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Overview Of Inno Shred

If you have a goal to lose weight, it’s important to have a diet and lifestyle supportive of this. However, there may be supplements that can enhance your results by boosting your metabolism and fat-burning capabilities. Losing too much weight at once is hazardous to your health so it’s essential to do so under the supervision of a healthcare professional and to make sure your product of choice is backed by science.

Inno Shred is a weight loss supplement claiming to help customers burn fat around the clock through its natural ingredients. Inno Shred’s official website says the product supports thermogenesis and ramps up your metabolism. Are these claims substantiated? Let’s take a deeper look at Inno Shred.


How Does Inno Shred Work?

The manufacturer says Inno Shred contains several ingredients that are potent thermogenic agents. Thermogenic agents refer to substances that produce heat through metabolic stimulation. Enhancing metabolic function may lead to extra calorie burning and weight loss. The manufacturer also says that Inno Shred’s ingredients stimulate brown adipose tissue (B.A.T.) which helps burn stubborn white fat.


Who Is The Manufacturer Of Inno Shred

According to the official Inno Shred website, Inno Supps manufactures this product. The official Inno Shred Website says Inno Supps manufactures all of its products in US-based, good manufacturing practices (GMP) certified, and informed choice facilities. It’s also mentioned that Inno Supps third-party tests all products for contaminants.

In addition to their supposedly stringent manufacturing practices, Inno Supps says all of their formulas are endorsed by Dr. Cedar Sinai and Dr. David Filsoof. Inno Supps says using doctor-approved formulas ensures maximum results.


What Are The Ingredients In Inno Shred?

You can find a full list of Inno Shred’s ingredients on the official Inno Supps website. The product has eight main ingredients.

Green Tea Leaf Extract – Supplementing with green tea may aid weight loss by inducing thermogenesis. A study showed that obese patients supplementing with high-dose green tea extract experienced significant weight loss and reductions in body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference.
Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) – CLA is a type of fat often found in meat and dairy. Although the research is mixed and often involves animal studies, CLA may help reduce body fat. One study[1] showed that mice fed a CLA-supplemented diet had lower body fat percentages and higher lean body mass compared to controls.
Coffee Bean Extract – A recent double-blind and placebo-controlled study found that green coffee bean extract increased the lean mass to fat mass ratio in overweight subjects. Researchers believe green coffee bean extract is beneficial for weight loss in humans due to its chlorogenic acid (CGA) content.
Caffeine – In addition to giving you that needed energy boost to get through the rest of your work day, caffeine might enhance your calorie burning. Research[2] shows that high caffeine intake is associated with weight loss through thermogenesis and fat oxidation. In this study, high caffeine intake even suppressed hunger hormones. However, experiencing the potential weight loss effects of caffeine appears to be high-dose-dependent.
Capsicum annnum L. Fruit Extract – You can find capsicum in chili peppers. Research shows capsaicinoids may have a positive effect on body fat and fat mass in humans. In one small study, subjects taking 4 mg of capsaicinoids showed lower percentages of body fat and fat mass compared to placebo subjects.
Bitter Orange Fruit Extract – A medical review[3] of over 20 studies found that subjects taking bitter orange extract alone, or in combination with other products, showed increased resting metabolic rates and modest weight loss. Some researchers warn against taking bitter orange extract due to its potential negative effects on the cardiovascular system. Research to date doesn’t report any negative side effects if taken at “normal” doses. However, we need more long-term research to assess bitter orange extract’s safety.
Grains of Paradise Seed ExtractGrains of paradise are seeds from a West African plant in the ginger family. A small study found that daily ingestion of grains of paradise extract for four weeks led to an increase in energy expenditure and a decrease in visceral fat. The gingerol content of this extract may be responsible for its thermogenic properties.
Rauwolscine – Rauwolscine is an alkaloid found in different botanicals. Companies often include it in their weight loss supplements due to its purported benefits for supporting a healthy body composition. Currently, there is no solid research demonstrating Rauwolscine’s effects on weight loss.


The Science Behind Inno Shred

Inno Supps claims Inno Shred’s ingredients support fat loss by boosting your metabolic rate, increasing energy expenditure, reducing appetite, and increasing metabolically active brown fat tissue. Inno Supps doesn’t provide any scientific references on the official Inno Shred page. We conducted the research above on our own.


What Are The Benefits Of Inno Shred

According to the manufacturer, Inno Shred may provide the following benefits:

  • The product may help curb cravings.
  • The product may boost your metabolism.
  • Inno Shred could activate brown adipose tissue which is more metabolically active.
  • Inno Shred could help burn stubborn body fat.
  • Inno Supps provides a stimulant-free version of Inno Shred if you are sensitive to caffeine.


What Are The Drawbacks Of Inno Shred

The official Inno Supps website doesn’t mention any negative side effects of taking Inno Shred. The manufacturer does disclose that any claims aren’t approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and that the product isn’t intended to prevent, cure, or treat any disease. Based on our research, Inno Shred may have these drawbacks:

  • The manufacturer doesn’t provide a certificate of analysis (COA) to verify third-party testing.
  • The manufacturer doesn’t disclose information about ingredient sourcing.
  • Potential side effects of weight loss supplements include rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, irritability, low blood sugar, gastrointestinal upset, and dizziness.

FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

In our research for this report, we found that consumers are frequently asking the following questions online in regard to Inno Shred.

We can’t guarantee this product is safe. Several of Inno Shred’s ingredients aren’t tested for long-term safety. As previously mentioned, potential side effects of weight loss supplements include rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, irritability, low blood sugar, gastrointestinal upset, and dizziness.

Currently, you can purchase Inno Shred on the official Inno Supps website for $49.99. If you subscribe to receive the product every month you’ll receive a 20% discount. You may find Inno Shred on third-party retailers at varying price points.

Inno Shred doesn’t provide a free trial but does have a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. If for whatever reason you’re unsatisfied with the product, you can contact the Inno Supps customer service team within 30 days of the original purchase date to initiate a refund.

The official Inno Supps website instructs customers to take two capsules a day with or without food.

You can read reviews of Inno Shred on the official Inno Supps website or from third-party retailers. Products similar to Inno Shred include DuoTrim and Sakara Metabolism Powder.

The manufacturer doesn’t mention any adverse effects of taking Inno Shred. However, potential side effects of weight loss supplements include rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, irritability, low blood sugar, gastrointestinal upset, and dizziness.

You can find additional information about Inno Shred on the official Inno Supps website or third-party retail and review websites.


What Are Consumers Saying About Inno Shred

The majority of Inno Shred reviews are positive. A lot of customers report they are satisfied with their quick results, experienced more energy, and noticed a difference in their appetite. However, there were very few reviews that mention weight loss results.