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Zleep Patches Review – Does This Product Really Work?

Sleep patches have been growing in popularity in recent times. And while they contain ingredients known to improve sleep, many users wonder if these ingredients work just as well when used as transdermal patches. Zleep is one of such transdermal sleep patches.


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Overview Of Zleep Patches

With over 30% of Americans lacking quality sleep and a significant portion of that amount due to insomnia, it is unsurprising to find a wide range of sleep products on the market.

While all of these products claim to reduce sleeplessness, a few fall short of buyers’ expectations.

And, of course, the result, in the end, is a few hundred dollars wasted, hopes dashed, and half-used packets of products that did nothing for the buyer.

Where does Zleep patch belong? We’ll find out from several Zleep Patches reviews. Zleep is a sleep aid that is claimed to improve sleep and brain health.

According to the brand, it works through a combination of natural ingredients thought to improve sleep and general wellbeing when used in the right amount. Are these claims true? Does the Zleep patch improve sleep?

What makes Zleep Patch different from other sleep patches? Is Zleep patch worth buying? We’ll discuss and find out all of these and more in this article.

How Does Zleep Patches Work?

According to the brand, each Zleep patch contains a “special blend of 7 highly purified nutrients that work to boost GABA levels” while also containing additional nutrients to help you fall asleep quickly.

It is delivered to the body through a convenient and easy to use patch placed on the skin for precise and controlled delivery for up to nine hours.

By correcting the imbalance in the body, which Zleep patch says causes sleeplessness, the mind is calmed, and the body’s natural sleep rhythm is restored and made to function normally.

So, Zleep patches calm your mind and help your body better deal with stress for more restful sleep.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of Zleep Patches?

Zleep Patches are manufactured by Zleep LLC, a company based in the US. There is very little information on them online, aside from the sketchy details on affiliate websites.

Zleep Patches

Zleep Patches Review- Health Web Magazine Images

What Are The Ingredients In Zleep Patches?

Here are the active ingredients in Zleep:

Melatonin – A naturally-occurring hormone, melatonin plays a significant role in the sleep cycle[1]. Its production and release level in the brain is connected to a particular time of the day.

During the day, the production is lesser, and at night, it increases. However, melatonin production can sometimes decline as a person grows older.

That said, taken as a supplement, melatonin is known to promote deep, REM sleep and can be particularly helpful for dealing with jet lag or working night shifts that often lead to grogginess or sleepiness the next day.

Ashwagandha – Ashwagandha is commonly used in herbal remedies to help reduce anxiety and promote deep relaxation[2] for better sleep. It is one of the key ingredients in the Zleep sleep patch. It is also known to hold blood sugar-reducing qualities, among other benefits.
L-Theanine – L-theanine is an amino acid and a common ingredient in many health products. It has been widely studied and found to lower stress levels and consequently improve sleep quantity and quality[3]. This it does by reducing brain chemicals connected with excitement and boosting GABA levels and other brain-calming chemicals.
Chamomile Extract – Chamomile is popularly consumed as a tea for its calming and relaxing effects, aside from being an old traditional remedy for many health conditions. In studies, apigenin, a chemical in chamomile, was found to calm the central nervous system.
Valerian Root – Valerian extract has been used traditionally for its anxiety and insomnia reducing qualities. In a few studies, the root was found to contain mood-stabilizing compounds for better stress response and enhanced calm.
5-HTP – In studies, 5-HTP was connected to increased serotonin levels for better mood and consequently better sleep.
Hops – Again, in traditional medicine, hops have been widely used for a wide range of health conditions. In a study, hops were connected to better sleep, reduced restlessness, and lesser anxiety and irritability.

Other ingredients in the patch include passionflower extract, potassium, zinc, and magnesium, and they have all been shown to help reduce anxiety and restlessness and induce relaxation when taken orally.

What Is The Science Behind Zleep Patches?

According to the brand, Zleep uses its “groundbreaking enhanced restorative technology” to reverse insomnia and sleeplessness. This technology, they say, is the most effective way to deliver treatment as it bypasses the body’s digestive system.

