Overview Of Delta Prime

Delta Prime is what’s known as a male enhancement supplement. A male enhancement supplement can include anything from products that help you gain muscle to ones that support sexual functions.

The product we are taking a look at today does a good job of keeping its claims open-ended. However, we do know for certain that it is marketed as a testosterone booster, which can mean that it provides more energy, helps build muscle, elevates mood, increases sexual stamina, and can help ease the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. In this review, we will get to the bottom of the claims of Delta Prime.

Delta Prime

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How Does Delta Prime Work?

After researching the formula of Delta Prime, it would appear that the makers wanted it to work in many ways. For instance, some ingredients seem to be geared towards prostate health – as prostate health directly correlates with male sexual and urinary health.

The formula also suggests that Delta Prime can help boost the libido of the user. And of course, there are components in the Delta Prime formula that are added to help boost testosterone concentration and production.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of Delta Prime?

Delta Prime is produced by a company called HexoFire Labs. There is very little information available about this company, but after extensive research, we have concluded that Delta Prime must be the only product that they make as HexoFire Labs does not seem to be associated with any other supplement or health product.

What Are The Ingredients In Delta Prime?

Delta Prime has an ingredients list that includes some components that we are very familiar with (ones that appear in several other similar products) and some that we don’t often see in male enhancement products. The main active ingredients in Delta Prime include:

Zinc – In some clinical studies, it was shown that zinc helps elevate testosterone serum concentration in the bloodstream. Both zinc and magnesium have also shown promise in lowering cortisol hormone levels and increasing anabolic hormone levels.
Epimedium – Epimedium is a herb that grows in China and is known by many different names like barrenwort and horny goat weed. In traditional methods, Epimedium has been used to treat fatigue and sexual dysfunction[1].
Stinging Nettle – Stinging nettle has been used widely in Europe as a botanical treatment for common prostate issues. Some studies certainly suggest that it can help with prostate swelling[2] by helping to strike a balance between androgens and estrogens.
Saw Palmetto –  The saw palmetto plant has often been associated with prostate health as well. However, modern trials are lacking, and there is no conclusive evidence that saw palmetto supplementation can help with benign prostatic hyperplasia or with common urinary issues.

What Are The Benefits Of Delta Prime?

  • The stinging nettle in Delta Prime may be able to alleviate some prostate problems.
  • The zinc concentration in Delta Prime may also help boost testosterone concentration in the blood.
  • There are beneficial vitamins in Delta Prime such as vitamin D3.
  • Some Delta Prime reviews cite increased levels of energy.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Delta Prime?

  • There is no solid evidence supporting the efficacy of epimedium as a treatment for sexual dysfunction.
  • Using Delta Prime may result in an irregular heartbeat.
  • Some side effects associated with Epimedium include mood changes and sweating.
  • This product contains gelatin, which was harvested from animals.

FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

In our research for this report, we found that consumers are frequently asking the following questions online in regard to Delta Prime.

Delta Prime may not be safe to take if you have heart disease or are allergic to the ingredients in it. You should speak to your doctor before you try it.

Delta Prime is a bit pricey as some customers have complained that it should be cheaper.

The instructions state that male adult users should take 2 capsules of Delta Prime once a day with a meal.

One consumer report on the Better Business Bureau website claimed that they offered a free trial (which automatically enrolled them in a monthly subscription program) but this offer does not seem to be available anymore.

Delta Prime has some common ingredients like Epimedium and saw palmetto. But it also has some vitamins and minerals that aren’t usually in products like these. 

Side effects may include profuse sweating, rapid heartbeat, and mood changes due to the Epimedium present in the formula.

This product may be worth it if your sexual problems are stemming from physical factors or you need more physical energy.

What Are Consumers Saying About Delta Prime?

Delta Prime reviews are generally unfavorable. Many customers complained that it did not work as advertised and that the company that makes it engages in unethical business practices. But some people did like it, citing that it resulted in a boost of energy and that it helped improve their testosterone levels. But these satisfied customers are certainly a minority among people who left a review for Delta Prime.