Overview Of Femme Balance

Femme Balance is a specially formulated organic topical cream intended to reduce some symptoms associated with menopause. It may help women lose menopausal weight, experience sound sleep, feel refreshed and become more energetic. The product is formulated by herbalists, health experts, and scientists.

Femme Balance

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How Does Femme Balance Work?

Femme Balance may have the ability to restore hormonal balance, help you lose weight, get a better quality of sleep, improve the sex drive, and enhance skin health.

What Are The Ingredients In Femme Balance?

Some of the major ingredients used in producing this menopause product include the following:

Avocado Oil:  Avocado contains a high content of healthy fats. In fact, research has shown that it is beneficial to the skin. It also contains natural fatty acids that help soothe inflammation.
Progesterone: Studies have shown that cream which contains progesterone can improve skin firmness and relieve discomfort associated with menopause.
Dong Quai: Dong Quai supports the proper balance of female hormones, thereby reducing menopausal symptoms.
Rosemary Extract: Rosemary extract supports better cognitive function, especially in older individuals.
Carrot Extract: Carrot extract may increase the body’s metabolic rate and help reduce weight gain.

The Science Behind Femme Balance

Femme Balance includes ingredients that can help balance the hormones. There’s progesterone, which replaces some of the hormones that have diminished during menopause. There are also ingredients, which include plant-based estrogens. These bind to receptors and increase the amount in the body.

The hormonal balance can also help with weight loss, as it corrects some of the issues that can lead you to gain. Also, carrots may help speed up the metabolism and cause your body to burn fat.

What Are The Benefits Of Femme Balance?

  • Contains all-natural ingredients that are beneficial to the skin
  • Supports a better quality of sleep
  • May help reduce menopausal weight gain
  • Helps to balance hormones which, in turn, reduces several menopause symptoms
  • Offers an alternative for anyone unable to take oral supplements

What Are The Drawbacks Of Femme Balance?

  • You could develop an allergic reaction in response to an ingredient.
  • The manufacturer promises numerous benefits, which seems unrealistic.
  • There aren’t many primarily weight loss ingredients.

FAQs: Consumers Questions & Answers

At this time, it doesn’t appear that there is a free trial or samples available.

This topical cream is specially formulated for women going through any stage of menopause including perimenopause.

Based on the application technique, one bottle of this menopause product is capable of lasting up to 30 days.

It seems that the only places to purchase this product are from the manufacturer directly and Amazon.

Femme Balance is said to be particularly effective for reducing menopause related abdominal fat and weight gain. It may also be responsible for restoring balance in the body and improving the skin’s appearance. Femme Balance reviews by previous customers on various review websites shows that this product may also be capable of providing relief from menopause symptoms such as night sweats, hot flashes, and mood swings.

Femme Balance is intended to be used externally. Just one full pump of this menopause product, which is about 1.58g, should be used twice daily. It should be used on the thighs, hands, and abdomen in rotation.

You can buy this product on the manufacturer's website at a cost of $29.95 per bottle. Discounts are offered for customers who purchase more than one bottle at a time.

The Femme Balance reviews online show that customers have divided opinions on how effective this product is, with some stating it was the best thing they’d ever used and others claiming it had no effect at all. However, Femme Balance is made with all-natural ingredients that support several symptoms of menopause so, with regular use this menopause product may have some positive effects.

Although the cream may provide relief from menopause symptoms, it is a topical product which means that it could cause some irritation for those with very sensitive skin types. It’s advisable to try the product on a small area of your skin first to see if there’s a reaction.

This menopause product is made by a company called NaturalSlim. They produce several different products for menopausal women which are sold from their official website.

What Are Consumers Saying About Femme Balance?

Women were thrilled with this cream and found it helpful not only for menopause and weight loss purposes but also for enriching the skin. Users said it reduced their hot flashes, helped them sleep, and removed belly fat. There were a few complaints about this product.