The “treatment” in this case is the sleep patch containing all of the ingredients discussed above and “works directly with your body to reset your circadian rhythm, so you can fall asleep and stay asleep longer.”

The brand claims that once applied to the skin, the “time-released” transdermal sleep formula begins to circulate throughout your body to help you get the needed rest.

What Are The Benefits Of Zleep Patches?

  • It contains ingredients known to calm the mind and aid sleep.
  • Zleep may improve sleep quality and quantity.
  • This sleep aid is made with natural and vegan-friendly products.
  • Zleep may boost energy after a long quality night’s rest.
  • Results may kick in quicker than most sleep medications.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Zleep Patches?

  • It may not be suitable for people with heart conditions as it has been reported to increase heart rate.
  • Melatonin may cause some adverse effects in some people.
  • It may not work as claimed for some users.
  • They do not offer free sample products.

FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

In our research for this report, we found that consumers are frequently asking the following questions online in regard to Zleep Patches.

While most of Zleep Patches’ ingredients have been widely used for sleep issues and other health conditions without causing any problems, some users have reported an increase in their heart rate. You may want to consider avoiding this product if you have a heart condition or are prone to one.

This brand offers a wide range of buying options and prices. For larger quantities, customers are provided with discounts.

Peel the protective film, stick to a clean, dry part of your body (hairless areas are best), and then go to bed. The shoulders, stomach, wrists, inner forearms, and upper thighs are some of the recommended places. The patches are best applied 30 to 1hr before bedtime.

No. the brand does not provide free trials or samples of the product, but they offer a money-back guarantee on every purchase.

Zleep Patch is made with natural and vegan-friendly ingredients. Unlike many other sleep patches, it does not have a strong smell. Also, while independent studies on its efficacy are lacking, ingredients used have been studied extensively and found to improve sleep.

Some users may experience an increase in their heart rate from use. If this happens to you, discontinue use immediately.

It might be. Zleep contains ingredients known to aid sleep and calm the mind when consumed orally. However, there is very little evidence from independent clinical studies to prove that they work just as well when used as transdermal patches.

If you do not mind spending a couple of dollars on a pack to see how it works for you, then it may be worth giving a try. Also, keep in mind that results can vary from person to person. While there are some negative reviews on the product online, you may not get the same outcome.

What Are Consumers Saying About Zleep Patches?

Zleep Patches reviews on independent sites have been mixed. However, on the product’s sites, the reviews are all positive, and of course, this draws questions on the authenticity of these reviews.

That said, many of the negative reviews came from customers who complained about deriving no benefits whatsoever from using Zleep. A few complained of the increase in heart rate they experienced after just a few minutes of use.

On the other hand, the positive reviewers noticed a difference in their sleep cycle and sleep quantity.

Many people have a hard time falling or staying asleep, waking up exhausted and irritable. Effective natural sleep aids can help you return to a normal sleep schedule resulting in an improvement in your overall health, mood, and well-being.

Below you’ll find some of the most effective all natural sleep aid formulations on the market today, in our opinion.



SomulinRestful, Sound, & Completely Natural Slumber Within The First Few Days!

Somulin Reviews
4.5/5 (8327 Ratings)
Falls Asleep Faster 98%
Improves Sleep Pattern 99%
Feels Relaxed & Tranquil 98%
Promotes Deep Sleep 98%
Overall User Experience 97%


  • Reduces the time it takes to fall asleep
  • Promotes deep sleep with no disturbances
  • Eases stress and encourages full relaxation
  • Has a 99% customer satisfaction rate
  • Causes no morning grogginess
  • Encourages healthy sleep patterns
  • Contains natural, scientifically tested ingredients
  • Creates a better feeling of well-being
  • Produces no harmful side effects
  • Will not cause addiction or dependency
  • Backed by clinical studies
  • Company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Online ordering process is safe and secure
  • Easily accessible and knowledgeable customer service department
  • Customers do not have to enroll in a subscription or auto-delivery plan


  • Only available from the official website
  • High demand results in low stock at times

The Bottom Line

Having problems falling asleep, or staying asleep throughout the night, is not only distressing but can impact many aspects of our health. Finding a powerful, yet safe solution is essential, and after looking at numerous supplements on the market, in our opinion, there is no better brand than Somulin.

