Priapus Shot

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Overview Of Priapus Shot

Priapus is the Greek god of fertility and the inspiration behind the manufacture of the Priapus Shot. In this penis enlargement therapy, Autologous Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) is extracted from the blood and injected into the penis to increase blood flow, increase penile growth and improve overall sexual function. 

The Priapus Shot Reviews on the official website have individuals testifying to the desirable results they obtained.

Priapus Shot

Priapus Shot Review – Health Web Magazine Images

How Does Priapus Shot Work?

Priapus Shot is a therapy designed to increase male virility through using the PRP technique. Platelet-rich plasma derived from the individual’s blood is injected into the individual’s penis to stimulate growth and improve sexual performance. Platelets and other blood-derived growth factors contained in the P-shot are a component of the blood that promotes wound healing growth of body tissues that will eventually result in increased penile growth and stronger erections.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of Priapus Shot?

The Priapus Shot procedure was first brought about by Dr. Charles Runels. He made this discovery in 2010, after which numerous other physicians did various research about the safety of the procedure under the Cellular Medicine Association. 

What Are The Ingredients In The Priapus Shot?

Priapus Shot is formulated from platelet-rich plasma derived from the individual’s bloodstream. This blood component is rich in the following ingredients:

Platelets – PRP therapy [1] uses the benefits of blood platelets in tackling erectile dysfunction. Blood platelets are known to improve wound healing and stimulate the regrowth of damaged tissues. Also, a low platelet count is an indication of erectile dysfunction. This goes to demonstrate the importance of platelets in the proper functioning of the penis.
Blood-Derived Growth Factors – In the Plasma-rich platelets, a host of blood growth factors like IGF-1, TGFB, PDGF, and VEGF are contained in the shot. On injection into the penis, these components enhance penile growth, make for longer-lasting erections and improve reproductive health in all.

The Science Behind Priapus Shot

The Priapus Shot is a procedure backed by various research studies carried out by the Cellular Medicine Association. Dr. Charles Runels was the first to discover and use this procedure in treating erectile dysfunction. He also applied for the US patent award on his discovery.

Asides from the acclaimed benefits of the Priapus shot in enhancing sexual health, it is also known to tackle several sexual health malfunctions. These include Peyronie’s disease, ED, and premature ejaculation. Despite all the existing research evidence, there are still claims to the lack of sufficient evidence of the benefits of the P-shot.

What Are The Benefits Of Priapus Shot?

  • The shot claims to enhance the regrowth of penile tissues.
  • The Priapus shot is likely to increase and improve erections.
  • The formula may result in enhanced blood flow, especially to the penile region, to enhance sensitivity.
  • The procedure is backed by various professionals in the medical practice.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Priapus Shot?

  • The Priapus shot may yield varying results in different individuals.
  • Complications could arise from reactions to the shot.
  • In all, the shot is still considered experimental.
  • Some reviews claim that there is no research to ascertain the procedure’s safety.

FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

In our research for this report, we found that consumers are frequently asking the following questions online in regard to Priapus Shot.

Yes, it is. The procedure involves injecting one's platelets and growth factors into the body to enhance growth and blood flow. The Priapus shot is claimed to have its benefits, and some reviews are positive. The procedure is said to be backed up by various research and medical professionals.

The official cost for the Priapus shot is not indicated on the company's website. It may vary, but some reviews claim it could cost as much as $1900.

There are no free trials or money-back guarantee policies on the Priapus shot.

Trained professionals in the field carry out the procedure. It is not a self-applicable procedure. The dosage is determined by the physician in charge of the procedure.

Reviews help you learn about the benefits and drawbacks of a product and if you should invest in a supplement if another product has more advantages. Similar products to this supplement are VigRX PlusProSolution, and TestRX Booster. These are all examples of male enhancement supplements. Although the P-shot is not a pill, it is an injection that confers similar functions to these pills.

The Priapus shot is not fully considered safe as the shot is still under experimental scrutiny. Complications could arise from it. Suitable results could also be obtained from partaking in the procedure.

The Priapus Shot was discovered by Dr. Charles Runels in 2010. The official website for the Priapus shot holds a lot of information about the procedure and its providers.

What Are Consumers Saying About Priapus Shot?

Based on Priapus Shot Reviews found on the website, consumers have seen different results, such as noticeable penile growth, improved sexual performance, and satisfaction. In some cases, the shot seemed to have aided erectile dysfunction. Regardless, one should check with their physician before the procedure. Unfortunately, there aren’t any reliable reviews about this shot from trusted sites like Trustpilot and