Overview Of Viviscal Advanced Hair Health

Viviscal is a dietary supplement that has no adverse events. The formula consists of hair-essential micronutrients (Biotin, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, and Niacin), AminoMar marine complex, the registered name of the marine complex of Viviscal, and horsetail (stem) extracts encompassing silica believed to aid scalp issues by eliminating free radicals to reverse lipids, support hair growth, and promote thicker hair.

Biotin (Vitamin B7) is a water-soluble vitamin that is hypothesized to help your body metabolize fats, carbohydrates, and amino acids, the protein building blocks essential for hair structure formation.

However, the mechanisms of action are still unclear, and it is challenging to discern the biological target of the ingredients. Keep exploring Viviscal Advanced Hair Health reviews for a quick survey of how the supplement works.

Viviscal Advanced Hair Health

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How Does Viviscal Advanced Hair Health Work?

Viviscal Advanced Hair Health works by delivering vital nutrients to the hair follicles. The influx of the nutrients in your bloodstream may nourish the hair follicles and stimulate them to grow strong hair.

Through the intake of fish-based AminoMar® marine complex, a blend of sustainably sourced mollusk powder and shark powder, you may notice improvements in scalp coverage and overall hair volume.

Additionally, your wispy and thin hair may be strengthened, appearing healthier, stronger, and more vibrant.

The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology organized a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial regarding hair growth supplements.

As per the trial, subjects have shown a visible change in the number of terminal hair on the targeted scalp area with improved hair growth.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of Viviscal Advanced Hair Health?

Viviscal is manufactured and distributed by Church & Dwight, Co., Inc. under the Viviscal Advanced hair health brand, which includes hair health supplements and hair care products for both men and women.

This brand was acquired in 2017 and it features drug-free products that promote healthy hair growth from inside as well as outside.

Apart from this, it has a lot of personal, homecare, and specialty products marketed under its portfolio, making it one of the leading consumer packaged products companies across the U.S.

What Are The Ingredients In Viviscal Advanced Hair Health?

Viviscal Advanced Hair Health contains numerous ingredients. A few of them are as follows:

Vitamin C (from acerola fruit powder & ascorbic acid) – Vit. C has antioxidants, aiding oxidative stress by removing free radicals, and may produce collagen, which further helps prevent hair aging[1].

A review published by medical authors detailed that vitamin C may play an important role in iron absorption, which could be effective for hair loss conditions related to iron deficiency.

Niacin (Vitamin B3) – The nutrient may repair DNA, has antioxidants that eradicate free radicals from the body, and might be effective in greying hair. Plus, it may increase blood & nutrient flow to the hair follicles and elevate hair growth.
Iron – The mineral may produce red blood cells that carry oxygen around cells in your body and hair follicles, which helps patients with diffuse hair loss associated with iron deficiency or anemia.

According to the European Journal of Dermatology, women affected with moderate or excessive hair loss appear to have low iron stores. Plus, iron may enhance your immune function as well as alleviate fatigue.

Calcium[2] – The Journal of Research in Pharmacy Practice defined that calcium in combination with zinc might be a valuable option for controlling hair loss at the initial stages.
Millet Seed Extract – The component could improve cell growth in the hair bulbs and help facilitate collagen thickness in your hair follicles, support the rate of hair growth, reverse hair loss, and keep your existing hair healthy.

What Are The Benefits Of Viviscal Advanced Hair Health?

  • The supplement could promote hair growth and stop hair fall.
  • It may support dull, dry, and lifeless hair.
  • It may help you grow full, thick, and shiny hair.
  • It could increase the diameter of your hair.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Viviscal Advanced Hair Health?

  • Sample products are missing.
  • There are several negative remarks on Amazon.
  • It does contain artificial flavors, additives, and colors.
  • It may cause stomach issues and greasier hair.
  • It may not be suitable for those who have seafood allergies.

  • FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

    In our research for this report, we found that consumers are frequently asking the following questions online in regard to Viviscal Advanced Hair Health.

    You should take one tablet in the morning and one in the evening with plain water after meal.

    Consumers are to take two tablets regularly for up to three to six months to see the optimal results.

    It might be suitable for all types of hair and used by both men and women.

    Viviscal Advanced Hair Health is sold on the company's official website, Amazon, Walmart, local pharmacy stores, CVS pharmacy, ULTA Beauty, Shoprite, Walgreens, Meijer, GNC Live Well, The Vitamin Shoppe, RITE AID, and Face Values.

    It may have a fish-like taste and smell because it contains shark cartilage.

    The company claims the pills have been technically tested on human subjects.

    What Are Consumers Saying About Viviscal Advanced Hair Health?

    Viviscal Advanced Hair Health Reviews are present in the form of written notes, pictures, and video testimonials. Almost 50% of the customers have noticed some results, while around 40-50% of consumers say they did not notice any effects even after using them for a prolonged period.