Prevagen Reviews – Does Prevagen Really Improve Memory?

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Prevagen reviews







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  • Prevagen may improve memory and learning.
  • These supplements may promote clearer thinking.


  • Prevagen includes only 2 primary active ingredients.
  • They have potential allergens such as milk, soy, and cornstarch.
  • There are only 2 flavor options for the chewable brands.

If you’re looking for a natural formula that will help boost your cognitive performance, learning, and memory, read our full in-depth review of Prevagen below.

Prevagen Review: What will we be covering?

Our in-depth Prevagen review, will look at the following:

  • Key ingredients
  • Formula safety
  • Alternative supplements
  • Pricing

In addition, we’ll mention any other key details that are important about this product, so you can evaluate it properly and decide if this supplement is right for you.

Prevagen is made by a company called Quincy Bioscience, a biotechnology organization located in Madison, Wisconsin. This company produces and sells the Prevagen line, which promises to enhance cognitive functioning.

The brand’s signature ingredient is apoaequorin, which is found in jellyfish and has brain benefits. Quincy Bioscience is a reputable company, which makes its product in a GMP-approved facility using strict safety guidelines.

The official website contains information about the supplements, related studies, and information about how to reach the company by phone or through the contact us page.

Although the Quincy Bioscience website details studies that have shown the cognitive boosting benefits of Prevagen, it’s crucial to examine the ingredients in the formula itself, including the dosages to decide on the true effectiveness of the products. Here are the details:

Prevagen Ingredients List: What’s in here?

Prevagen contains:

  • Vitamin D – 50 mcg Professional, Regular, Chewable, and Extra Strength
  • Apoaequorin – 40 mg Professional; 10 mg Regular and Chewable; 20 mg Extra Strength
  • Calcium –19 mg, only in Neuroshake
  • Phosphorus – 16 mg, only in Neuroshake

Prevagen includes a limited number of ingredients, mostly vitamin D and apoaequorin. These substances will likely provide cognitive benefits and improvements in memory, as well as a decrease in brain fog.

We’d like to have seen a richer collection of nutrients and amino acids in this formula to increase its cognitive benefits. We’ll examine each ingredient separately to decide how they function within these supplements and how effective they may be.

Vitamin D – This key vitamin promotes brain health by its involvement in nerve growth and the synthesis of key brain neurotransmitters. In addition, vitamin D protects neurons, can elevate memory and cognitive function, and decrease brain fog.
Apoaequorin – Found inside luminescent jellyfish, this protein binds to calcium and may improve cognitive health and slow age-related memory decline. The research supporting these benefits is mixed, with some positive results and others that show limited benefits.
Calcium – This mineral is important in neurological functioning, as it serves as a signaling molecule in the brain. The proper balance of calcium could promote improved memory, learning, and cognitive functioning.
Phosphorus – This is a key mineral, which, along with calcium, promotes healthy bones. Phosphorus is also found in high levels in the brain. It may help decrease brain fog and support cognitive health. It could lead to improvements in memory, but the evidence is limited as of yet.

Prevagen Ingredient Review: Is it effective for boosting cognitive functioning?

The Prevagen formulas do include ingredients which have some support as brain-boosting substances that could enhance memory, learning, and cognitive function, as well as memory loss related to aging or dementia. The company has conducted a series of studies, which show both the effectiveness and the safety of the supplements and their ingredients, unlike some of the other nootropic brands available.

The main ingredient, apoaequorin, is somewhat lacking in research to back the proposed benefits, although there are some positive studies. It’s important to point out that there are some potential allergens included in these supplements, namely soy, milk, and cornstarch.

Is Prevagen Good?

Prevagen should provide you with some brain benefits, but perhaps not to the extent that this manufacturer claims. With only 2 active ingredients in these formulas, many substances are missing, which could have made them stronger.

Although there is research backing these ingredients, there could be more in favor of the benefits of apoaequorin. Nonetheless, there is some support, and additionally, there are reviewers for Prevagen that said they did get cognitive benefits from this product.

In addition, the company presents itself as a very research-based organization, which is serious about its products. Their website even includes a brain health library.

Prevagen Side Effects: Is Prevagen safe to use?

For the most part, this is a safe product, which includes ingredients that lead to few side effects. It’s possible that apoaequorin could cause mild issues like nausea, dizziness, or headache.

However, prior to taking this supplement, it’s important that you see a physician to make sure it’s suitable for you personally, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking prescription medication.

Prevagen Reviews: WebMD Review

The supplement Prevagen is actually mentioned on WebMD through a discussion of the ingredient apoaequorin. The site shows that it is a brain health product intended for healthy individuals and not those with dementia. Here is a description of what WebMD has to say about the individual ingredients.

WebMD on Apoaequorin
This calcium-binding protein is said to cause improvements in memory related to aging, but the research suggests that you may digest it before it’s able to reach your brain or have an impact on its functioning. Some studies show a mild improvement in cognition.

WebMD on Vitamin D
According to WebMD, this key nutrient balances calcium and phosphorus in the body, which could help elevate brain health. Nonetheless, they focus on health benefits like bone and joint strength, heart health, and others. There is no specific mention of the cognitive benefits of Vitamin D on WebMD.

