Gluco Proven

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Overview Of Gluco Proven

Gluco Proven is an all-natural dietary supplement that allegedly aids blood sugar control, mental acuity, and energy levels. The manufacturer claims Gluco Proven is the only blood sugar-balancing supplement on the market that is backed by “experts” in the medical community. Additional details about these “experts” aren’t disclosed.

The manufacturer makes some bold claims, such as that Gluco Proven goes to work in as little as a few days and even lowers your risk for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Are these claims true? Here’s what the science says.

Gluco Proven

Gluco Proven Review – Health Web Magazine Images

How Does Gluco Proven Work?

According to the official Gluco Proven website, the product’s ingredients stabilize blood sugar levels by “burning off extra sugar” in the body, encouraging a balanced metabolic state, and stimulating insulin production.

The manufacturer says Gluco Proven is designed to help maintain steady blood sugar levels that are already within a normal range. It is unclear if using Gluco Proven is effective for individuals who have abnormal blood sugar readings or have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, type 1 diabetes, or type 2 diabetes.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of the Gluco Proven?

The manufacturer of Gluco Proven has the same name as the product, “Gluco Proven.” According to the official product website, Gluco Proven is manufactured in the United States using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facilities. In addition to this, Gluco Proven is non-GMO and gluten-free.

Some third-party retailers, such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay display a different manufacturer than what is indicated on the official Gluco Proven website. Amazon says Rize Labs manufactures Gluco Proven. Walmart says Alvarezen is the manufacturer and eBay shows Vive Group as the manufacturer. We can’t guarantee the manufacturers displayed on third-party websites are correct or that the original and authentic Gluco Proven product is being offered.

What Are The Ingredients In Gluco Proven?

Additional information about Gluco Proven’s ingredients is on its official website.

Ashwagandha – Ashwagandha is an herbal remedy often used for stress, anxiety, and energy levels. In a double-blind and placebo-controlled study[1], Ashwagandha significantly reduced stress-assessment scale scores in individuals with a history of chronic stress. Ashwagandha also significantly reduced baseline cortisol levels.
Rhodiola – Similar to Ashwagandha, the adaptogenic herb Rhodiola is often utilized for its stress-combatting effects. Research[2] shows Rhodiola can be effective at treating stress-induced fatigue and depression. Rhodiola can also be a powerful tool for cognitive function and physical performance.
Bitter Melon – Bitter melon is a tropical vine native to Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. In a 12-week clinical study[3], bitter melon reduced glucagon levels in study participants with prediabetes. In this study, bitter melon also reduced pre- and post-prandial blood glucose levels.
Skullcap – Traditional systems of medicine, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) often use skullcap to treat type 2 diabetes. In a study[4] on patients with type 2 diabetes, skullcap, when combined with the antidiabetic drug metformin, improved glucose tolerance, inflammation, and gut microbial balance. Since skullcap was used alongside metformin, we can’t attribute the anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory trends observed to skullcap alone. The results of this research are still significant and give insight into a potential adjunctive treatment for metabolic disorders, such as type 2 diabetes.
Cinnamon – Cinnamon is a common ingredient in blood sugar-balancing formulas, and for good reason. Its hypoglycemic, anti-oxidative, and anti-inflammatory actions are thoroughly proven in the scientific literature. For example, a meta-analysis[5] showed that cinnamon consumption is associated with statistically significant decreases in fasting plasma glucose, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. Cinnamon may not have a significant effect on hbA1c levels.
Hawthorn – Hawthorn’s effects on blood sugar have yet to be extensively explored in humans. However, research[6] does show it contains therapeutic phytochemicals that can lower lipid levels, combat oxidative stress, and protect the cardiovascular system.

The Science Behind Gluco Proven

The official Gluco Proven website cites no scientific sources to back claims about the supplement’s benefits. For example, the manufacturer claims Gluco Proven lowers your risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes but does not prove this with clinical studies.

The information on the Gluco Proven website has not been evaluated by medical professionals or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

What Are The Benefits Of Gluco Proven?

  • It may lower blood sugar levels
  • Gluco Proven may increase energy levels
  • The product is vegetarian and gluten-free
  • It may support circulation

What Are The Drawbacks Of Gluco Proven?

  • It’s not third-party tested
  • Gluco Proven may interfere with medications
  • The product is expensive
  • It doesn’t have a lot of customer reviews

FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

The sections below address frequently asked questions about Gluco Proven and its safety.

The manufacturer claims Gluco Proven is “completely safe, effective, and natural.” However, Gluco Proven is not guaranteed to be safe for all individuals. Some of its ingredients may interfere with medications or underlying medical conditions.

Gluco Proven’s ingredients can also lead to hypoglycemia. Symptoms of hypoglycemia include shakiness, feeling faint, dizziness, irritability, hunger, headaches, and weakness.

To ensure you receive the original Gluco Proven product, we suggest purchasing it directly from its official website. The Gluco Proven on third-party retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay may be counterfeit.

On the official Gluco Proven website, one bottle is $69.00, three bottles are $177.00, and six bottles are $294.00.

On Amazon, a three-pack of Gluco Proven is $59.95. Walmart sells one bottle for $36.62, and eBay sells five bottles for $64.95.

You are unable to sign up for a free trial for Gluco Proven.

Your purchase from the official Gluco Proven website comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you change your mind or are unhappy with your product(s), you have up to 60 days following the original purchase date to get a full refund.

You can contact Gluco Proven’s customer service team by email. This email address is listed on the official website or on the back of the bottle.

Third-party retailers may abide by different return policies.

According to the package instructions, you should take one capsule per day between meals.

Other products that might support blood sugar stability include GlucoGuard and Keto Fusion Sugar Free Gummies.

The manufacturer doesn’t report any significant side effects of taking Gluco Proven. However, based on our research, Gluco Proven’s ingredients can lead to the following symptoms: hypoglycemia, gastrointestinal upset, irritability, increases in blood pressure, and dizziness.

If you are interested in reading more about Gluco Proven, you can visit the official website. The information displayed on third-party retail websites may not be accurate or about the original Gluco Proven product.

What Are Consumers Saying About Gluco Proven?

The official Gluco Proven website only shows three customer reviews. These reviews may not be real considering the pictures associated with them are photoshopped.

The customers in these reviews reported more mental clarity, dietary flexibility, and energy levels.