Thrive Instant Brow Fix

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Overview of Thrive Instant Brow Fix

Thrive Cosmetic’s Instant Brow Fix is a semi-permanent eyebrow gel. The manufacturer says its smudge-proof formula defines the brows, fills in sparse areas, and provides a long-lasting tint. The brow tint comes in five colors to accommodate various skin types and hair colors.

Thrive Cosmetics says its Instant Brow Fix differs from others on the market because it utilizes “Semi-Permanent Micropigment Technology™.”

Thrive Instant Brow Fix

rive Instant Brow Fix Review – Health Web Magazine Images

The Science Behind Thrive Instant Brow Fix

In a consumer-based study on 33 people between the ages of 22-65, those who used Thrive’s Instant Brow Fix saw positive results; 100% agreed the eyebrow gel was flake-free and lightweight, 97% said the product delivered a natural brow look and filled in sparse areas, 94% thought the formula was buildable, 91% reported the gel lasted for over 18 hours, and 88% said their brows felt conditioned and moisturized.

You can read more about this small consumer study on the Thrive Cosmetics website.

How Does Thrive Instant Brow Fix Work?

In addition to its micropigment technology, Thrive’s brow gel uses a “Custom Flex-Fiber Precision Tapered Brush™.” Its micropigment technology and expert-designed brush provide smudge and water-proof color, shape brows, and hold them in place all day.

How to Use Thrive Instant Brow Fix?

First, make sure you order the Thrive Instant Brown Fix color that best suits your natural hair. To apply the brow gel, use upward strokes following the direction of your brow hair growth. You can continue building the product until you’ve filled in sparse areas and achieved your desired look.

What Are the Benefits of Thrive Instant Brow Fix?

  • The product is consumer-tested
  • Thrive Instant Brow Fix’s ingredients are paraben, sulfate, and phthalate-free
  • It comes in several colors to accommodate different brow hair colors
  • It has positive customer reviews

What Are the Ingredients in Thrive Instant Brow Fix?

You can visit Thrive Cosmetics’ official website for a full breakdown of Instant Brow Fix’s ingredients. The ingredient list varies depending on the color of the product. Here’s an overview of its main ingredients.

Vitamin B5: Vitamin B5, or panthenol, may promote hair health and growth. In a study[1] on animals, pantothenic acid stimulated dermal papilla cells. Dermal papilla cells play an essential role in the hair growth cycle. In a study[2] on cultured human hair follicles, treatment with a precursor to vitamin B5 stimulated hair growth by increasing cell viability and elongating the anagen phase in hair follicles.
Glycerin: Glycerin may be effective at improving hydration of the skin and scalp. In a study[3] exploring the potential benefits of glycerin and its derivatives for scalp health and dry skin conditions, a leave-in treatment with high glycerol content reduced dandruff and significantly improved skin barrier function and hydration. In addition to its hydrating qualities, glycerin may help coat brow hairs and keep them in place.[4]
PEG-7 Trimethylolpropane Coconut Ether: This ingredient is a surfactant and emulsifier derived from coconuts. Emulsifiers prevent ingredients that don’t mix from separating, such as those that are water and oil-based. [5]
Pink Peppercorn (Schinus Terebinthiofolius) Extract: Pink Peppercorn Extract is anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory, making it beneficial for protecting and nourishing the skin.[6] Pink Peppercorn Extract may be used in cosmetics to give them a desired color, texture, and pH.
Phenoxyethanol: This ingredient serves as a preservative for cosmetic formulations. It prevents the growth of harmful microbes and can extend the shelf life of products.
Iron Oxides: Iron oxides give cosmetics a desired tint or color. They are generally considered non-toxic and durable pigments.

Who Is the Manufacturer of Thrive Instant Brow Fix?

Thrive Cosmetics manufactures Thrive Instant Brow Fix. Thrive Cosmetics strives to bring high-performance cosmetics to the market sans potentially toxic ingredients like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances.

The manufacturer says all Thrive products undergo development and testing at their lab in Los Angeles, California.

FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

You can find answers to common questions about Thrive’s Instant Brow Fix in the sections below.

Most Thrive Instant Brow Fix Ingredients are considered safe, even for sensitive skin. However, there is speculation that Pink Peppercorn Extract can be an allergen for some.

We suggest performing a patch test with this product before applying it to your brows to ensure you don’t have an allergic reaction.

You can purchase Thrive Instant Brow Fix on the official Thrive Cosmetics website. One bottle of the product is $24.00.

This product is also available on Amazon at a higher price of $40.00.

There isn’t a free trial for this product. However, the manufacturer says if you aren’t satisfied with your product, you can contact customer service within 60 days of the original purchase date to initiate a refund. Thrive Cosmetics provides customers with a pre-paid return label.

For additional guidance on returning a Thrive Cosmetics product, click on their website's “Returns + Exchanges” tab.

Thrive Instant Brow Fix is suitable for those looking to fill in sparse areas of their brows and give them natural definition. Thrive Cosmetics products may be especially compatible for those who prefer non-toxic beauty products or have sensitive skin. As previously mentioned, Thrive’s ingredients are sulfate, paraben, phthalate, and artificial fragrance-free.

Other brow-enhancing products include VolumBrow and Eyebrow Liposourcils.

Thrive Instant Brow Fix doesn’t have any significant side effects. Although its ingredients are natural and non-toxic, specific individuals may have an allergic reaction. Signs of irritation or an allergic reaction could include redness, itchiness, skin flaking, burning, or swelling.

You can visit Thrive’s official website to read more about its Instant Brow Fix product. The website includes before and after pictures and additional information about consumer studies.

What Are Consumers Saying About Thrive Instant Brow Fix?

The majority of customer reviews for this product are positive. Many customers reported the product is easy to apply, provides a natural and defined look, and lasts a long time.

However, a few customers weren’t satisfied with the product and said it was wet, runny, and didn’t match the color of their brows well.