“Where the mind goes, the body follows.” Mental health is intimately associated with a man’s physical state and his spirituality. A brief inquiry into the mortality and morbidity statistics on men, and noting the documented statistics on the frequency of depression and its association with Western so-called lifestyle, and you’ll appreciate the truth of my statements.

Today’s humankind knows only one direction: outward. Men have been suckered into reaching ever outward, into cold unloving, uncaring, cyberspace, where they think they can find friendship, companionship, contentment, even Love. It’s a hopeless fool’s foray into nothing more than despair fueled by the likes of Twitter, Grinder, Fans Only, online porn, exhibitionists, narcissists, voyeurs. Cyberspace is colder than deep space, and just as lonely.

Those men, at least the majority of them, have no guidance but for the images they crave, no guidance to find themselves, and less guidance to find relationship. They are constantly reaching farther and farther outward, farther and farther from themselves, and they fail to realize that the only possibility of contentment is in the totally opposite direction: INWARD!

“Inward? What’s in there?” he might ask. “Where’s ‘inward’?” But there’s no one else in there! Just one’s self, and that’s terrifying to some. It takes a Warrior Spirit’s courage to accept the naked truth of who he is as a man; very few men have that courage. All they have is stereotype, conditioning, and ego; none of that is good company.


It’s so much easier to just hope that he can get a big enough erection or shoot enough cum to get noticed. He may manage that but then his audience moves on, leaving him to clean up his pitiful mess. Back to square One, stupid. Back to deep cyberspace. Back to desperate loneliness. Back to masturbating to your downloaded images.

Yes, my brothers and śiṣya-s , there’s more and better to be had, but you have to want it enough to work for it; there’s no free lunch and no Mr. Perfect who’s going to email you a commitment.

You are different, though. You are a seeker but a seeker on the right track, on the right path. You have the courage to look within, to awaken your true Self, and to accept the self-knowledge you find there. The growth and transformation that that experience will make possible will also make possible the realization of your bliss.

If a man blindly accepts his lot, as many do, and wallows in the cultural conditioning and stereotyping, and the loneliness and despair that results, and if he refuses to take steps to disengage from the artificial limitations imposed upon him by himself, and to rise above the numbing distraction to ‘make a living’ in an asphyxiating social and cultural environment that becomes his prison, he has nowhere to go. But he does have the opportunity, if only for fleeting but utterly blissful moments, to transcend all of the meaninglessness, the limitations, the numbness, and the false and degrading self-perceptions and just to Be Who He Is, who he was created to be.

There is no doubt that the first step in achieving self-awareness is to simply open the heart-mind to the possibility that he is naturally far more than what he has been led to believe, or allowed to become. In other words, he has to allow himself to accept himself as Divine.

This is where Homoerotic Tantra℠:Mascul-IN-Touch℠ comes in and where the teaching of the Tāntric Lover as the iṣṭadeva (इष्टदेव), the personal god, becomes so important. The practices and teachings of homoerotic yogic Tantra (तन्त्र) place the Divine Masculine Spirit within the grasp of the seeker, and the Tāntric Lover becomes the vehicle of that Divinity; the aspirant and the Tāntric Lover move into one another through the medium of the homoerotic Tāntric ritual, and ultimately melt into one another in the experience of Divine Union, sacred maithuna (मैथुन).

A man doesn’t just step into Homoerotic Tantra℠:Mascul-IN-Touch℠ or into a homoerotic Tāntric ritual, and automatically experience the transformation, the ecstasy, the transcendence without any preparation. You should be clear on that point.

Meditations and Reflections

But that’s what the 108 days of meditation and reflection are all about: over the traditional sacred period of 108 days, the seeker is guided through a series of meditations and reflections that take but minutes to do each day but have unfathomable benefits. These meditations prep the seeker and change him ever so gradually over the cycle period, such that he becomes receptive to the homoerotic Tāntric exercises, practices, and rituals that will become so important to him in his transformational process.

