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MyBiotin is a dietary supplement that may help increase hair growth and density while improving skin health.

Overview Of MyBiotin

MyBiotin is a dietary supplement made by the brand “Purity Products.” It supposedly increases hair growth and density while boosting skin hydration.

The manufacturer of MyBiotin claims you can see results in as little as three weeks. Is this skin and hair supplement too good to be true? The following sections will explore the answer to this question and the science behind MyBiotin.


MyBiotin Review – Health Web Magazine Images

The Science Behind MyBiotin

Purity Products tested the effectiveness of MyBiotin in a 12-week double-blind and placebo-controlled consumer study. At the end of the study period, participants who took MyBiotin reported increased hair growth and thickness, reduced facial wrinkle depth, improved skin texture, fewer fine lines and wrinkles, and enhanced skin elasticity.

You can visit the official Purity Products website for more information about the clinical study on MyBiotin’s active ingredients.

How Does MyBiotin Work?

The official Purity Products website says that standard biotin supplements aren’t bioavailable and provide little cosmetic benefit unless a deficiency exists. MyBiotin’s manufacturer claims it contains a form of biotin known as MB40X, which is 40 times more absorbable than regular biotin. MB40X combines magnesium biotinate with arginine silicate.

What Are The Ingredients In MyBiotin?

For a complete list of MyBiotin’s ingredients, visit the official Purity Products website. You can also find a picture of the product’s label there. MyBiotin’s main active ingredients are as follows:

Biotin – A deficiency in this vitamin can cause symptoms such as dermatitis, hair loss, and brittle nails.[1] Despite its popularity in the world of cosmetics, there is limited scientific evidence of biotin’s efficacy in promoting hair growth. Research on how beneficial biotin supplementation is for healthy individuals is inconclusive. It may only be helpful in the presence of severe deficiencies.[2]
MB40X (Magnesium Biotinate and Arginine Silicate) – Research[3] on rats shows magnesium biotinate is more absorbable than other forms. In another study[4] on rats, magnesium biotinate combined with arginine silicate effectively protected the skin from oxidative damage and improved skin appearance, elasticity, and inflammation. We are lacking research on magnesium biotinate and arginine silicate’s use in humans.
Astaxanthin – Astaxanthin is a carotenoid found in certain types of algae and fish. Due to its powerful anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory actions, astaxanthin is increasingly being incorporated into cosmetic formulations and dietary supplements. A medical review[5] of clinical trials found that astaxanthin can improve skin texture, wrinkles, and moisture content. Astaxanthin also proved effective at protecting the skin from the harsh effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

How Should You Take MyBiotin?

You should take one capsule of MyBiotin per day. The manufacturer doesn’t specify if it’s best to take MyBiotin with or without food.

What Are The Benefits Of MyBiotin?

  • It may increase hair thickness
  • The product could reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • MyBiotin may contain a more bioavailable form of biotin
  • It could enhance skin hydration

What Are The Drawbacks Of MyBiotin?

  • Many of MyBiotin’s customer reviews are paid endorsements
  • It doesn’t come with a free trial
  • MyBiotin is expensive
  • You have to take the product for a long time to experience its full benefits

Who is the Manufacturer of MyBiotin?

Purity Products manufactures MyBiotin. Jahn Levin is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Purity Products. Jahn has been in the nutritional formulation industry for over 25 years. It’s unclear if he has any scientific background or accreditation.

According to the official website, Purity Products abides by strict quality assurance standards, including the following:

  • Complies with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations
  • Provides a certificate of analyses
  • Uses USDA-certified organic handlers/processors
  • Undergoes NSF third-party GMP certification

To view the certificate of analysis for MyBiotin or any of Purity Product’s supplements, you can visit the manufacturer’s official website or contact their customer service team.

FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

Please refer to the sections below to find answers to frequent questions about MyBiotin.

MyBiotin’s ingredients are generally considered safe. However, we can’t guarantee they are, considering the link to MyBiotin’s certificate of analysis is unavailable. Consumers may be able to obtain this information by reaching out to the manufacturer.

MyBiotin’s safety profile is higher than most supplements on the market, considering it is NSF third-party and organic certified.

You can purchase MyBiotin directly from the official Purity Products website. One bottle is $39.95, two bottles are $79.00, three bottles are $119.85, and four bottles are $159.80.

This product may also be available at third-party retailers like iHerb and CVS Pharmacy.

MyBiotion doesn’t come with a free trial. Purity Products’ supplements come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. To initiate a return, contact customer service by phone or email to receive a return authorization code. Any and all items should be returned to the Purity Products Returns Department within 60 days of the original purchase date.

For Purity Products’ customer service and Returns Department contact information, visit the official website and click on the “Frequently Asked Questions” tab at the bottom of the webpage.

Other supplements that support hair and skin health include KeraNew and Nufolix.

The manufacturer doesn’t list any serious side effects of taking MyBiotin. However, based on our research, astaxanthin may cause an upset stomach or nausea if taken in high doses.

The official Purity Products website has more information about MyBiotin, including its features, benefits, customer reviews, and timeline of expected results.

What Are Consumers Saying About MyBiotin?

MyBiotin primarily has positive reviews. Many customers reported increased hair and nail growth, less hair shedding, a more even complexion, and clearer skin.

However, several customers said that they didn’t notice any significant changes even after taking MyBiotin for a few months. A few customers also reported difficulty with canceling subscriptions.