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Overview Of Wellamoon Sleep

Sleep aid prescription medications can come with a lengthy list of unwanted side effects. Dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, prolonged drowsiness, and muscle weakness are just a few examples. Although these medications can help you get a few hours of shut-eye, feeling like you can’t function the next day may not make them worth it.

Scientific research has brought various natural sleep aids to light, many of which have few side effects. Wellamoon is a dietary supplement containing some of these natural sleep aids. This product could help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed.

How Does Wellamoon Sleep Work?

According to the manufacturer, Wellamoon Sleep delivers a special blend of herbal extracts and melatonin through a wearable patch. The compounds in the sleep patch supposedly seep into your skin and body to promote high-quality sleep. The manufacturer claims the Wellamoon Sleep patch has a much higher absorption rate compared to other brands.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of Wellamoon Sleep?

The manufacturer of Wellamoon Sleep is “Wellamoon”. The official Wellamoon website doesn’t provide any information regarding manufacturing and production processes. It’s also unclear where Wellamoon sources its ingredients.

What Are The Ingredients In Wellamoon Sleep?

You can find a list of Wellamoon’s ingredients on its official website.

Melatonin – Currently, there is limited research exploring transdermal melatonin. Older research[1] suggests transdermal melatonin may offer more sustained sleep benefits compared to oral supplementation with the neurohormone due to its short elimination half-life. Delivering melatonin topically, such as through a patch, may allow a more sustained release.


– In a double-blind and placebo-controlled trial[2] , magnesium supplementation significantly improved sleep time and sleep efficiency while decreasing sleep latency and cortisol levels in elderly subjects with poor sleep quality. However, a recent medical review[3] suggests we need more clinical trials to define the relationship between magnesium supplementation and sleep disorders.
Hops – Hops are the flowers of the Humulus lupulus plant and are commonly used in brewing beer. However, traditional herbalism uses hops for its sedative effects. Hops contains a flavonoid known as xanthohumol, which binds to GABA receptors to promote sleep. Research[4] shows that a specific mixture of Saaz and Saphir Hops varieties may offer more help with sleep disturbances compared to other varieties.
Valerian Root – A medical review[5] of over 60 studies concluded that valerian could be a safe and effective herbal intervention to promote sleep. However, this research highlighted that the quality of valerian root differs greatly based on sourcing and could determine its effectiveness. Valerian root may offer the most benefits for sleep when it is of high quality and administered repeatedly.

The Science Behind Wellamoon Sleep

According to the manufacturer, Wellamoon’s ingredients work synergistically to produce quality sleep, reduce stress, provide a sedative effect, and activate calming neurotransmitters. Wellamoon’s chief data scientist, Megan Ramon, says 82% of customers report more effective sleep while using their sleep patches.

What Are The Benefits Of Wellamoon Sleep?

Wellamoon Sleep could have these benefits:

  • The product may help you fall asleep more easily.
  • The product could help you stay asleep.
  • Wellamoon Sleep patches might help you wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Wellamoon Sleep?

Based on our research, Wellamoon Sleep may come with these drawbacks:

  • The manufacturer doesn’t provide a certificate of analysis (COA) to prove ingredient safety.
  • There aren’t any references on Wellamoon’s website to back scientific claims.
  • Some of Wellamoon Sleep’s ingredients could interact with certain medications.

FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

You can refer to the sections below to find answers to frequently asked questions about Wellamoon Sleep.

The quality, potency, and safety of herbs can vary greatly depending on sourcing. The manufacturer of Wellamoon Sleep doesn’t provide a COA to prove the potency and safety of its herbal ingredients. Some of the ingredients in Wellamoon may interact with certain medications, such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) or other types of anti-depressants. You should practice caution and consult your doctor or a healthcare professional if using Wellamoon Sleep alongside any of these medications.

You can purchase Wellamoon Sleep on its official website. Each box contains 28 Wellamoon Sleep Patches. One box is listed at $17.95, two boxes at $33.96, three boxes at $45.96, and four boxes at $55.96.

This product doesn’t come with a free trial. Wellamoon offers refunds for unopened, unused, and damaged products. The product(s) must be returned within 14 days of receiving them. You can contact Wellamoon’s customer service team for further support.

The Wellamoon website instructs you to apply the Wellamoon Sleep patch to a clean, and ideally hairless, part of your body approximately one hour before bed. Good places to wear the Wellamoon Sleep patch include the forearm, thigh, shoulder, or stomach.

You can read reviews for Wellamoon Sleep on its official website. Products similar to Wellamoon Sleep include New Age Sleep Gummies and Somulin.

The manufacturer doesn’t mention any potential side effects of Wellamoon Sleep. Considering the product is an adhesive patch, there is a potential for skin irritation. Natural sleep aids can have a sedating and relaxing effect. Don’t tale Wellamoon Sleep before driving or operating heavy machinery.

You can read more about Wellamoon Sleep on its official website.

What Are Consumers Saying About Wellamoon Sleep?

Customer feedback for Wellamoon Sleep is positive. A lot of customers reported falling asleep more easily, waking up feeling energized, and experiencing and overall improvement in sleep quality.