I truly believe life is what you make it, however I cannot disagree that it gets harder as we age. We start aging the moment we are born; the process of aging never stops until it is no longer required.

As a baby our cognitive development happens quite young, in the first 3-6 months of life we learn sounds and sight and a stronger sense of perception and every year after infants become more physically adept, they are able to explore the world around them in greater depth.

Jumping ahead a few years our development increases rapidly, until early adulthood, with obvious changes such as physical and speech, there is also cognitive development of more complex thinking processes. (Also called formal logical operations).

This is when we begin to form our own opinions and ideas. (Take note our physical is still maturing until at least 18 years of age for females and 21 for males).

Unlike other mammals, in the animal kingdom, humans age much slower, in terms of independence and the ability to survive on their own, and now in 2022 this statement couldn’t be truer.
It is a scientific fact that if a human spends most of their time on the lowest end of the spectrum in terms of physical fitness and mental stimulation, their body will age and revert to cognitive decline at a rapid rate and this unfortunately can occur in any age range.

At adulthood our bodies have physically matured and our ability to process the life around us has become second nature. Our environments dictate extrinsic levels of stress and depending on how you relate to it, it can be detrimental to your wellbeing. So, ensuring your environment is safe and comfortable will eliminate any unwanted stresses.

Scientists and doctors the world over, have been searching and creating new and improved anti-aging cosmetics and techniques for many years now.

Only to be left with a billion-dollar industry that really is based on a list of factors that contribute to the aging process, and without underlining these issues first, no number of cosmetics or cosmetic surgery will slowdown the aging process.

Exercise regime

We must be aware there is no way to stop the process, however slowing it down can be a possibility, of course, this depends on a lot of factors including:

  • Lifestyle: In terms of how you live your life. What if any exercise regime do you follow? Do you have good nutrition? Do you sleep the recommended hours per night? Do you drink lots of water and keep alcohol to a minimum? Do you refrain from smoking and taking drugs? Do you take care of your skin and not expose it to the sun often?
  • Environment: In terms of your surroundings. Do you live in a clean environment? Are you organized and tidy? Does your house smell fresh and calming? How do you relate to extrinsic stress factors? Do you set boundaries and practice self-care?
  • Genetics: It is estimated that about 15 – 25% of the health variation in a human’s life span is determined by genetics- however which genes and how they contribute to longevity is not well understood. Scientists however do speculate that the first 70-80 years, lifestyle is a stronger determinant of health and life span than genetics.
  • Mental state: Mental illness is very prevalent in today’s society, and if not treated, an individual can experience a rapid decline of motor and cognitive abilities. leading to rapid aging.

At every stage of our lives, from infancy to adulthood our bodies go through many changes. We grow and produce healthy cells to maintain a well-functioning body.

Reach peak health

Our cells are continually replacing themselves, however scientists have discovered every seven to ten years, our bodies seem to have replaced every cell, slowing down the aging process, as long as healthy cells are continually being replaced by, healthy cells.

Unfortunately, mutations will happen in healthy individuals also and cancer and other diseases will emerge; in this instance genetics may play a part.

Staying healthy can mean different things to different people, however the fundamentals of exercise and healthy eating need to be adhered to, in order for our bodies to reach peak health and physical ability, (that looks different to the individual).

The human body is not designed to carry massive amounts of weight. A humans skeleton makes up around 15% of the total body weight…The global average is approximately 20.5 lbs. Our skeletal structure has weight bearing bones in our lower vertebrae, known as the lumbar which are designed to support the weight from the body.

Depending on your height, there is a weight average around the world, that puts you into a weight category that is healthy. Give or take a few pounds you are still in a healthy range.

However, coming from experience, (I was 320lbs at my heaviest), carrying massive amounts of body fat, will affect not only your physical appearance and mental state, it will rapidly age you.

In society today there are many quick fixes from losing weight to vanishing wrinkles. we can virtually pay to redesign our entire bodies, but at what cost. We know as humans hard work pays off, so if we pay to redesign aspects of our bodies, in the end it doesn’t help with the health of our body, just the appearance.

The bottom line is healthy eating, exercise, lots of water,7-8 hours of sleep per night, positive thinking and the ability to think beyond what you don’t have and be forever grateful for what you do, will help you age gracefully and healthy.