With a clinically proven, all-natural formula, Somulin offers multiple benefits, helping to ease tension, promote complete relaxation, reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, and ensure the individual enjoys deep sleep throughout the night. Unlike some sleep supplements, Somulin produces powerful results without ever causing a dependency or next-day grogginess - on the contrary, Somulin customers report waking up feeling alert, well-rested, and fully refreshed.

When we took a closer look at the key ingredients contained in the doctor-developed Somulin formula, we had a better understanding as to why this brand works so much more effectively than its competitors. Not only is each ingredient included in its optimal concentrated amount, enhancing the overall potency of the formula, but they are all backed by scientific research and extensive clinical studies. For example, a study looking at the effects of Valerian Root and Lemon Balm, both found in the Somulin formula, showed that this combination reduced insomnia for 81% of trial participants and that in addition to having natural sedative properties, another key ingredient, German Chamomile, has proved to be highly effective in decreasing body movements at night, allowing the individual to fall asleep more easily. Additionally, research has shown that taking as little as 220mg of this botanical extract for 8 weeks can significantly reduce feelings of anxiety.


While Somulin customers love the fact that this maximum strength supplement starts producing powerful results in a very short amount of time, we were also impressed that it provided long-term benefits for the user too, thanks to the inclusion of Melatonin. This natural sleep hormone helps regulate the sleep/ wake cycle, establishing healthy patterns that contribute to improved physical and emotional well-being.

Because Somulin is made in an FDA-inspected, state-of-the-art facility by the reputable, established manufacturer, Pharmaxa Labs, safety and consistency are ensured with every bottle. Every purchase is covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee, which not only gives the consumer peace of mind but demonstrates the confidence the company has in its product.

We do not doubt that you will experience deep, restful sleep with Somulin, which will not only eliminate the distress caused by night after night of insomnia but lead to a better overall quality of life.


Somulin customer reviews over the internet

4.5/5 (8327 Ratings)
“I Take It Every Night Now And I Wake Up Feeling Refreshed. I Get A Good Night's Sleep. I Never Feel Groggy. Somulin Has Really Helped Me A Lot.”

Peter Vincent, Age 59

“This Product Was Perfect. It's Like Seconds And I Just Go Right Back To Sleep. So I Highly Recommend This Product.”

Mary-Ann Schmidt, Age 56

  • Louise H.

    Somulin Is Amazing And I Definitely Plan To Continue Using It!

    Louise H. five-stars

    “I swore six years back that I would not take any more sleep aids because they left me feeling so exhausted and dragged out the following day. Then recently I started having a lot of trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep. It was my sister who purchased Somulin for me because she knew I was struggling with insomnia. At first I didn’t want to take it because I was worried it either wouldn’t work at all or would cause side effects. Well, that was almost two years ago. I have been using Somulin ever since. It has worked better than I could have imagined and hasn’t caused any side effects. When I go to bed I sleep soundly, and when I wake up I have the energy to jump out of bed. I feel great…not sleepy at all. I don’t have any trouble getting my day started and going through my morning routine. I even hit the gym for a 7:30 a.m. Pilates class. Somulin is amazing and I definitely plan to continue using it.”

  • John J.

    I Am In Awe Of My Results!

    John J. five-stars

    "I have tried several all-natural sleep aids on the market, but I never had much success with them. When I heard about Somulin, I thought it could be the right product for me. My healthcare provider didn’t see any reason why I shouldn’t take Somulin when I asked him about it. After eight weeks of using Somulin I am in awe of my results…it really works! The recommendation is to take one or two pills shortly before bed, but I typically only take one. Now I fall asleep fast and stay asleep all night long. Best of all, I don’t have any grogginess or feel as though I’m hungover when I wake up in the morning. This is the best sleep I’ve gotten in years!"


