Ortho Digestzyme

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Overview Of Ortho Digestzyme

When digestion is complete, a potential source of food for the bacteria is destroyed as food proteins are broken down completely, and this aids regular and proper bowel movement. 

Information from retailer websites and the Ortho Digestzyme reviews placed by its former users suggest that the blend of enzymes may support nutrient absorption and healthy digestion. It may also aid in gastric acid balance. The supplement may also deliver protease-rich digestive enzymes that will lead to the breakdown of proteins and healthy gastrointestinal flora. 

To countercheck these claims, we have embarked on a study of the supplement, revealing its manufacturer, the science behind it, how to take it, its benefits and drawbacks, and many other things about it. Read and get enriched.

How Does Ortho Digestzyme Work?

Ortho Digestzyme may help the body enjoy proper digestion through its ingredients. While Betaine hydrochloride acid works to give the stomach an improved acidic PH to aid digestion during the gastric phase, pepsin, which is a protease that chief cells secrete into the stomach also enhances it.

Pancreatin extract, which the supplement also contains, comes with three known enzymes, namely protease, lipase, and amylase. They all help in digesting fats, starch, and proteins.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of Ortho Digestzyme?

Ortho Digestzyme is a product of Ortho Molecular Products, located at 1991 Duncan Place, Woodstock, Illinois. Their products are produced in their state-of-the-laboratory to ensure quality and safety. The company also claims to provide excellent customer service to handle customer issues and concerns.

Ortho Digestzyme

Ortho Digestzyme Review – Health Web Magazine Images

What Are The Ingredients In Ortho Digestzyme?

According to the manufacturer, the product is full of natural ingredients that aid digestion. The primary compounds are explained below.

Betaine HCL – Betaine HCl is an acidic type of betaine and it makes the pH level of the stomach more acidic during the gastric phase of digestion.

According to studies, as people age, their ability to secrete this acid reduces, leading to symptoms like flatulence, burning, belching and bloating, indigestion, constipation, and diarrhea, food allergies after meals, and nausea after supplement intake.

However, the U.S. National Library of Medicine attests to the fact that the gastric pH changes for the better when Betaine HCl is administered.

Pepsin – Digestive power is increased when pepsin, which is a protease, is secreted into the stomach by the chief cells during the gastric phase.

The Encyclopedia Britannica[1] describes pepsin as a powerful enzyme found in gastric juice, which digests dairy products, seeds, eggs, meat, and other proteins in the body.

Pancreatin – This has three main enzymes, namely protease, lipase, and amylase – they all assist in the digestion of fat, protein, and starch and also enhance the work of enzymes during digestion.

The National Library of Medicine[2] states that while animal-derived enzymes have been the standard in digestion enhancement, microbe-derived and plant-based enzymes may offer more benefits.

Papain – It is a protease from papaya and aids in wheat gluten digestion in the small intestine, making it harmless for gluten-sensitive people.
Bromelain – Bromelain comes from pineapples and it helps in maintaining normal inflammation levels and protein digestion.

The Science Behind Ortho Digestzyme

Proper digestion promotes overall health. It helps in the absorption of nutrients and the removal of toxic waste materials. Due to some biological conditions, some people may struggle to digest foods and other materials. 

Ortho Digestzyme contains enzymes that aid the breakdown of molecules like protein, carbohydrates, and fats. This ensures that the body gets the required nutrients to promote homeostasis.

However, there are no clinical testing reports that back the formula’s efficacy.

What Are The Benefits Of Ortho Digestzyme?

  • The product may maximize nutrient absorption and support proper digestion.
  • It may also propel a balance in the gastric acid content of the stomach.
  • It may cause enhanced protein breakdown through protease-rich digestive enzymes.
  • The formula may have the ability to deliver healthy gastrointestinal flora.
  • What Are The Drawbacks Of Ortho Digestzyme?

    • The product comes with a desiccant and you must ensure not to consume it.
    • The product may not be good for nursing and pregnant mothers.
    • People undergoing medical treatments may not take it.
    • The return period is shorter than the other brands.

    FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

    In our research for this report, we found that consumers are frequently asking the following questions online in regard to Ortho Digestzyme.

    There are no complaints of any type from the consumers yet and studies of the claimed ingredients by the manufacturer have not revealed that any of them is harmful. But you have to bear in mind that the FDA does not validate any of their claims.

    On the product page, you will get it at a reasonable price.

    One or two capsules of this supplement may be taken before each meal. But it has to be recommended by your physician, as it concerns your prevailing health conditions.

    All Ortho Molecular labeled items according to the information on their website could be returned for a full refund not more than a specified period from the day of purchase.

    The Ortho Digestzyme formula is comparable to other brands on this type of product.

    There are no known side effects of it for now. However, when taking the supplement and you notice any side effects, you should stop and report to your health care professional. It may also not be good for pregnant and nursing mothers.

    The ingredients in the formula are fewer than the other supplements of this kind.

    What Are Consumers Saying About Ortho Digestzyme?

    Looking at the plethora of Ortho Digestzyme reviews from consumers, we conclude that people may be getting some kind of results. It is important to note that there is no way to verify the authenticity of these claims as they are mostly on the official site.