Scorobrow Eyebrow Growth Serum

Scorobrow Eyebrow Growth Serum Review – Health Web Magazine Images

Overview Of Scorobrow Eyebrow Growth Serum

All too often, you see eyebrow regrowth serums that use several ingredients that might do more harm than good. These ingredients usually include chemical preservatives, thickening agents, or other synthesized components that can damage the hair follicles. But today, we will be looking at a product that is claimed to be devoid of these harsh chemicals and powered by natural ingredients.

It’s called Scorobrow Eyebrow Growth Serum. It is a beauty product you apply directly to the eyebrows to make them grow thicker and fuller. While we will be providing you with information about this product, it should be noted that there are no Scorobrow Eyebrow Growth Serum Reviews.

Scorobrow Eyebrow Growth Serum

Scorobrow Eyebrow Growth Serum Review – Health Web Magazine Images

How Does Scorobrow Eyebrow Growth Serum Work?

The main claim behind this product is that it uses natural ingredients to power the results. But what are the intended results exactly? Well, the makers of Scorobrow Eyebrow Growth Serum tell us that it will help improve the appearance of your lashes by making them look thicker and fuller.

They claim that Scorobrow Eyebrow Growth Serum works by delivering nutrients right to the follicle for maximum effectiveness. The ingredients are botanical extracts, so it may be that Scorobrow Eyebrow Growth Serum is safer and gentler on the follicles than other eyebrow growth serums currently on the market. The product may be safe on eyebrow tattoos as well. 

Who Is The Manufacturer Of Scorobrow Eyebrow Growth Serum?

Scorobrow Eyebrow Growth Serum is made by a company that calls itself Scorolash. And while Scorolash has its website, they do not provide a lot of information about itself. Furthermore, their products aren’t sold on typical 3rd party retail sites. However, they offer consumers the opportunity to get in touch with them through their website. They also make a small variety of other cosmetic products.

What Are The Ingredients In Scorobrow Eyebrow Growth Serum?

The formula of Scorobrow Eyebrow Growth Serum separates itself from its competitors. Most of the ingredients are natural. The active Scorobrow Eyebrow Growth Serum ingredients include:

Pumpkin Seed Extract – While some theories exist that pumpkin seed oil can help hair grow, none of them have been proven in studies. A significant study about pumpkin seed oil and hair loss was published in 2014 [1]. It might be the most rigorous study on a plant-based hair growth alternative thus far.
Panax Ginseng – This ingredient has been traditionally used as an essential medicinal herb worldwide for years. There have been some studies that suggest that Panax ginseng can help with hair growth.
Vitamin E – Compared to a placebo, one study observed that vitamin E [2] was effective in promoting hair growth. Some people also believe that vitamin E can positively impact hair health, although more research is necessary to support this theory.
Hyaluronic Acid – HA is a natural humectant and may help the follicles retain more moisture.

The Science Behind Scorobrow Eyebrow Growth Serum

Some of the more abstract ingredients in Scorobrow Eyebrow Growth Serum were predictable as far as clinical studies go. For example, pumpkin seed extract is not an ingredient you commonly see in these products – and there may be a good reason for that.

It is one of the ingredients in the formula that simply has not been proven by science to work. Other ingredients, such as Panax ginseng, though, do show some promise in preclinical trials, although more testing is certainly needed. 

What Are The Benefits Of Scorobrow Eyebrow Growth Serum?

  • The formula contains unique ingredients.
  • It may be soft on the lashes.
  • The serum contains good vitamins.
  • It may increase brow thickness.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Scorobrow Eyebrow Growth Serum?

  • There are no customer reviews about the serum.
  • Some of the ingredients have not been proven to promote hair growth.
  • It may not be safe if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • The formula may cause some irritation.

FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

In our research for this report, we found that consumers are frequently asking the following questions online in regard to Scorobrow Eyebrow Growth Serum.

So far, there have been no reports of safety issues associated with this product.

The price for Scorobrow Eyebrow Growth Serum is very similar to other eyebrow growth serums. You can get it on the official Scorolash website at $34.

There is no free trial for Scorobrow Eyebrow Growth Serum, but there is a 14-day money-back guarantee that does not appear to have a time limit.

You should apply the serum directly to the eyebrows twice a day.

Comparing reviews of different products is very important because it allows you to see the experience that other consumers have had. So, we advise you to check out reviews for products like Neutrogena Healthy Lash + Brow Enhancer Serum and FEG Eyebrow Growth Serum.

As of the time of this writing, no consumers reported any side effects after using the serum.

You can learn more by visiting the official Scorobrow Eyebrow Growth Serum website.

What Are Consumers Saying About Scorobrow Eyebrow Growth Serum?

There have been no Scorobrow Eyebrow Growth Serum Reviews by anyone that can be confirmed as a customer.