No-Stim Reviews – Does This Product Really Work?

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No-Stim is a stimulant-free fat burner. The dietary supplement is formulated with natural ingredients. It may support thyroid gland functionality.


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Overview Of No-Stim

No-Stim is a stimulant-free dietary supplement that promises to support your weight loss goals by improving fat burning. The product also supports thyroid gland functionality and improves the body’s natural metabolic process. If you are sensitive to stimulants but need a weight loss supplement to fuel your weight loss, would No-Stim be a good option to consider?

Here we look at the ingredients present in No-Stim formulation, how it may accelerate weight loss, and available No-Stim Reviews.

How Does No-Stim Work?

No-Stim is a stimulant-free fat burner. The product does not contain caffeine or other stimulants commonly used in weight loss supplements. Instead, it supplies the body with iodine and selenium that help optimize thyroid function.

An underactive thyroid affects your metabolism by slowing it down and hampering weight loss. Additionally, the dietary supplement contains a potent blend of hoodia Gordonii stem extract, saffron bulb extract, n-acetyl l-tyrosine, guggul-oleo-gum-resin extract that promote weight loss.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of No-Stim?

Addrena LLC, a company based in Port Charlotte, Florida, makes No-Stim. The company markets OTC supplements. However, there’s no information on the people behind the company, its operations policies, and product manufacturing policies. Although it has an official website, the manufacturer details are missing.


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What Are The Ingredients In No-Stim?

The supplement incorporates the following elements:

Selenium – One serving of No-Stim delivers 200 mcg of selenium that is 286% of the daily value. Selenium is a mineral and plays a vital role in healthy thyroid function. Selenoproteins present in selenium reduce oxidative stress and improve the metabolism of thyroid hormones.

Selenium[1] deficiency disrupts thyroid hormone metabolism by inhibiting iodothyronine deiodinases synthesis that activates thyroid hormones.

Iodine – Iodine is essential for thyroid hormone production. Iodine deficiency affects the functions of the thyroid gland causing poor metabolism and weight gain.

Moreover, iodine deficiency is associated with greater free radical damages that damage the thyroid gland’s health. Supplementation with iodine may normalize the production of thyroid hormones and improve metabolism.

Hoodia Gordonii Stem Extract – The South-African succulent herb has enjoyed star attention for its ability to suppress appetite and boost weight loss. P57, an oxypregnane steroidal glycoside, is an active ingredient in hoodia that makes it an appetite blocker. The novel ingredient features in many dietary supplements designed for weight loss.

However, as this study mentions, the usage of anti-obesity supplements containing hoodia needs to be monitored as a high-quantity. Daily consumption of a hoodia product may negatively affect the users.

N-acetyl-L-tyrosine (NALT) – N-acetyl-l-tyrosine is a weaker form of l-tyrosine. It helps improve the functions of an underactive thyroid gland. Emerging research links chronic stress with weight gain. NALT influences the production of neurotransmitters in the brain that help lower stress and improve weight management.
Guggul-Oleo-Gum-Resin Extract – Guggul-oleo-gum-resin extract is used in traditional Ayurvedic medicines for many health benefits. Obtained from the Commiphora Mukul tree, guggul[2] may help improve weight loss and thyroid health. This study shows that guggulsterone phosphate salt in guggul helps lower body weight significantly and improve mood states.

The Science Behind No-Stim

The makers of No-Stim have chosen ingredients that improve the health and functions of the thyroid gland. There’s a link between obesity and thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones play a vital role in body weight management. Thyroid dysfunction directly impacts the body’s resting metabolic rate and body weight.

No-Stim utilizes a generous dose of selenium and iodine crucial for improving thyroid functions. Guggul extract also contributes to improving thyroid health. Hoodia extract has proven appetite-suppressing abilities. The saffron extract also promotes satiety, decreases appetite, and exhibits antioxidant abilities that promote weight loss.

What Are The Benefits Of No-Stim?

  • The supplement may improve metabolism.
  • It may enhance the functions and health of the thyroid gland.
  • Ingredients used in the product may help suppress appetite and promote weight loss.
  • The natural ingredients in the formulation have proven health benefits.

What Are The Drawbacks Of No-Stim?

  • The makers don’t offer a free trial of the product.
  • There’s not much information on the brand and its credibility.
  • Hoodia and NALT may cause side effects.
  • No-Stim is not suitable for people with existing medical conditions.

FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

In our research for this report, we found that consumers are frequently asking the following questions online in regard to No-Stim.

The official website of the brand does not mention anything about No-Stim. There's no information on the purity of the ingredients, which is crucial for consumers.