#2. DreamWell Ultra

(4.2/5) 4625 Reviews
Falls Asleep Faster 89%
Improves Sleep Pattern 90%
Feels Relaxed & Tranquil 87%
Promotes Deep Sleep 88%
Overall User Experience 87%


  • Discounts are offered on larger orders
  • There is a money-back guarantee
  • It contains several clinically tested ingredients


  • Independent reviews have been mixed
  • Free samples are not available
  • It may not be suitable for all individuals
  • There is limited manufacturer information

The Bottom Line

As the name suggests, DreamWell Ultra are designed to be worn on the body overnight, delivering ingredients transdermally for up to 9 hours. While this type of product would be suitable for individuals who don’t like swallowing oral capsules, having to apply a patch may not be as convenient and there is limited information regarding their efficacy. Additionally, although this is an all-natural product, it doesn’t mean that it won’t cause side effects and there are reports of some customers experiencing an increased heart rate when using them. As with any health product, consulting with a physician is always recommended before use.


#3. Primal Sleep

Primal Sleep
(3.9/5) 4235 Reviews
Falls Asleep Faster 88%
Improves Sleep Pattern 84%
Feels Relaxed & Tranquil 85%
Promotes Deep Sleep 83%
Overall User Experience 82%


  • It offers several health benefits
  • There is a money-back guarantee
  • Key active ingredients are listed


  • There is no clinical testing data shown for the product
  • Free trials aren’t available
  • It may cause gastric discomfort for some users
  • It has received some negative reviews

The Bottom Line

Primal Sleep appears to be a reasonably good quality sleep aid, although the formula contains a very standard blend of ingredients and there is no indication that it works any more effectively than other brands on the market. Furthermore, while most of the individual ingredients have proven benefits, there is no evidence to show how well the Primal Sleep formula works as a whole, which may be a concern to consumers. However, while the manufacturer doesn’t offer a free trial, this brand does have a money-back guarantee which is appreciated as there are reports that it may cause gastric discomfort for some customers who would obviously want to get a refund in this circumstance.


- Zleep Patches Customer Reviews
Zleep Patches
  • Viola: The taste and effectiveness is really good! starts working in about 30 mins.
    Star Ratings
  • cannito: It works plus its yummy! Great Supplement for Restful Sleep.
    Star Ratings
  • Hilary: Works great and great flavor. Recommended to sleep.
    Star Ratings
  • Stanley: It will absolutely help you sleep. Recommended to sleep.
    Star Ratings
  • Cartier: Taste great and has really improved sleep quality. I just started taking this.
    Star Ratings
  • cannito: Works perfect my wife and I all enjoy them sleep time. Sleep comes easy.
    Star Ratings

Final Words

Zleep patch may be beneficial for people who have difficulty falling and staying asleep. However, while many of the ingredients have been widely-studied for oral use, transdermal use is still relatively new and uncharted territory.

What’s more, Zleep Patches reviews are split, with some saying it did nothing for them and some praised its effectiveness for sleep. In the end, using Zleep patches remains your decision to make. If you think it is worth spending a few dollars on, then give it a try.

**The above is a subjective review. Our opinion of the product’s efficacy was based on independent research and information. *Results from using this product may vary. If you have a serious medical condition, a history of heart conditions, are pregnant or nursing, we recommend that you speak to your healthcare provider before using this, or any other health product and/ or supplement. The content provided on Health Web Magazine is only intended for your informational purposes and should not be regarded as a substitute for advice from a healthcare professional. It should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health condition, and we will not be held responsible for any complications that may arise from you using it for any of those aforementioned reasons. All concerns regarding your personal health must be dealt with directly by your healthcare provider.

Disclosure of Material Connection : Products shown in the section titled ‘Our Top Products’ are those that we promote as the owner and/ or reseller and does not represent all products currently on the market or companies manufacturing such products. This information is disclosed in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials”. We would like to make it clear that any and all links featured in this section are sales links; whenever a purchase is made via one of these links, we will receive compensation.

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Zleep Patches Review – Does This Product Really Work?
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Zleep Patches Review – Does This Product Really Work?
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