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Overview Of SpectraZyme® Gluten Digest

The largely overlooked factor contributing to digestive discomfort is decreased production of catalysts – digestive enzymes (produced in the pancreas, salivary glands in specialized cells, and stomach by the secretion of hydrochloric acid (HCL) in the body, and uncooked food like fruits and vegetables).

Enzymes are essential for the proper digestion of food and the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats into smaller particles to simplify absorption and assimilate nutrients by our body to manufacture energy for various vital functions.

How well you digest specific food depends on the types and quantities of enzymes your body produces.

SpectraZyme® Gluten Digest features a Tolerase® G proteases enzyme supplement that may ensure enzyme activity and potency and aid the breakdown of hard-to-digest gluten proteins before getting into the small intestine – the key consideration for healthy digestion.

Are the SpectraZyme® Gluten Digest Reviews favorable? Let’s explore.

How Does SpectraZyme® Gluten Digest Work?

How do the biological catalysts work? They are important for healthy digestion. Chemical (enzymes) and physical (chewing) digestion begin in your mouth. Enzymes and hydrochloric acids (gastric lipase & pepsin) break down fats and proteins to promote the digestive process.

Pancreatic enzymes discharged into the small intestine facilitate the digestion of carbohydrates plus the breakdown of fats and protein. Digestion concludes with the absorption of essential nutritional building blocks in your small intestine.

The SpectraZyme® Gluten Digest formula is composed of protease enzymes in the form of AN-PEP (Aspergillus niger derived prolyl endoprotease) that may promote healthy digestion of rye, grains, barley, and other gluten sources by degrading inadvertent dietary gluten.

The Elementary Pharmacology and Therapeutics has shown that AN-PEP degrades immunogenic gluten epitopes from the gluten-containing meals into smaller non-immunogenic fragments. Immunogenic gluten peptides resist gastrointestinal digestion and survive gastrointestinal degradation.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of The Spectrazyme® Gluten Digest?

Headquartered in Aliso Viejo, CA, Metagenics, Inc. scientifically formulates nutritional solutions to help patients achieve their wellness goals.

Metagenics claims to be the industry-leading brand in functional nutrition for over 30-years. They focus on scientific discovery, unparalleled quality, partnerships with medical practitioners, consultation programs with their clinical nutritionists, and indexed research publications on PubMed to verify the efficacy of their lifestyle supplements and educational programs (group meetings, webinars, seminars & special events) as part of their commitment.

Metagenics has worked for clinical nutrition research with top-grade institutions: National College of Natural Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Canadian College of Natural Medicine, UC San Diego, Bastyr Univ, Cleveland Clinic, University of North Carolina, Oregon Health & Science University, Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institue, Queen Mary University, UC San Francisco, Brandeis University, Erasmus Medical Center, Joslin Diabetes & Harvard University, and Mercy Health Hospitals.

SpectraZyme® Gluten Digest

SpectraZyme® Gluten Digest Review – Health Web Magazine Images

What Are The Ingredients In SpectraZyme® Gluten Digest?

SpectraZyme® Gluten Digest features one key active ingredient:

Tolerase® G – A registered trademark of DSM, this proline-specific endopeptidase is isolated from the special strain of the food-grade fungus aspergillus niger, also identified as Aspergillus niger-prolyl Endopeptidase (An-PEP).

According to the National Institute of Health, AN-PEP[1] may enhance gluten digestion in the stomach and prolong the gastric residence time of meal while increasing calorie density.

The Science Behind SpectraZyme® Gluten Digest

Some people might not manufacture adequate enzymes to comfortably digest gluten in grain products, lactose in dairy foods, and certain acidic foods like tomatoes and citrus. Humans do not produce cellulase enzymes that may help break down cellulose fibers from plant foods that slow digestion and cause discomfort with higher fiber consumption. Also, when enzyme-rich foods are cooked at above 118 degrees F, enzymes get damaged.

SpectraZyme® Gluten Digest is a digestive enzyme supplement that contains Aspergillus niger-prolyl Endopeptidase (AN-PEP) as Tolerase® G that specifically degrades an immunogenic chunk within gluten proteins, degrades gluten in the Vitro system mimicking the gastrointestinal tract of humans, consumes the immunogenic fragments of gluten, inhibits the reactions of gluten-sensitive T-cells of your body’s immune system to gluten after degradation, and degrades the gluten in the human gastrointestinal tract, probably leading to healthy digestion.

Scientific reports indicate that the utilization of AN-PEP is useful for degrading gluten in the stomach; however, it is not intended to treat gluten-related disorders.

What Are The Benefits Of SpectraZyme® Gluten Digest?

  • The formula may help and improve gluten digestion.
  • It might digest proline-rich gluten epitopes.
  • It may help digest foods that contain gluten.
  • It could support healthy digestive function.

What Are The Drawbacks Of SpectraZyme® Gluten Digest?

  • It is not intended to replace the gluten-free diet or treat celiac disease.
  • The makers are not offering samples.
  • It does not have clinical evidence.
  • It contains only 1 active ingredient.

FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

In our research for this report, we found that consumers are frequently asking the following questions online in regard to SpectraZyme® Gluten Digest.

The formula is non-GMO, vegetarian, and gluten-free, and has gone through a triple GMP certified manufacturing process (Natural Products Association/NSF Manufatucutring Facility/Therapeutic Goods Administration). However, always consult a health care practitioner if pregnant/nursing or taking any other supplements.

SpectraZyme® Gluten Digest has an average price and can be purchased on the official site, Amazon, clinical nutrition centers.com, metagenics.com, drguberman.com, pharmedicorx.com, gobornnutrition.com, among other retailers.

Consumers should take two capsules with each meal or as recommended by a certified physician.

With the 60-day refund guarantee offered by Metagenics through their authorized sellers, buyers have an opportunity to request product replacements or claim refunds if they are not satisfied with the supplement for any reason.

Many commercially available gluten-digestion support products containing the leading digestive enzyme have limited human clinical study.

SpectraZyme® Gluten Digest contains the naturally occurring non-animal-based enzyme, Tolerase® G, which has been tested in human studies and placebo-controlled clinical research to degrade or break down gluten proteins.

No negative effects have been reported by consumers.

SpectraZyme® Gluten Digest Reviews claim the single enzyme formula contains the latest breakthrough in supplemental enzyme study – the key to facilitating digestive health and comfort.

What Are Consumers Saying About SpectraZyme® Gluten Digest?

SpectraZyme® Gluten Digest Reviews seem positive. Some users however did not find it functional as expected.