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Overview Of Tahiro Sleep Well

Tahiro Sleep Well is a supplement formulated to help you achieve deep and restful sleep. Its science-backed ingredients synergistically work to help you relax, get restorative sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed.

Poor sleep can negatively affect all areas of your life; work, finances, personal relationships, caretaking responsibilities, and overall health. If you find yourself struggling to get deep and restorative sleep, the Tahiro Sleep Well formula may offer support so you can show up as the best, well-rested version of yourself in everyday life.

How Does Tahiro Sleep Well Work?

The official Tahiro website says you can experience the full benefits of Tahiro Sleep Well over 12 weeks. During weeks one through four of taking the supplement, you may experience an overall improvement in sleep. From weeks five through twelve, you may notice more extensive improvements, such as a more balanced sleep-wake cycle, improved cognitive function, and feeling more rejuvenated.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of Tahiro Sleep Well

The supplement company “Tahiro” manufactures this product. According to the official Tahiro website, its products are non-GMO, gluten-free, major allergen-free, vegan, 100% natural, and produced in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)-compliant facility in the United States.

Biochemist Nir Avraham is the master formulator for Tahiro’s products, including Tahiro Sleep Well. All Tahiro formulas are centered around brain health.

What Are The Ingredients In Tahiro Sleep Well?

You can find a complete list of Tahiro Sleep Well’s ingredients on its official website. The Tahiro Sleep Well formula comes in a set of two capsules known as “Sleep Well (Blue)” and “Sleep Well (Clear)”. The ingredients of each of the capsules are consolidated below.

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) – In a clinical study[1], study participants who supplemented with GABA demonstrated improvements in the time it took to fall asleep, insomnia severity, and total sleep time.
Kava Powder – A medical review[2] found that kava may be a potential treatment for short-term anxiety. However, its use hasn’t proven effective for chronic anxiety disorders. An older study[3] on rats found that a 300 mg dose of kava had hypnotic and sleep-enhancing effects.
5-Hydroxytryptophan (HTP) – 5-HTP is a precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin. In a 12-week clinical trial[4], study participants taking 100 mg of 5-HTP demonstrated improvements in the time it took for them to fall asleep. However, additional sleep improvements weren’t reported beyond the eight-week mark. Researchers believe study participants’ bodies became acclimated to the 5-HTP supplementation.
Magnesium Citrate – A systematic medical review[5] of 18 studies found that magnesium supplementation can help with subjective anxiety. Magnesium’s ability to reduce anxiety is partially due to its modulation of our stress response system.
California Poppy – California poppy is used in traditional folk medicine for its sedative and anxiolytic properties. An anxiolytic refers to a substance that reduces anxiety. Research[6] shows some alkaloids in California poppy act on GABA receptors. Activation of GABA receptors helps turn off the body’s arousal systems and initiate sleep.
Valerian Extract – A systematic medical review[7] found that valerian could be a safe and effective treatment for sleep. However, it appears long-term administration gives the best results in terms of sleep quality and stress reduction.
Melatonin – A meta-analysis[8] of 19 studies found that supplementation with melatonin led to significant improvements in sleep latency, total sleep time, and overall sleep quality in participants with sleep disorders compared to placebo. Compared to other interventions, melatonin has mild and harmless side effects.

The Science Behind Tahiro Sleep Well

The official Tahiro website provides detailed information and scientific references for each ingredient in Tahiro Sleep Well. You can find additional information about the science behind each ingredient by clicking on the “Ingredient Scientific Review” button underneath the “Clinically Studied Relaxing Ingredients” section of the Tahiro Sleep Well product page.

What Are The Benefits Of Tahiro Sleep Well

Based on our research, Tahiro Sleep Well may have the following benefits:

  • The product may help you fall asleep faster.
  • This supplement may promote deeper and more restful sleep.
  • Tahiro Sleep Well may promote relaxation.
  • Tahiro has a team of scientists behind their product formulations.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Tahiro Sleep Well

Based on our research, Tahiro Sleep Well may have these drawbacks:

  • The product may interact with certain medications such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and anti-depressants.
  • Some of Tahiro Sleep Well’s ingredients need more substantial human clinical trials to validate their efficacy in the treatment of anxiety and sleep disturbances.
  • The manufacturer doesn’t provide a certificate of analysis (COA) to guarantee the product is free of harmful contaminants.

FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

In our research for this report, we found that consumers are frequently asking the following questions online in regard to Tahiro Sleep Well.

There are no adverse effects of Tahiro Sleep Well’s ingredients that we know of. However, as mentioned above, the manufacturer doesn’t provide a COA to prove the purity and potency of ingredients. A COA could be important for this product considering the quality of some herbs can vary greatly. We can’t guarantee the safety of this product.

You can purchase Tahiro Sleep Well on its official website. Currently, the manufacturer lists a one-month supply of the product at $49.95. You can receive 26% off by purchasing a one-, three-, or six-month supply subscription of the product.

Tahiro Sleep Well doesn’t provide a free trial. The manufacturer does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If within 30 days of receiving the product, you aren’t happy with your purchase, you can contact Tahiro’s customer service team for a refund.

You should take one capsule of Sleep Well (Blue) and one capsule of Sleep Well (Clear) 30 minutes before bedtime.

You can read reviews for Tahiro Sleep Well on its official website. Products similar to Tahiro Sleep Well include New Age Sleep Gummies and Somulin.

The official Tahiro website doesn’t mention any side effects of taking Tahiro Sleep Well. However, many of the product’s ingredients have sedative effects. Do not take Tahiro Sleep Well before driving or operating heavy machinery.

You can find more information about Tahiro Sleep Well by visiting the official Tahiro website.

What Are Consumers Saying About Tahiro Sleep Well

The majority of customer reviews for Tahiro Sleep Well are positive. Many customers reported deeper sleep, falling asleep faster, and feeling more refreshed in the morning.