Overview Of HealthyUp® Botanical Menopause Relief

For many women, menopause is a turbulent phase of life. Hot flashes, night sweats, mood disorders, and sleeplessness are common menopausal symptoms. Is there a way to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms? While doctors may suggest hormone replacement therapies, many don’t risk it and turn to natural supplements.

The makers of Botanical Menopause Relief inform that the supplement helps relieve common menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, low libido, sleep problems, mood swings, night sweats, etc. If you are curious, this is one of the detailed Botanical Menopause Relief Reviews and may help you decide if the product is for you.

How Does HealthyUp® Botanical Menopause Relief Work?

Botanical Menopause Relief is formulated with multiple plant extracts. The proprietary blend is non-estrogenic. The formula contains grape seed extract, Angelica Gigas root extract, Cynanchum wilfordii, and Phlomis umbrosa root extracts.

The makers don’t explain how the product works, but studies show that the blend exhibits estrogenic activity and promotes balanced estrogen metabolism.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of HealthyUp® Botanical Menopause Relief?

Healthyup, Inc. offers Botanical Menopause Relief. The company is led by Dr. Janice Thompson, Dr. Leslie Stone, and Anne Danahy. The company is based in Oakland, California. The official website mentions that the products are manufactured in a cGMP facility in the USA.

HealthyUp sources its ingredients from the domestic market and imports also. Our research makes it evident that the company piggybacks on another product’s formulation that has been successful on the Korean market.

What Are The Ingredients In HealthyUp® Botanical Menopause Relief?

The following ingredients find a place in the proprietary blend:

Angelica Gigas Root Extract – It is widely used in traditional Korean medicines. Angelica Gigas[1] is also known as female ginseng. The root extract of Angelica gigas is rich in decursin, decursinol angelate, and caffeic acid. Angelica gigas exhibits antinociceptive abilities. The compounds decursin and decursinol angelate have proven therapeutic abilities.

Angelica gigas may help balance estrogen and progesterone levels. This animal study confirms Angelica Gigas’s ability to increase estrogen and progesterone and improve bone metabolism.

Cynanchum wilfordii – Yet another widely used ingredient in traditional Korean medicine, Cynanchum wilfordii has many therapeutic usages.
Grape Seed Proanthocyanidin Extract – Grape seed extract is used in health supplements for its antioxidant abilities. It is rich in proanthocyanidins. Studies have confirmed that proanthocyanidins [2] are 20x more efficient as an antioxidant than vitamin E. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study had proven that grape seed proanthocyanidin extract improves physical and psychological menopausal symptoms.
Phlomis umbrosa Phlomis umbrosa is a traditional medicinal ingredient. The ingredient is used for treating joint fractures and conditions. The exact mechanism of how the ingredient works is unclear, but a study on rats shows that Phlomis umbrosa may act as a therapeutic agent to reduce OA pain.

The Science Behind HealthyUp® Botanical Menopause Relief

The manufacturer of Botanical Menopause Relief does not explain the supplement’s mechanism. But HealthyUp® Botanical Menopause Relief Reviews show that the product improves many menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes, sleeping disorders, mood swings, and night sweats. Our research on the ingredients shows that another product has successfully used the blend of Cynanchum wilfordii, Phlomis umbrosa, and Angelica gigas.

An animal study discusses the promising results of the blend here. It appears that Botanical Menopause Relief uses a similar formulation and adds grape seed extract to the blend.

What Are The Benefits Of HealthyUp® Botanical Menopause Relief?

  • The supplement may help reduce common menopausal symptoms.
  • It may improve libido by improving vaginal dryness.
  • HealthyUp® Botanical Menopause Relief may help improve irritability.
  • The product may improve joint health.

What Are The Drawbacks Of HealthyUp® Botanical Menopause Relief?

  • The proprietary blend does not disclose ingredient ratios.
  • The traditional herbs used in the formulation have limited clinical studies on humans.
  • A trial pack of the product is unavailable.
  • The company does not publish clinical trial data.

FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

In our research for this report, we found that consumers are frequently asking the following questions online in regard to HealthyUp® Botanical Menopause Relief.

- The formulation may be safe. The supplement is vegan and does not contain gluten, soy, and hormone. We have not come across warnings and complaints. However, it is safe to consult a doctor before taking a dietary supplement.

The product is moderately priced. The product is available online from the official website of the company. You might also buy it from online health retail stores.

The company does not offer a free trial on this product. The company has a 60-days return policy. Please visit the official website for details.

The makers suggest taking two capsules daily, regularly.

You may explore various health blogs, including Health Web Magazine.

The makers don't mention side effects. They warn against overdose. Don't consume before consulting a physician.

You may email the company.

What Are Consumers Saying About HealthyUp® Botanical Menopause Relief?

HealthyUp® Botanical Menopause Relief Reviews by customers show that the product works. It helps improve night sweats, hot flashes, sleeplessness, and irritability. Many customers say that the supplement has become a part of their lives. Some customers had written negatively, citing side effects. It might not be suitable for lupus patients.