WebMD on Calcium
Calcium is involved in the strengthening of the bones and teeth and is also found in other parts of the body, like the muscles, blood, and other tissue like the brain. Although WebMD doesn’t mention brain health specifically as a benefit, we know that a proper balance of calcium in the brain supports cognitive advantages.

WebMD on Phosphorus
This key mineral supports the heath of the bones and teeth, muscles, and nerve cells. Although WebMD doesn’t mention it specifically, this includes the nerve cells in the brain, of course, which could support brain health. You can derive phosphorus from a supplement or foods, like meat, grains, nuts, and seeds.

It’s important to remind you that you must make an appointment with a doctor before taking any new supplement to make sure that it’s suitable for you medically and doesn’t interact negatively with any of the medications you take.

Prevagen: Good or Bad?

On the whole, Prevagen contains quality ingredients, which should have an impact on elevating brain health. Having said that, the idea of using apoaequorin from jellyfish as a central ingredient is a bit of a gimmick.

It gets the user’s attention, yet the substance itself requires additional research to show that it fully has the brain benefits the manufacturer is suggesting. The company presents 3 clinical studies on their website, with only 1 showing the memory and cognitive benefits of the product and the other 2 being about product safety.

The fact that they have conducted these studies is appreciated, but we could use further studies and evidence to show the benefits of Prevagen. There are some glowing videos and written reviews on the official website, which claim this is a highly effective product.

A percentage of Amazon reviews show positive comments, but there were a few customers who said they only got minimal benefits.

Prevagen Price

This supplement is sold quite widely from many online retailers, as well as offline stores. The prices can vary somewhat, but on the official website, you can buy the regular 30-capsule supplement and chewable for $39.95 and the 60-capsule regular strength for $74.95. There’s also an extra strength version.

You can buy 30 capsules for $59.95 and 60 capsules for $109.95. There is a 30-capsule professional formula for $89.95. The price of the 15-satchel Neuroshake brand is $19.95.

Better Value Alternatives to Prevagen

Prevagen is in the average price range for the market, and it’s a good option if you’re looking for an all-natural nootropic supplement. However, it’s important to explore other options before you make a final decision.

One brand we think is worth looking at is Provasil by Cognetix Labs, and there are many reasons. This is an incredibly rich formula made up of 15 quality, potent substances, which support many aspects of brain health, like memory, reaction time, mental processing, cognitive functioning, and word fluency. In addition, it can slow the progress of mental decline and has mood-boosting benefits.

When you purchase on the official site, you can buy 1 bottle for $49.95. If you buy 3 bottles, the price drops to $42.46 per bottle, and with a 5-bottle purchase, the cost is $39.96 per bottle. US residents get free shipping for orders of $60 plus, and international shipments are free for orders of $125 and over. There is no auto-shipment plan.

You can find out more about Provasil by reading our full review below:


Read our Review of Provasil

Prevagen Supplement FAQs

The review we have provided is quite complete, but naturally, there are always more customer questions. In the spirit of offering the most accurate information possible and ensuring all questions are answered, we present this additional section of added facts about Prevagen. Here are some of the most commonly asked queries about this brain supplement.

Prevagen Costco: Are these brain supplements available there?

Prevagen is not for sale at Costco at the moment, but you can get it from several offline retailers, like Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart, Walgreens, Wegmans, and others, including many drug stores. You should have no trouble finding a place to buy this product online or offline.

Can I make my own Prevagen?

Making your product is not a good idea, particularly when it comes to brain supplements that need to be carefully measured in the correct doses. Although vitamin D is easy to get, you’d have difficulty finding a place to buy pure apoaequorin. In the end, you may not even save a huge amount of money. It’s much better and safer to buy a product, like Prevagen, that is produced in an approved facility and follows strict manufacturing standards. In your home, you may contaminate the formula, or you may get the dosages wrong. This could lead to side effects and put your health at risk.

How much does Prevagen cost per month?

As we’ve mentioned on the official website, a one-month bottle of the regular and chewable formulas is $39.95. The extra strength is $59.95, and the professional formula is $89.95. There are numerous other places to buy this supplement online and offline, but the prices will vary somewhat.

Provasil - A Better Alternative?

Prevents Memory Loss
Increases Cognitive Performance
Reduces Brain Fog
Enhances Attention Span
Supports The Immune System
When you’re looking for a nootropic supplement, you want to make sure that the ingredients are completely natural, include no harmful additives, and that they have potent benefits for your brain, memory, focus, and mood. That’s Provasil. We’ve evaluated many natural nootropic supplements on the market, and we can say for certain that it gets high marks in every area. With a collection of 15 potent botanicals, which have been proven effective in clinical studies, this powerful product supports many different aspects of brain health. In addition, it’s a non-addictive formula, which will not lead to dependency. There’s a wide range of glowing testimonials on the official product website and very positive independent reviews on other sites. Customers said this supplement helped improve their memory, eliminate brain fog, boost positive mood, and promote mental clarity. Many users said it increased their motivation and productivity! Provasil is made by Cognetix Labs, which is a reputable company known for producing high-quality supplements that are safe and effective. We know that the company believes in their supplements because they offer a generous 60-day money-back guarantee to any dissatisfied customer. Our assessment of this product leads us to recommend it highly as a great brain-boosting product.

Read More About Provasil Nowarrow


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