The makers don't tell us what tests the final product goes through. However, the makers inform that the product is not for pregnant and nursing women and persons with medical conditions.

The supplement is reasonably priced on the market.

The makers suggest taking two tablets daily with or before meals.

The brand does not offer a free trial. Also, there's no mention of a refund policy on the official website.

Some No-Stim Reviews by buyers mention that the product has worked for them. But then, No-Stim has negative reviews as well. Most weight-loss dietary supplements have a bad rap.

It is essential to buy one from a known, reputable brand that enjoys a good market response. No-Stim, unfortunately, does not reach that mark.

The makers don't specifically mention side effects. However, hoodia-infused supplements may have negative effects, and monitoring is suggested. NALT may cause side effects, including headache, nausea, and heartburn. It is suggested to consult a physician before starting a dietary supplement.

No-Stim is reasonably priced. However, the brand has a limited market presence. Health experts warn against buying dietary supplements from unknown brands that may have hidden dangers and cause health hazards.

What Are Consumers Saying About No-Stim?

No-Stim Reviews by consumers are mixed. Some users mention that the product has worked for them, while others complain that it didn’t work for them. We have come across reviews mentioning jitteriness, a rise in blood pressure, change of heart rate, etc. .

Trying to find an effective weight loss supplement can be an overwhelming experience. Weight loss supplements often claim to provide outlandish results. Weight loss products should be analyzed based on four key factors: potential to increase metabolism, potential to meet weight loss* goals, and quality of ingredients backed by clinical studies.

Below you'll find some of the most effective weight loss supplements on the market today, in our opinion.

Rating Table Rating Table

Our Top Products

Try it now
Phenocal Rating
  • Promotes Rapid Weight Loss
  • Increases Metabolic Rate
  • Increases Energy Levels
  • Powerful Fat-Burning Properties
  • Support Appetite Control


  • Increases the metabolic rate
  • Encourages optimal fat burning
  • Drastically enhances energy levels
  • Reduces the appetite and controls cravings
  • Creates a feeling of fullness to prevent overeating
  • Boosts body confidence
  • Helps maintain weight loss over the long-term
  • Has no harmful or dangerous side effects
  • Does not contain harsh stimulants
  • Formulated with clinically proven key active ingredients
  • 99% of customers state that they are extremely satisfied
  • Is backed by a 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Company doesn’t require auto-shipping subscription


  • Stock is sometimes low due to consumer demand
  • Cannot be purchased in retail stores

The Bottom Line

Phenocal is an all-natural diet supplement that provides multiple benefits for individuals who want to lose weight quickly and safely. There are numerous brands of diet pills on the market that make all kinds of promises, but from the products we reviewed, only Phenocal did exactly what it claimed, which is to not only help consumers reach their weight loss goals easily but ensure that they keep the weight off over the long-term for an overall improvement in levels of health and fitness.



An incredible 99% of Phenocal users say they were completely satisfied with the results they achieved when taking the supplement and reported that it helped them overcome many of the obstacles that had previously stood in their way of successful weight loss, such as overeating and snacking on junk food. They also commented on the fact that while they enjoyed better energy levels which allowed them to exercise more effectively, they didn’t experience any jitteriness or feel over-stimulated in any way.

When we examined Phenocal’s maximum strength formula, we saw that it contains the most comprehensive blend of active ingredients, each one clinically proven to promote weight loss in its own powerful way, in addition to working synergistically for optimal benefits. Individuals who take Phenocal typically begin to experience noticeable results within just two weeks of use, whether they have a significant amount of weight to lose, or just want to drop a few pounds. When you consider the scientific data that backs the efficacy of the key ingredients, it’s no surprise that it works as well as it does – for example, in clinical trials, women who took Fucoxanthin not only lost an average of 14.5 lbs in just 16 weeks but reported that the majority of the weight lost was body fat, so they enjoyed a firmer, leaner physique too!

The company who makes Phenocal, Pharmaxa Labs, offers a no-hassle 60-day money back guarantee on the product, which shows how confident they are that it will produce the results that they know their customers want to see. Indeed, the numerous user reviews shown on their website attest to the powerful benefits of this safe, doctor-developed formula and we’ve seen for ourselves just how fast and effectively it works. So, if you’re looking for a weight loss supplement that will help you finally reach and maintain your goals, in our opinion, there’s no better product than Phenocal.


