Overview Of Alli Weight Loss Aid

Overweight and obesity are serious weight issues linked to reduced quality of life and, at times, poor mental health. Therefore, finding a solution to reduce and manage weight may not only give you a slimmer, attractive body but also enhance your perspective.

Alli Weight Loss Aid is among the various diet supplements available on the market today. These weight loss capsules may help improve weight and prevent regaining of already lost weight. 

Alli Weight Loss Aid Reviews from personal blogs and independent websites online have quite a lot to say about this diet product. Keep reading to find out what such reviews reveal about it. 

Alli Weight Loss Aid

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How Does Alli Weight Loss Aid Work?

It was pretty evident from various reviews that Alli Weight Loss Aid may work by blocking the absorption of about twenty-five percent (25%) of the fat in your meal. 25% of the dietary fat may not be broken down; instead, it is claimed to be removed through bowel movements. Because of this, Alli Weight Loss Aid may prevent further fat storage in the body to help manage weight.

Besides, the supplement may work to help one lose more fat than dieting or exercising. It may help one lose about 2-3 or more pounds compared to what you could lose through other weight loss ways like a diet. Even so, it seems to work for anticipated results when used with a reduced-fat and low-calorie diet.

That said, it claims to aid digestion. It may have little to zero effects on the brain and cardiovascular systems. 

Who Is The Manufacturer Of Alli Weight Loss Aid?

Forums online claim that these diet capsules are manufactured by Alli and marketed by GSK Consumer Healthcare. However, our survey did not find the manufacturing company’s website. 

GSK Consumer Healthcare, located in New Jersey, claims to offer a satisfaction guarantee for its customers. Also, you might contact them if you experience an unpleasant effect when using the diet supplement. 

What Are The Ingredients In Alli Weight Loss Aid?

Although the product has various ingredients, it seems that Orlistat is the active ingredient. Let’s have a look at some of these constituents:

Orlistat – The ingredient binds to triglycerides, enzymes known to break down fats. By doing so, it may prevent the absorption of about twenty-five percent (25%) of fats in your meal, and these fats are eliminated from the body through natural excretion.

Research shows that Orlistat [1] may cause significant weight reduction and reduced waist circumference. Besides, this anti-obesity ingredient may help one achieve and manage optimal weight.

Microcrystalline cellulose – It is a substance used as a bulking agent, emulsifier, fat substitute, anti-caking agent, and extender. According to the Journal of Young Pharmacists, microcrystalline cellulose may be used as an excipient in tablets.
Gelatin – Gelatin [2] may offer hunger-suppressing effects to help reduce weight. According to a study, gelatin’s hunger-suppressing property may play a crucial role in decreasing energy intake if you maintain this effect when on a gelatin diet for the long term. Thus, this might help lose weight, especially in obese individuals.
Sodium lauryl sulfate – The ingredient may have been used as a penetration enhancer, capsule lubricant, and emulsifying agent.

The Science Behind Alli Weight Loss Aid

It seems that the science behind this weight loss supplement lies in its main ingredient, Orlistat. This substance may help hinder the absorption of about twenty-five percent (25%) of fats when you eat.

Therefore, these fats are eliminated through natural excretion. By doing so, users may not regain already lost weight, helping maintain the desired body weight.

Although not discussed, our research found that an ingredient like gelatin may work to suppress hunger, making one eat less and prevent cravings. It might help obese individuals lose weight.  

What Are The Benefits Of Alli Weight Loss Aid?

  • These weight loss capsules might help one lose about 2-3 more pounds for 5 pounds lost through diet or workout.
  • It may not affect the central nervous and cardiovascular systems since its functions are limited to the digestive tract.
  • The capsules may help block about 25% of fats from being absorbed.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Alli Weight Loss Aid?

  • There is no information about the supplement’s free trial.
  • There is little information about Alli, the product’s manufacturer.
  • It seems to deliver weight loss results when used with a reduced-fat and low-calorie diet.
  • It may lead to side effects like upset stomach or diarrhea.
  • It includes gelatin, which may have been harvested from bovine.

FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

In our research for this report, we found that consumers are frequently asking the following questions online in regard to Alli Weight Loss Aid.

Some reviews claim that this supplement is designed for individuals 18+ years. Read more precautions on the product's packaging.

Regarding complaints, a significant number of consumers said that the capsules caused diarrhea, and some claimed that it did not work like the original product.

Alli capsules seem priced a bit higher than other weight loss supplements.

It is recommended to take three meals a day when consuming these capsules. Thus, take one capsule with every meal containing fat. Avoid consuming more than three capsules a day, and remember that these capsules may not work if you eat a meal with no fat.

GSK Consumer Healthcare, the marketing company, claims to offer a satisfaction guarantee. Therefore, if you return the supplement within several days from the day of your purchase, you may get your money back. However, the company does not offer reimbursement for products bought from unauthorized sellers.

Many consumers claim that the product did not work as the previous product. Besides, some individuals said that it caused diarrhea. Because of such comments, this diet supplement may rank lower than its original version and among its peers.

Alli Weight Loss Aid capsules might cause a gastrointestinal adverse effect. The product claims that this side effect may occur when you consume the capsules for the first time and reduce as the body adjusts to the product. However, if this side effect continues, seek medical attention.

This diet supplement might be worth it if it delivers the claimed weight loss benefits.

What Are Consumers Saying About Alli Weight Loss Aid?

As per Alli Weight Loss Aid Reviews, the supplement has mixed reactions. Consumers claimed that the capsules helped them shed some pounds. Even so, a significant number said that they did not notice changes and the original version of the product was better. Also, there were various comments about the product causing diarrhea.