Any diet plan that promises dramatic weight loss may not be safe and effective. Adele’s recent weight loss has made the sirtfood diet popular, and it promises 7lb weight loss in 7 days.

Registered dietitians’ frown as they find the 1000-calorie restriction during the first three days unrealistic and unsafe. The extreme restriction may result in fatigue and uncontrollable hunger and kindle the urge to overeat. It may also affect blood sugar levels in the body. So, if you have diabetes, consult a doctor first.

The sirtfood diet lacks research to back up its claims, as it is fairly new. However, looking at the foods the diet recommends, you may consider keeping them in your regular diet chart as they are rich in polyphenols and have multiple health benefits.

What Is A Sirtfood?

A sirtfood is a wonder food rich in polyphenols. Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, the founder of the sirtfood diet plan, have identified and isolated the foods with the highest sirtuin content. If you are unaware of sirtuins, sirtuins (SIRTs) are protein enzymes that control important cellular functions. They play a role in the body’s fat and glucose metabolism, stress resistance, inflammation, aging, and mitochondrial biogenesis processes.

Emerging studies highlight SIRTs’ role in lipid and glucose metabolism, insulin secretion, and adipogenesis regulation. As this study mentions, SIRTs’ role in adipogenesis regulation has got them under the scientific radar as potential agents for treating obesity. The sirtfood diet plan exploits the benefits SIRTs offer.

The sirtfood diet hit the market in 2016 and grabbed celeb attention. The celeb-endorsed diet plan has entered the limelight again and promises weight loss of up to 7 pounds in one week. Additionally, foods rich in sirtuins have anti-aging, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Sirtfood diet plan

Sirtfood Diet: Effective or Yet Another Fad Diet?

If you ask if the sirtfood diet works, it’s difficult to answer yes or no. Dieting is not easy. The success lies in satisfying your appetite with real, healthy food.

Sirtfood diet ingredients are rich in nutrients. The diet allows the dieters to drink red wine and enjoy dark chocolates. Many celebrities endorse the sirtfood diet. Rumour has it that Adele, celebrity singer, and songwriter, has shed pounds following the sirtfood diet. However, there’s an ongoing controversy regarding the effectiveness of the unique diet. Many registered dietician-nutritionists find the eating rules unhealthy and don’t recommend the diet plan to clients. Some nutritionists say that the diet plan violates the rules of healthy dietary guidelines and may cause short-term weight loss only.

The rapid weight loss in the first phase of the sirtfood diet may not be sustainable, and the 1000 calorie restriction is inappropriate to support an adult body. Another crucial issue is the lack of clinical evidence. Though the official website has glowing weight loss testimonials, the lack of studies makes them only anecdotal. If you want to start a sirtfood diet, consult a dietician or nutritionist before you start.

The Two Phases of Sirtfood Diet

Phase 1

Dieters going on a sirtfood diet follow a three-week plan. The first phase is called the hyper-success phase. It lasts seven days. The first 3 days of the first phase look most intensive, with only 1000 calories allowed each day. The plan involves drinking sirtfood diet juices thrice a day for three days and one main meal. Day 4 to day 7 are relatively easy with 2 sirtfood green juices and 2 main meals comprising 1500 calories each day.

Sirtfood diet juices

Phase 2

Once you complete the first phase, congratulate yourself for sailing through the most rigorous part of the diet. Phase 2 is the maintenance phase you follow for two weeks. During this phase, you get to eat three sirtfood diet foods, one sirtfood green juice, and one or two optional sirtfood snacks every day.

The Sirtfood Diet: What You Can Eat and Drink

Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, the founders of the sirtfood diet, identified and included twenty polyphenol-rich foods that switch on sirtuin genes in our bodies. Additional benefits of switching to a sirtfood diet include:

  • You burn fat and preserve the muscle
  • The diet helps burn fat from the belly area and promotes better health.
  • The diet gives you more energy
  • The diet improves the skin’s appearance and lowers the risks of chronic diseases

So if you are intrigued, here are the sirtfood diet foods you need to stock up.

