Fast Lean Pro

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Fast Lean Pro is a weight loss supplement that may support metabolic processes and help burn fat.

Overview Of Fast Lean Pro

When the numbers on the scale don’t seem to budge despite concerted efforts to lose weight, people often turn to dietary supplements for extra help. However, many weight loss supplements on the market can be dangerous if they aren’t from a reputable company or taken under the supervision of a medical professional.

Is Fast Lean Pro a safe and reputable weight loss supplement? Read on to learn what scientific research has to say about its ingredients. We’ll also cover some honest customer feedback about Fast Lean Pro’s efficacy.

Fast Lean Pro

Fast Lean Pro Review – Health Web Magazine Images

Who is the Manufacturer of Fast Lean Pro?

Several companies and third-party retailers sell Fast Lean Pro. Each retailer displays a different manufacturer. We cannot verify which manufacturer is correct due to the absence of an official Fast Lean Pro website. The manufacturer may be “Sigma Times” or “Rize Labs.”

We were unable to find any information about Sigma Times. Rize Labs has an official website but frequently uses Amazon to distribute its products. The official Rize Labs website doesn’t disclose where they source their ingredients. The website mentions they collaborate with multiple partner facilities, including some in the United States.

How Does Fast Lean Pro Work?

Fast Lean Pro supposedly supports weight management by providing the body with ingredients that speed up metabolic processes, curb appetite and cravings, and boost energy levels to work out more. Fast Lean Pro’s ingredients may also help users tap into fat stores for energy instead of glucose.

What Are The Ingredients In Fast Lean Pro?

Fast Lean Pro has six main ingredients.

Garcinia Cambogia – Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit native to South Asia. A systematic review[1] of eight clinical trials found that Garcinia Cambogia can significantly reduce weight, body mass index (BMI), fat mass, and waist circumference. Garcinia Cambogia’s effects on weight and metabolism are likely due to its bioactive compounds like organic acids, benzophenones, and xanthones.
Green Tea Extract – Green tea is not only a comforting beverage but a potent extract that can elicit anti-lipidemic and anti-inflammatory actions. In a double-blind and placebo-controlled study[2], overweight women who were supplemented with green tea extract demonstrated significant reductions in low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) and increases in leptin. Leptin is an appetite-suppressing hormone released from fat tissue.
Guarana Seed – There is limited research on Guarana Seed’s effectiveness for weight management in humans. However, a study[3] on rats showed that Guarana Seed may prevent weight gain and insulin resistance by inducing mitochondrial biogenesis and AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK). Mitochondrial biogenesis refers to the production of new mitochondria, which play an important role in energy expenditure or the rate at which the body burns calories. Like mitochondria, AMPK regulates energy expenditure in addition to fat burning. AMPK is usually triggered during times of stress or starvation.
Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) – There is a lot of debate in the scientific community about how ACV potentially impacts lipid profiles and weight management. One study[4] found that women who paired drinking ACV with a weight-loss diet experienced more significant weight loss than those who followed a diet without ACV consumption. However, we still need more studies with more diversity in gender, race, and age before coming to definitive conclusions about ACV’s relationship with weight loss.
Grape Seed Extract – Grape seed extract is a great source of antioxidants, such as proanthocyanidins. Some research[5] suggests proanthocyanidins elicit beneficial effects on obesity by lowering lipids, modulating gut microbiota, preventing fat deposition, and even improving insulin resistance. It’s important to note that some of this research involved animal models or small population sizes.
Raspberry Ketones – Raspberry ketones are phenolic compounds. They naturally occur in fruits like red raspberries, kiwis, and apples. Currently, there is no significant scientific evidence of raspberry ketones’ ability to induce weight loss. The lack of research on this ingredient also means there is no way to know what amounts are safe for human consumption.

The Science Behind Fast Lean Pro

Fast Lean Pro’s manufacturer claims the product contains “clinically researched ingredients.” However, the manufacturer does not provide links to or insight into these clinical studies. We independently gathered the research about Fast Lean Pro’s ingredients in the previous section. These studies do not extensively prove or guarantee Fast Lean Pro’s safety and effectiveness. It’s also important to note that Fast Lean Pro has never been tested in a consumer study.

What Are The Benefits Of Fast Lean Pro?

  • It may support metabolic processes
  • Fast Lean Pro may help burn fat
  • It could curb the appetite
  • The product is non-GMO

What Are The Drawbacks Of Fast Lean Pro?

  • There isn’t an official Fast Lean Pro website
  • It’s unclear where the manufacturer sources the ingredients
  • Fast Lean Pro hasn’t been studied for consumer safety and satisfaction
  • The product may not be eligible for a refund on some third-party retailers

FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

Check out the sections below to find answers to questions that customers frequently ask about Fast Lean Pro.

Fast Lean Pro may not be safe. There is no proof of third-party testing to ensure its ingredients are sourced safely and responsibly.

Losing weight too quickly can put your health at risk. You should consult with your doctor before considering a weight loss supplement like Fast Lean Pro.

Fast Lean Pro is available from multiple third-party retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, and the official Rize Labs website.

On Amazon, one bottle of Fast Lean Pro is $29.95. Walmart lists one bottle for $41.90. The official Rize Labs website sells one bottle for $29.95, two for $69.96, three for $89.95, and five for $119.95.

A free trial is unavailable for Fast Lean Pro.

The refund policy varies depending on where you purchase your bottle of Fast Lean Pro. On Amazon, this product is non-refundable due to food and safety regulations. Both Walmart and the official Rize Labs website offer a 30-day return policy. You can return unopened and unused bottles for a refund within 30 days of receiving them. It's unclear if these retailers take out a shipping, handling, or restocking fee from the refund amount.

For more information about Walmart and Rize Labs’ return policy, we suggest visiting their official websites or contacting their customer service teams.

Package instructions tell customers to take two capsules daily, preferably between meals.

Other weight loss supplements include TrimVana and Phenocal.

Based on our research, some of Fast Lean Pro’s ingredients can lead to hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. Symptoms of hypoglycemia include nausea, lightheadedness, shakiness, an irregular heartbeat, and fatigue.

Amazon, Walmart, and Rize Labs have additional information about Fast Lean Pro. You can also visit third-party review websites to read more about this product.

What Are Consumers Saying About Fast Lean Pro?

Both Walmart and the Rize Labs websites have no customer reviews. Almost all customers on Amazon gave Fast Lean Pro a negative review. Amazon customers warned that the product was a scam and provided no health benefits, even after a month of use. Some also said the capsules had a strange taste.