Introduction to At Home Workouts

The same routine may be getting old as we tackle COVID-19 by staying at home. One thing that remains important despite the lockdown is this: health is essential, and it starts with a healthy diet and exercise.

Despite the rise in ‘lockdown’ weight loss tips and exercise routines due to the recent circumstances, there have always been things we can do at home to say fit without having expensive gym equipment or a professional trainer. All it takes is for you to get up and move! To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of 7 at-home workouts to do during the Coronavirus outbreak.

#1. Yoga

Yoga for Healthy Mind

One of the most versatile workouts as far as ability and location is yoga. The internet is almost an endless resource for different types of yoga from beginner to expert. There are also different styles to target various goals from weight loss to strength and endurance.

You don’t need to jump right in to the extreme poses right away, there are many videos you can watch to get started on your journey—you might just leave quarantine as a professional yogi with an enlightened mind; the movements are also great for a mental health renewal!

#2. Pilates

This workout regimen is probably yoga’s sinister cousin. While yoga is known for peaceful but effective sessions, Pilates is known for being short and intense. There are certainly beginner instructions and videos out there, but Pilates is much more hard core and focuses on strengthening all areas in a short amount of time with a variety of movements.

If you are missing a more intense workout at the gym, give this one a try. Here is a list of videos with full length workouts.

#3. DIY Strength Training

Dumbbells Exercise

If you have your own weights at home like dumbbells, kettlebells, etc then you might not be suffering too much without the convenience of gym equipment. However, if you are lacking proper equipment to build your muscles there is still hope.

Save those milk jugs, plastic water bottles, or anything else you can think of and try filling them with different materials like sand, rocks, or even just water. If crafting your own supplies isn’t going to fly, try moves that require only your body weight like planks, squats, pushups, and chair dips.

#4. Creative Circuits

For just about every type of exercise, there is a Pinterest board. Check out these circuits and choose some to add to your routine. There are many different combinations of “workout from home” friendly exercises that need only one piece of equipment: you! These are also fun when kids get involved; try this “Spell your Name” circuit (hopefully your name isn’t John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt).

#5. Zumba

Zumba workout

Here is a no equipment and low impact exercise that is fun, and perfect for at home because no one else is watching if you’ve never tried it before. Zumba has been around since 1998 and was wildly popular just a few years ago.

You don’t have to be a professional dancer to find a Zumba workout that fits your level of groove. While Zumba is greatly attributed to Latin music, as it was founded in Columbia, you might try one of these millennial hits turned ‘Zumba workout’ on this playlist.

#6. Childhood Throwbacks

This part of the list is where we take a walk down memory lane. Remember back in adolescence when staying fit just happened as part of a natural instinct to play and be active? Now we must be much more intentional about planning and completing a workout. Here are a few things from childhood that might be fun to claim as exercise:

  • Run around your home (because your mom isn’t there to tell you not to!)
  • Jump rope – skipping is a great cardio activity!
  • Make a hopscotch game on your floor by making tape outlines.
  • Play “Red Light Green Light” on Zoom. Get a few people together and see who makes it to the computer first. Make sure to place any electronics in a safe location!

#7. Online “Work-Ins”

Online Workouts Session

While the gyms are closed, remember to check YouTube or social media for your favorite gym’s “work-ins” for when you can’t go out. Even outside of social media, take advantage of free downloads that many fitness centers and instructors are providing during lockdown. Make sure to check your local listings to get in tune with others near you.


For many people, the benefit of going to the gym isn’t just the nice equipment and working out with friends, it’s having the guidance of a fitness instructor in a class setting; without these things, some folk may feel a little lost. So, for those of us pillaging the web for exercises without really knowing what we’re doing, here are three things to remember each time you work out:

  • Warm up to avoid injuries
  • Stretch – making sure to stretch at each workout is necessary for increasing muscle flexibility and strength. It’s important to remember that stretching does not replace the warm up, but is another important step to your workout routine. For some additional stretching tips, try here.
  • Cool down and give your body a chance to rest
  • Wear appropriate clothing for ease of movement
  • Consider taking weight loss supplements if you need to kick start a weight management program
Workouts for physical and mental wellness


No matter what the level of ability or scope of interest, there is an exercise plan for you on the internet. While there are many free resources available, lots of gyms and yoga studios are also offering online classes at a discount during the lockdown. Make the best of this time to get in the best shape possible. It’s not only good for your overall physical wellness, but your mental health as well.