Based on the seasons of Yin Yoga, we are entering the season of introspection. Slowing down to come into a meditative time of the year, is the perfect time to try Yin Yoga for glowing skin.

Yin Yoga is a meditative form of yoga based on the beliefs of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We practice deep stretches, which allows the muscles to relax. We hold the poses for a couple of minutes in order to reach the connective tissues, which lie deep within us. These connective tissues are ligaments, tendons, the fascinating fascia which is like a skin under the skin. Stressing them stimulates our energy channels, called meridians, boosting our inner energy, our Chi. What is specific about Yin Yoga is that it generates energy by creating a calm meditative state. 

The benefits of practicing Yin Yoga are long, these are just a few:

  • creates a calmer more focused state of mind
  • untangles knots
  • boosts your metabolism
  • improves posture
  • gives you a glowing skin

Posture- 1 Reclining Twist

reclining twist
Holding the poses whilst practicing present moment awareness, mindfulness lends space and time for the body & the mind to relax. It is the perfect practice to reconnect to yourself, push pause, breathe, find clarity and focus.

Posture- 2 Squat

We tend to hold on to things: thoughts, experiences, and emotions. Yin Yoga lends the time and space to release what no longer serves you. Being vulnerable whilst releasing through stillness & breath. Creating space for newness.

Posture- 3 Metabolism – Child Pose

Child Pose
Yin yoga is a very restorative yoga. It brings us back to our center. Connecting us, mind and body through conscious awareness has very stress-reducing effects. Together with the right diet, this practice invites renewal within you, improving your metabolism.

Posture- 4 Sphinx

Unlike counting on our muscles to hold the poses, during Yin Yoga practice we focus on alignment: Breath with body, sit bones with spine, sensations with breath, body with Earth. Allowing a comfortable flow of breath and energy, enhancing your natural posture, to take up space.

Posture- 5 Glow

Finding comfort in deep stretches, in stillness stimulates our parasympathetic nervous system. This is where we relax, restore, digest boosting the detoxification system in our body. It is also the time for renewal. Renewal of self – awareness. Renewal of cells. Renewal of collagen and elastin. Lending our skin a healthy glow.

Yin Yoga is my passion – it counter balances the very active driven lives we lead benefiting body, mind, spirit in a beautiful relaxed way that can only lead to uplifting inner sensations that shows on the outside. Girl you glow!