equally crucial for long-term and sustainable results.

FAQs About Hypertension And Essential Oils

If you have hypertension, it is best to avoid peppermint, thyme, cypress, and pine essential oils. Instead, you can use the best essential oils for high blood pressure, like Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Bergamot, and Neroli essential oils.

Yes, essential oils may treat high blood pressure by lowering your cortisol levels and stress. They can relax your mind and body, reduce anxiety, and lower your blood pressure and heart rate. For best results, you must pair them with an active lifestyle and a healthy diet.

To reduce blood pressure quickly, try aromatherapy with the best essential oils for heart health, like Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, and Lavender. Additionally, lower your salt intake, exercise daily, and quit smoking and drinking alcohol. Consult a doctor for treatment strategies if you have severe symptoms.


It is crucial to treat high blood pressure as soon as you notice any symptoms to prevent the risk of heart disease and stroke in the future. Hence, you must monitor your blood pressure regularly and make positive heart healthy lifestyle changes if your blood pressure is high.

Essential oils for high blood pressure may reduce your cortisol levels, lowering stress and regulating your heart rate. Hence, you can include them in your daily routine through aromatherapy, body massages, and relaxing baths.

Apart from using the essential oils for heart health, you must also make healthy lifestyle changes to lower your blood pressure. These include avoiding salty foods, smoking and alcohol consumption, and exercising daily.

By trying these natural remedies for high blood pressure, you may prevent or reverse hypertension at an early stage. So, adopt these healthy practices today to retain your heart health for the years to come!