Did you know that Valentine’s gift ideas originated from Saint Valentine? He was a Catholic priest from the 3rd century. He lived in Rome. But the emperor of the day, Claudius II, was a pagan – he believed that his soldiers should be devoted to Rome and have no time for anything else. So he passed a law preventing them from marrying.

But St. Valentine began to marry the soldiers in secret Christian ceremonies as he believed in the importance of love. Eventually, he was jailed for his crime. He cared for the other prisoners, which included the daughter of his jailer.

The legend is that Valentine cured the girl who was blind. Just before he was to be executed, he wrote her a love message that was signed ‘From your Valentine.’ He was executed on 14th February, 270.

Based on this declaration of love, what do you want to bestow on the one you love? Well, here are some of the most popular types of Valentine’s Day gifts that will give pleasure on Valentines’ Day:

Gift Roses

  • Roses and other flowers
  • Lingerie/underwear[1]
  • Chocolates
  • Jewelry
  • Perfume
  • Fortune cookies
  • Books
  • Edibles and drinks
  • Ornaments
  • Framed photos
  • Music

People are different – there are different strokes for different folks. So, here are some other exciting Valentine’s Day gifts[2] to choose from. Some people love receiving things that have to do more with their hobbies, health, or lifestyles. Others love clothes and the latest fashions, while some love the garden and producing things. Some want to be pampered. And the list goes on.

The Best V-Day Presents On Valentine’s Day

1. Sexual Health Boosters, As Well As Health and Wellness Valentine’s Day Gifts

Since the days of Fifty Shades of Grey, sex toys have for some, become the best present for Valentine’s Day. They have become much more the rage than the old-fashioned chocolate boxes and flower combos that used to be the norm back in the day.

Sexual health and being ‘able to deliver’ in the bedroom have become multi-million dollar businesses today. Valentine’s gifts for couples that deliver on that, as well as to keep them ‘forever young’ – that’s hot stuff.

2. Male Support Supplements

Male enhancement supplements have become highly sought after – men are clamoring today for things that will enhance their penis size as well as give them enhanced sexual stamina and libido. That will be the best present for Valentine’s Day> a woman can give her guy – anything that will enhance his performance will go down well.

But before just buying anything, you must buy safe products that have good reviews, or even stuff that a doctor puts his stamp of approval on. That’s essential! One excellent male enhancement product that will go down very well on Valentine’s Day for a guy is Virectin.

What is exciting about Virectin is that it can boost a man’s libido, improve his sexual confidence, and intensify his erections. And the best news of all, it’s natural, with 16 organic ingredients. It will boost stamina and desire in the bedroom. It is one of the most ideal Valentine’s gifts for couples.

Good Lifestyle

3. Weight Loss Supplements for Slimmer Body

You get fantastic weight loss supplements such as Phenocal. These are ideal as Valentine’s gifts for couples who want to look healthy and sexy. Don’t forget, as we said above, discuss any of the above products with your doctor before embarking on them to see if they suit your body type and health, especially if you are under 18, or if you are pregnant, or if you are under any medications, etc.

Phenocal has many active ingredients in it to aid in weight loss. Hunger is suppressed and cravings are combatted. This means you end up craving less food. Of course, we won’t mind if you have chocolates and champagne on Valentine’s Day.

If you start with Phenocal before Valentine’s Day, you might notice that your appetite won’t be so big. You can also decide to start taking it afterward. Fortunately, it boosts the fat loss process, helping the body to reach thermogenesis. It might well be the best present for Valentine’s Day to receive – a great wellness plan to start your New Year as well!

4. Skin-Loving Products

What about some Solvaderm products as ideal Valentine’s Day gifts? In the anti-aging skincare world, you will find brands that focus on ingredients while others will focus on science. But with the Solvaderm products, their team focuses on both ingredients and science.

Solvaderm is a pharmaceutical skincare product that has been formulated by dermatologists and backed by scientific research. At Solvaderm, their products have undergone intense research processes undertaken by a team of skincare dermatologists and other experts. This ensures effectiveness and efficiency. Their line of products promises to help your skin reverse the signs of aging by protecting the skin and complexion and preventing premature aging.

Some of their treatments include:

Infusoderm – It moisturizes and keeps the skin supple and young-looking
Stemuderm – It is an anti-aging cream that helps to get rid of wrinkles and deeply moisturizes. Lots of creams will have such good news on their labels, but Stemuderm is a scientifically concentrated and advanced treatment that addresses skin aging.

Gifts for couples

5. Joint Care Products

Valentine’s gift ideas that might have your guy bending and proposing on Valentine’s Day this year might be with the use of Flexoplex– a joint pain and inflammation reliever.

Flexoplex makes use of pure, natural extracts. These ingredients have powerful anti-inflammatory properties in them, powerful substances that help the body to naturally rebuild cartilage that has been broken down by osteoarthritis. It restores the cushioning effect that protects joints when they get rubbed together. It is one of the best Valentine’s gifts for couples to keep them stepping in time.

6. Valentine’s Day Gifts for Menopausal Ladies

For women going through menopause, Menoquil is an excellent menopause supplement. It will help to keep you cool on Valentine’s Day. Not only that, but it also helps with weight control and keeps your bones strong and supple so you can keep going on your feet for years into the future.

Menoquil is a dietary supplement. It contains vitamins, herbs, and other natural ingredients and is aimed at women in the age group 42-60 years of age. It helps with mild to moderate menopause symptoms by helping to eliminate hot flashes, mood swings, and night sweats. It also helps to increase estrogen levels and promotes a good night’s rest while at the same time boosting your energy levels. It sounds ideal for improving the quality of life, making it great for Valentine’s gift ideas.


Maybe your heart is racing already, thinking of the ideal Valentine’s Day gifts for your valentine. After all, it might just be the turning point you need in your relationship. Don’t try the sex toys yet if you are new in your relationship though!

The gifts we have suggested for you above; well, your loved one is bound to be smitten by them and charmed by your care and thought.

Valentine’s Day can be the real show-stopper to prove your love and put everything into perspective. Of course, we are not saying that for some, Valentine’s Day won’t be intimidating – especially for a brand new relationship. Now might be the time to profess your real feelings and seal the relationship, turning it from casual to serious.

The fantastic gifts we have suggested above, something they can use regularly, could be a meaningful way to show that you are attentive to details about their life.

There is nothing better than giving love as the best present for Valentine’s Day – because true love lasts forever!