The meditation and self-reflections have, if they were practiced with regularity, commitment and devotion, opened you the man to himself, and you will almost certainly approach the awesome fact of your intrinsic goodness and meaning, your purpose, and certainly your Divinity with greater intimacy.

The meditations will also have instilled in you the realization that you are not just a physical body but a composition of three aspects: body, heart-mind, and spirit. You will have already appreciated the fact that your body and your senses, when reverently, respectfully, and skillfully applied, become portals to ecstasy and transcendence.

Through a practice of meditation and self-reflection, you will have purified yourself so that you can pass beyond the threshold of the Temple, and be ready to enter the holy of holies where your True Self abides. Next, the Tāntric Lover will become your beloved gateway to ecstasy.

The great sage and expounder of the Yogasūtra (योगसूत्र), Patanjali, was a realist, not a snake-oil salesman: he never promised that in so many hours of study or after having complete so many workshops, a man will have attained pure consciousness, enlightenment bliss. Patanjali never taught that the be all and end all of a man’s purpose is an orgasm or multiple orgasms. That’s pure marketing junk of western culture. All that he says in his teaching is that it “will take a long time.” He was obviously a realist.

What Patanjali wrote, and very practically and honestly taught, was that It would take “a long time” to reach the goal. But if you do ‘this’ with devotion and commitment, you will attain true freedom, mokṣa (मोक्ष), nirvāṇa (निर्वाण), heaven, whatever.

Fake or Real

That simple statement separates the real men from the fake men. No talk of enlightenment, bliss, or ecstasy in a 3-day workshop or some fake diploma course. Be not mistaken: Tantra (तन्त्र) doesn’t come with a diploma; diplomas don’t transform or provide Self knowledge. All the workshops and seminars and courses do is enrich their salesmen and mislead a vulnerable public. If you’re lucky, you might come away with some practical tools. But it’s your work, not some mercenary guru’s; thus the seminal guidance provided by the sages is: No true guru ever charges for spiritual guidance; if he does he is a fraud; leave him.

There has never been a warrior or a hero that took the easy way to victory; true victory has always required blood, sweat, and frequently tears. True achievement almost always involves sacrifice and suffering, and travels the long-term, and more arduous path that is difficult but offers the only chance of success. The initial intention must provide premises, a definition, and implementation plan that are not just knee-jerk reflex or reaction, but true responses to dynamic and real situations; moreover, the approach does not seek to label something as right and something else as wrong, that’s dualism, and it’s futile. The effective approach must incorporate a significant content of intuitive, reflective, almost visionary inspiration that can come only from disciplined practice and clear discernment.

It would be overreaching and misleading if I were to even suggest that a man working with such a systematic, sometimes metaphysical, but always introspective approach to discernment and realization necessarily has a clear picture his mind of where all the pieces fit, his course, or where he will get the spiritual fuel to get him there, but I do suggest he will know with certainty where the necessary guidance can be found, and how he can master his innate resources and gifts to approach the destination. He will know in his heart when the time comes and the master appears.

Inner trust

Yet the ultimate success of this kind of long-term transformation requires a peculiar kind of inner trust, call it faith, if you like, which supports the awakened man and empowers him to intuitively “know/sense” when his action is true dhārma (धर्म) (right action) and in concert with the Kṣatriyamārga (क्षत्रियमार्ग), the Warrior Path.

The man who learns to channel his senses, his thoughts, and his erotic energies is one who participates in the Eternal Symphony following the perfect harmony of the cosmic music against which all creation and co-creation is choreographed.

Everything out there can be found in here. What is above is also below. In the world of Homoerotic Tantra℠:Mascul-IN-Touch℠ a man is on the right path to realizing this metaphysical truth. He is in the unique position to experience aesthetic masculine intimacy.

This path of co-creation, of transformation, and of transformation is true alchemy, true Eros. The physical man becomes a divine co-creator one step at a time, in reliance on inner and outer guidance, exploiting his own gifts and skills, and with trust that all will be well. In other words, the physical man in the paśu (पशु) or animal-stage rediscovers his Divine Masculine Spirit, and transcends his fragile humanness to discover his True Soul, and unfold his Divinity.

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