Keto Blast Pro
#2 Keto Blast Pro
  • Promotes Rapid Weight Loss
  • Increases Metabolic Rate
  • Increases Energy Levels
  • Powerful Fat-Burning Properties
  • Support Appetite Control


  • Contains an all-natural blend of ingredients
  • It is said to target fat on the hips, stomach, and waist


  • It may take several months to produce results
  • Free samples are not available
  • It is a new product with limited customer reviews
  • Solid clinical data is not provided

The Bottom Line

While the diet product Keto Blast Pro may appeal to consumers for several reasons, particularly those who follow the Keto diet and prefer taking supplements in this form as opposed to pills, it is a relatively new product with limited information available. The formula is completely natural and therefore unlikely to produce any harmful side effects, but there is no solid evidence to show that it actually targets areas of fat on the body or prevents the accumulation of more fat over the long term. Additionally, it appears that this supplement may take several months to produce any noticeable results and it is not clear exactly how well it works on its own, without the benefits of regular exercise and a healthy diet plan.

#3 Razalean
  • Promotes Rapid Weight Loss
  • Increases Metabolic Rate
  • Increases Energy Levels
  • Powerful Fat-Burning Properties
  • Support Appetite Control


  • It is said to have multiple benefits
  • The formula is all natural and organic


  • Razalean is expensive
  • It has received some negative customer reviews
  • There are some reports of side effects
  • Clinical study data is not available

The Bottom Line

The diet product Razalean claims to help individuals lose weight in several ways, including increasing the metabolism and burning fat more effectively, but there is little evidence to show it works as well as the manufacturer claims it does. While Razalean contains a blend of natural, organic ingredients, including Garcinia Cambogia and Raspberry Ketones, which are relatively popular and commonly used in these types of supplements, it may not be completely safe for all individuals and there have been some reports of side effects occurring. It appears that some customers have indeed experienced some positive results from using the product, but generally, independent reviews are mixed, and this brand is more expensive than many comparable products.

Dietary supplement recommendations can be found everywhere — in commercials, through social media influencers, and from your neighbors, friends, and family. With so many different opinions, it can be hard to know which supplement is right for you. While most quality supplements undoubtedly provide health benefits, each will work in its own unique way, so it's important to determine which one will help you reach your health goals. Below you will find our subjective assessment of No-Stim based on the information available to us and our estimation of its overall efficacy.

  • Promotes Rapid Weight Loss
  • Increases Metabolic Rate
  • Increases Energy Levels
  • Powerful Fat-Burning Properties
  • Support Appetite Control

Overall Rating

Try It

Phenocal - A Better Alternative?

Promotes Rapid Weight Loss
Increases Metabolic Rate
Increases Energy Levels
Powerful Fat-Burning Properties
Support Appetite Control

Phenocal is a potent weight loss supplement that has proven successful in producing significant results for 91% of users within just 30 days!

The Phenocal all-natural, maximum strength formula helps individuals reach their weight loss goals quickly and safely. Its powerful blend of clinically proven ingredients curbs the appetite to reduce the risk of overeating, increases fat-burning, and boosts energy levels and metabolism.

You can find out more about Phenocal by reading our full review below.

Read More About Phenocal Nowarrow

Final Words

While it is crucial to maintain a healthy weight, dietary supplements' efficacy for weight loss is debatable. As the FDA does not evaluate the products, many dietary supplements contain unsafe ingredients or ingredients that interact with existing medications.

No-Stim Reviews by customers indicate that the product is not free of side effects. It is wise to consult a dietician or nutritionist before taking a dietary supplement.

**The above is a subjective review. Our opinion of the product’s efficacy was based on independent research and information. *Results from using this product may vary. If you have a serious medical condition, a history of heart conditions, are pregnant or nursing, we recommend that you speak to your healthcare provider before using this, or any other health product and/ or supplement. The content provided on Health Web Magazine is only intended for your informational purposes and should not be regarded as a substitute for advice from a healthcare professional. It should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health condition, and we will not be held responsible for any complications that may arise from you using it for any of those aforementioned reasons. All concerns regarding your personal health must be dealt with directly by your healthcare provider.

Disclosure of Material Connection : Products shown in the section titled ‘Our Top Products’ are those that we promote as the owner and/ or reseller and does not represent all products currently on the market or companies manufacturing such products. This information is disclosed in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials”. We would like to make it clear that any and all links featured in this section are sales links; whenever a purchase is made via one of these links, we will receive compensation.
*Result may vary. If you are pregnant, nursing, have a serious medical condition, or have a history of heart conditions we suggest consulting with a physician before using any supplement. The information contained in this website is provided for general informational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and should not be relied upon as a medical advice. Always consult your doctor before using any supplements.


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