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Turning Your New Years’ Resolutions into Reality

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Every year ends with the best of intentions to start the upcoming New Year off strong. We approach the holidays thinking that as soon as the New Year comes, our food will be under control, we will be working out consistently, that extra weight will finally go, and so will all the desserts and alcohol.

Our intentions and our determination to fulfill those resolutions are strong. That will stays strong as the New Year begins, finding us at the gym every morning, working out as hard as we possibly can to get those resolutions under control.

For a few weeks, this determination becomes a predominant focus in our reality. However, as mid-January comes, then February, and finally Valentine’s Day, our determination wanes and the excuses start kicking in.

The demands on our time start to increase again as regular life kicks back in and the first thing to go is our workouts. Before we know it, the resolution is out the door and we are back to old habits that we know not only do not serve us but also keep those resolutions just out of arms’ reach.

Falling short of making those resolutions a reality can be unbelievably frustrating as well as demoralizing. We feel like those goals are completely unattainable when realistically we do not a sustainable plan in place to make those resolutions our lifestyle. The priority ultimately has to shift from simply setting resolutions to creating a plan that will transition those resolutions from goals into your permanent lifestyle.

Here are my Top 3 Tips for Turning Your New Years’ Resolutions into Reality:

Plan out

1. Be intentional

Having a consistent workout routine that yields results can often feel like a pipe dream. We want it but we do not feel like it is actually going to happen, so we talk about it but we refrain from taking action.

Talking about working out, saying that you will workout today, is not enough. If you attempt to “wing it”, it will not happen. Take the time on a Sunday night when you are watching Netflix to plan your workouts for the upcoming week. Plan out what the workout will be and when it will happen.

This will also help you be realistic with your schedule.

Not a morning person? Plan your workouts for the afternoon. Not a fan of running? Get your cardio done in a way that is more appealing to you.

  • 4 Rounds
  • 10 squats
  • 20 hand to hand swings
  • 10 windmills

2. Be open minded

Working out can be monotonous and fairly boring. It can feel repetitive and it is also hard. It is inherently set up to discourage a person from starting in the first place. But we know the necessity behind taking care of our bodies, and the correlation of having a consistent workout routine as a part of that care. When you find yourself getting bored with your workout, try something new.


Switching up the type of workout you are doing or cross-training is a great way to prevent injury. It will make your predominate modality of fitness stronger and it will also help you recover faster.

Trainer Tip: Before you even get started, start with a fitness modality that appeals to you. If what you are doing appeals to you, intrigues you, or peaks your curiosity, you are more likely to continue doing it.

Pro Tip: Find a free class! There are tons of gyms in a variety of fitness modalities that offer free classes when it is your first time trying that type of fitness. It is a great way to check out what the workout entails without having to commit.

  • 5 Rounds
  • 10 swings
  • 8 renegade rows
  • 6 push ups

Opportunity to train

3. Check your motivation

Of all the people I have been given the opportunity to train in over 10 years in the fitness industry, this is the common denominator in who will be successful and who will fall short in achieving their goals.

Regardless of what your goal is or your physical capabilities, how much you WANT it and whether or not you can hold on to that want will determine whether or not your goal will become your reality.

Trainer Tip: Motivation is something that comes from within. When we embark on a new goal, we are often focusing on external reasons to achieve the goal. While setting a good example for our kids and being healthy for our partner or spouse are valid reasons, they will not be enough to last.

Do a little introspection

Beyond the aesthetic reasons, beyond the obvious reasons you tell everyone around you, take the time to figure out why a consistent workout routine is going make a difference in your life.

Imagine how your life will look and feel different once fitness becomes a standard in your daily routine. Recognizing and understanding that deeper underlying reason will give you the motivation to keep going especially on those tough days.

Your body’s capability to move every day is not something to be taken for granted. With every workout, we are allowed to increase our strength. With every new year, we have the opportunity to recommit to our health.

Let this year be the year that your commitment to your health establishes habits that will last you past this year and give you something to grow off of in years to come.
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