The doTerra Slim and Sassy line of products is made by doTerra, a known multi-level essential oil manufacturing company. The Slim and Sassy Essential oil blend is part of doTerra’s weight loss regime intended to boost metabolism and suppress food cravings.

In this doTerra Slim and Sassy reviews article, we’ll look at the doTerra Slim and Sassy Oil, the supposed weight-loss oil, the claims, drawbacks, benefits, and other details to help us draw our opinion. And if this is a product you may be interested in, we hope the information shared here and the conclusion reached here enable you to make an informed decision.

doTerra Slim And Sassy

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How Does doTerra Slim and Sassy Work?

According to the manufacturers, the Slim and Sassy oil is a blend of essential oils known to improve metabolism when consumed. The mixture is intended to curb cravings, supporting metabolism, and enhancing the mood. For maximum effectiveness, however, the brand recommends healthy eating and exercise plans. While the last two are known to be useful for weight loss, essential oils aren’t.

Essential oils are known and used widely for their mood-influencing qualities, and it may explain why a whiff of the oil could suppress or curb food cravings. Still, there is no concrete proof that ingesting the oil can influence weight loss in any way.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of doTerra Slim And Sassy?

doTerra Slim and Sassy oil blend is manufactured by doTerra, an essential oil manufacturing company based in Utah, USA. It was established in 2008, and today, it is one of the world’s largest essential oil manufacturing companies with over $1.5 billion in annual sales. David Stirling is one of its founding executives and CEO and chairman.

What Are The Ingredients In doTerra Slim And Sassy?

The following essential oils are contained in the Slim and Sassy essential oil blend:

Peppermint plant oil – The results of several studies suggest that peppermint oil may be an effective mood elevator. It is stimulating and, at the same time, relaxing and cooling for restlessness, anger, and frustration. It is a commonly used essential oil in aromatherapy.
Ginger root oil –One of the oldest herbs used widely for culinary purposes, ginger root, may offer many benefits, as shown by studies. One of them is its mood and memory influencing qualities. In some studies, ginger was shown to balance serotonin levels and improve focus, among other mind-body benefits.
Lemon peel oil – A popular aromatherapy oil, lemon peel from which lemon oil is made, holds many mood-influencing properties. Researches show that lemon peel may act as a mood enhancer, promote relaxation, and suppress diet-induced obesity[1].
Grapefruit peel oil – Alongside other mood-influencing qualities, grapefruit peel may be helpful for weight loss thanks to its limonene content. Limonene was found in animal studies to increase the gastric vagal nerve activity, thereby decreasing the appetite. In the same study, the compound had the same effect when inhaled. While these studies are very promising, remember that they are limited to animal studies.
Cinnamon bark oil – One of the world’s oldest spices, cinnamon bark is used to lessen inflammation, boost immunity, aid pain relief, and improve weight loss by regulating appetite when inhaled [2].Like many other essential oils, the blend of oils used in the Slim and Sassy formulation helps stress relief, mood[3], headache relief, and improves energy levels. And as said earlier, this may explain why they may work as claimed for weight loss.

Again, human studies or evidence to suggest that essential oils or a blend of essential oils are significantly effective for improving metabolism when ingested or used topically are lacking. However, the mood-influencing qualities of these oils are uncontested.

What Are The Benefits Of doTerra Slim And Sassy?

  • The oil blend may influence the mood as claimed and give control over food cravings.
  • This brand may work as an accompaniment to other weight loss practices.
  • doTerra Slim and Sassy can be purchased easily, unlike many other products that may require a lengthy purchase and signup process.
  • The product may improve the water intake, helping to keep the stomach fuller for longer instead of eating frequently.

What Are The Drawbacks Of The doTerra Slim And Sassy?

  • There is no proof that it works as claimed for weight loss when ingested.
  • It is expensive for a product with some unproven claims.
  • Like many essential oils, it may not be as safe as claimed for internal use; essential oils are best used externally and topically.

FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

In our research for this report, we found that consumers are frequently asking the following questions online in regard to doTerra Slim and Sassy.

While the ingredients used in the essential oils are safe when consumed in their natural state, the same cannot be said for essential oils. And it is why ingesting such must be done with some level of caution. Even in small amounts, essential oils may cause heartburn, stomach issues, and allergic reactions in some people. These effects may not be unconnected to the often harsh and potent oil having direct contact with the body's internal organs, including the stomach. When taken excessively, essential oils can be toxic and even fatal. If you buy this product, ensure that you follow the usage instructions and keep out of small children and pets' reach. Also, many Aromatherapy practitioners frequently warn against taking essential oils internally because of the possible dangers from internal use[4]. However, if it must be taken, they recommend that it should only be after detailed consultation and prescription from a trained and qualified aromatherapist.

The doTerra Slim and Sassy essential oil blend is sold on the brand's website at $34.67 (retail price) and $26.00 (wholesale price).

Below are the usage methods and directions from the website:

  • Can be added to drinks or water before a workout
  • Best consumed before meals to "control appetite and overeating"
  • Used internally in addition to a safe weight management plan

Usage directions

  • Internal use: add up to four drops in 4 fl. oz. water or your preferred liquid
  • Diffuser: up to four drops in your preferred diffuser
  • Topical use: up to two drops on the desired area. To prevent skin reaction from sensitivity to the oil, it is best to "dilute with doTerra Fractionated Coconut Oil" or any other pure or milder oil of your choice.
Finally, the brand advises users to avoid direct sunlight or UV rays for about 12hrs after the product's application.

No free trials are currently being offered to the users. On the return policy, products opened and returned within 30 days qualify for a 90% refund or 100% in-store credits (for future purchase), while unopened products returned within 30 days qualify for a 100% refund or 100% in-store credits or 90% refund and 90% in-store credit if unopened within 90 days.

doTerra's Slim and Sassy essential oil blend is different from many other weight loss products in many ways. Unlike many weight loss formulations, the ingredients have not been proven or shown to improve metabolism when ingested internally. Sure, diffused or used externally, it could help influence mood or emotions toward food, but no studies have proven their weight-loss effectiveness.

There have been no complaints of severe side effects by past or current users (to the best of our knowledge). However, as with all essential oils or combinations, you want to be careful with usage. People with an allergy to any of the ingredients in the blend (cinnamon, grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, and ginger) may want to avoid this product altogether. Minor side effects that may be noticed from use include skin irritation, stomach upset, nausea, and photosensitive reactions.

When used for mood or emotion-influencing purposes, doTerra Slim and Sassy oil blend may be worth it. The claims about its metabolism-boosting or craving-reducing qualities, when taken internally, are what we do not agree with. None of the ingredients in this oil blend have been found to contribute in any way to weight loss directly in humans. It should not be used on its own as a weight loss supplement but instead alongside other proven weight loss methods like diet change and exercises.

What Are Consumers Saying About doTerra Slim and Sassy?

The doTerra Slim and Sassy reviews are mixed. While many praised its scent, described as “warm, spicy herbal,” some said it did not help them lose weight. Others who left positive reviews mentioned using it in conjunction with dieting and exercise for weight loss. A number of these reviewers complained about the oily residue left in cups after use and the taste left in the mouth after drinking.