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How to Transform Your Health with Three Nutrition Tips

Transform Your Health With Three Nutrition Tips

Transform Your Health With Three Nutrition Tips - (Image Credit: Shutterstock); Author picture - (Image Credit: Author)

Western medicine is focused on prescriptions for treating symptoms; in the past the primary focus for maintaining health and treating symptoms was based in nature.

In recent decades, consumers have demanded to return to nature for answers to health problems. Nutrition is one of the most effective, yet least used means to prevent and treat health problems.

Will share three mindsets about nutrition that you can use today to start improving or sustaining your health.

First, I want to share how nutrition improved the lives of two good friends…

“Hey Sidney, how are things going with you? Ronald asked as the two lifelong friends had lunch one day.

“You remember two years ago– I was diagnosed with lymphoma. My doctor suggested I look at alternative treatments.” Sidney shared.

“Oh really. Did you find anything to help?” Ronald was curious.

“I researched and found that I could change my diet and take some supplements to help. My lymphoma is gone, and I have energy again.” Sidney replied.

“Fascinating. Tell me about your diet and the supplements you are taking?” Ronald was at the edge of his seat.

“I will send you an email with supplements and diet information.” Sidney continued.

“The reason I asked is that my brain cancer has come back. I can’t do chemo again. My oncologist says I have 6 months left, but I want to get back to running marathons again.” Ronald lamented.

“Give these a try. Let’s see what happens.” Sidney was hopeful for his friend.
One year after adding the supplements and changing his diet, Ronald was cancer free and finished a marathon. Sidney waited at the finish line to congratulate this friend.

Both men improved their health through changes to their nutrition. This is not to say all people will have the same results; however, nutrition is a key element to health.

Having seen through decades of life experience, I have witnessed how poor nutrition negatively impacts health and have observed how good nutrition can restore and sustain good health.

Over time, you can utilize nutrition to improve or sustain your health. Let me share three simple but effective ways of thinking about nutrition to guide your healthy eating habits.

Nutrition is the foundation of good health

Nutrition for good health

  • Missing minerals and vitamins cause a wide range of health problems negatively affecting every body part and system.
  • Avoid foods with trace nutrients and choose high nutrient foods for healthy eating instead.
  • Hunger tells us we need to fuel our bodies. What we put into our bodies will determine if we meet the needs of our bodies.
  • View food as a way to get or stay healthy
  • Nutritional needs change over time– consult with your doctor on amounts of vitamins and minerals needed to maintain good health.

Quality is more important than quantity

  • Avoid processed, preservative treated foods.
  • Read labels to see what foods are made with and how much nutrition you get from eating those foods.
  • Enriched foods are not necessarily healthier as the extra nutrition is not easily absorbed
  • Choose foods in their original state (fresh from the garden or vine) that are organic.
  • Foods free from pesticides and herbicides have higher amounts of vitamins and minerals and taste better.
  • The better-quality food you eat the less you will need to meet dietary needs
  • Avoid added sugars as an excess amount causes inflammation and insulin resistance in the blood.

Know how to create balance

Making Meals

  • Practice moderation in making meals. Eat enough to feel full and stop there.
  • If you find yourself hungry shortly after eating, you missed eating something your body needs.
  • Eat a wide variety of healthy foods: fruits and veggies.
  • Many spices have excellent flavors and great health benefits.
  • Cook foods in healthy oils- avocado is my favorite.
  • Bake, smoke, broil, or barbeque meats.
  • Avoid fried foods.
  • Many people have food allergies or sensitivities. If you feel sick after eating certain foods, do an elimination diet or see an allergist to discover items you should keep out of your meals.


In conclusion, I have outlined three ways using nutrition will help you to improve or sustain your health. Use these three mindsets listed above to guide your food choices, menus, and thinking about food. If your diet plan needs improvements, start with replacing 1-3 foods a week for more healthy choices. It may take some time to transform your habits and choices but is well worth changing to stay healthy or become healthier for more years.

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