  • Arugula
  • Soy
  • Walnuts
  • Medjool Dates
  • Red wines
  • Red Endive
  • Cocoa
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Matcha or Green Tea
  • Kale
  • Turmeric
  • Garlic
  • Buckwheat
  • Chilies
  • Coffee
  • Capers
  • Parsley
  • Celery
  • Red Onions
  • Strawberries

Sirtfood diet

For the sirtfood diet juices, blend kale, arugula, parsley, celery, apple, and ginger, and add lemon and matcha. Use matcha only in the first two drinks you consume.

Though the list seems restrictive, you may get creative or search the internet for delicious recipes you can make with the ingredients and enjoy your weight loss journey.

You are allowed to eat shrimp, chicken, tofu, turkey, eggs, berries, and more once you are done with phases 1 and 2. The founders recommend using Thai chilies, miso pastes, flat-leaf parsley, buckwheat, black pepper, ginger, onion, and garlic for creating tasty, flavorful dishes.

How Do I Start The Sirtfood Diet?

If you are trying to get back in shape and if you want to drink red wine and dark chocolates and still get rid of those extra pounds, a sirtfood diet plan could be your thing. All you need to do is shop for sirtfoods, according to the diet plan laid by the founders. The three-week diet plan is split into two phases. The first phase lasts seven days, and the second phase lasts two weeks. The diet encourages healthy foods but restricts calorie consumption.

Ways to start the sirtfood diet:

  • Plan in advance. Shop for all allowed foods. Create a meal plan. This way, you will stick to the ingredients and get results.
  • Keep the juicer ready. Drinking sirtfood diet juices is an essential part of the meal plan.
  • Create a timetable. Drink sirtfood diet juices at least one hour before or two hours after meals. Drink throughout the day.
  • Eat early. An ideal sirtfood diet plan recommends finishing meals by 7 pm.

Sirtfood Diet Plan Explained

If you want the details of how a sirtfood diet is planned, you’ll learn it here. The diet plan dramatically changes eating habits. And for some, it may take time to adapt. The first or hyper-success phase is the toughest hurdle, especially the first three days. Here we break it down methods to give you a clear picture of a sirtfood diet plan:

  • The first three days restrict the calorie consumption to 1000 calories per day.
  • You drink 3 sirtfood diet juices (green juices) throughout the day.
  • You are allowed one sirtfood meal.
  • On the 4th, 5th, and 7th day, you increase the calorie consumption to 1500 calories.
  • You drink 2 sirtfood diet juices throughout the day.
  • You are allowed to eat 2 main meals.

The second phase is called the maintenance phase and is less challenging. On all 14 days, you get to eat:

  • 3 balanced sirtfood diet foods
  • 1 green sirtfood juice
  • 1 or 2 sirtfood snacks if you are hungry

The second phase stresses well-balanced meals. Do you know what the best part of phase 2 is? It allows the dieters to drink red wine twice or thrice per week.

Well-balanced meals

Is The diet Safe, Healthy, And Sustainable?

  • The founders call it safe, healthy, and sustainable.
  • Nutritionists don’t give it a thumbs up.
  • The claim, losing 7 pounds in 7 days may be unrealistic and temporary.
  • Rapid weight loss is risky and may lead to gallstones and amenorrhea.
  • The restrictive diet may increase the secretion of appetite-stimulating hormones to fuel the urge to eat.


Your food and drink choice profoundly impacts your health. It is important to eat a healthy diet. Maintaining a healthy weight is equally important. However, people often subscribe to fad diets that fail to deliver the desired results. “How to lose weight” could be one of the most frequently asked queries on Google. Most diets fuel muscle loss than fat loss. As a result, our metabolism is negatively affected. Dieters tend to demonize carbohydrates or fats.

The sirtfood diet promises to activate the skinny gene and cause drastic weight loss, 7 pounds in 7 days. However, registered dietitians refuse to recommend it to the clients. The skinny gene activation lacks adequate research.

Extremely restrictive diet plans have a slumping effect on metabolism. Sirtfood’s 1000-calorie restriction, many food experts say, is inappropriate and is bound to fail. So is there a diet-centric way to lose weight? There’s no one-size-fits-all diet plan for long-term results and health benefits. The best way is to consult a registered dietician for a customized plan.