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Overview Of Vinia

Vinia is a red grape supplement marketed as a natural way to support cardiovascular health. The supplement is made from a specific type of red grape known for its high levels of polyphenols and antioxidants.

According to the manufacturer, Vinia contains a unique blend of polyphenols, especially piceid resveratrol, which can help improve blood flow and reduce inflammation.[1]

Additionally, research has shown that the polyphenols found in red grapes may help reduce the risk of heart disease by improving blood pressure, reducing inflammatory processes, and protecting against oxidative stress.[2] Studies have suggested that polyphenols in red grapes may help boost physical energy and mental alertness.

In addition to its cardiovascular benefits, the manufacturer claims that Vinia may also positively affect brain function. The manufacturer considers Vinia an alternative to red wine, especially for those who need the benefits without getting drunk.


Vinia Review – Health Web Magazine Images

How Does Vinia Work?

According to the manufacturer, Vinia red grape powder has a high absorption rate into the bloodstream, enhancing blood flow. Vinia may help to reduce the levels of endothelin-1, a substance that causes constriction of the blood vessels and can have harmful effects when released in excess.[3]

Vinia may also increase nitric oxide levels.[4] Nitric oxide helps to relax and dilate the arteries, which in turn increases the volume of blood flow. This beneficial process results in an improvement in arterial dilation, allowing for increased blood flow to vital organs such as the brain, heart, and tissues. As a result, these organs receive more oxygen and nutrients, promoting overall health and well-being.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of Vinia?

BioHarvest, a consumer health and wellness company, manufactures Vinia. The company produces Vinia in its top production facility in Rehovot, Israel. They partner with Batory Food to distribute their product in the United States. BioHarvest claims to follow FDA guidelines and that Vinia has undergone clinical trials. To gain access to the clinical trials, email them at their email address.

What Are The Ingredients In Vinia?

Vinia red grape powder is produced from the skin of red grapes. It is a blend of nutrients and polyphenols found in red grapefruit in its natural state.

Polyphenols – Vinia red grape powder contains a mix of polyphenols, the most important being piceid resveratrol.[5] Other polyphenols are tannins, quercetin, catechins, and anthocyanins. As mentioned, polyphenols in red grapes can reduce heart diseases and boost mental alertness.
Other ingredients – The label of Vinia red grape powder lists hydroxypropyl methylcellulose as the other ingredient. Their website also mentions Protein and Fiber as part of the composition. However, they offer no details on these ingredients or how they function.

The Science Behind Vinia

Piceid resveratrol appears to be the powerhouse of Vinia red grape powder. It is responsible for the benefits of this supplement. One of the benefits of piceid resveratrol is its greater bioavailability than other resveratrol. This allows it to be easily absorbed into the vessels, exerting a more vascular effect, enhancing blood flow, and lowering abnormal blood pressure levels.[6]

Piceid resveratrol has neuroprotective functions. A study shows that piceid protects the brain’s dopaminergic cells against oxidative stress.[7] This seems to support the claims by the manufacturer that the product boosts mental alertness.

What Are The Benefits Of Vinia?

  • The manufacturer claims Vinia promotes heart health by enhancing blood flow and oxygen delivery.
  • It might increase the dilation of blood vessels.
  • It might help to keep blood pressure within optimal levels.
  • The supplement might boost physical energy and mental alertness by increasing the delivery of blood and oxygen to the body’s tissues and organs.
  • It might enhance the body’s blood circulation mechanism.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Vinia?

  • Vinia Red Grape Powder is quite expensive.
  • There are no offers of free samples.
  • There are no physical stores for the purchase of this supplement.
  • The 90-day money-back guarantee only applies to first-time purchases.

FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

Vinia’s manufacturer claims to use safe and natural ingredients and follow FDA guidelines. For now, there are no known risks associated with the product. Whether or not it is suitable for pregnant or nursing women is uncertain. However, consult with your physician before consumption.

A one-time purchase or a 90-day supply of two bottles costs $139. However, you can subscribe for 12 months or less and save up to $250. You can only make purchases from the Vinia official website.

Vinia doesn't provide a free trial. Even though they assure their clients of an effective product, they still offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.

The manufacturer's advice is a serving size of one capsule daily. Each bottle of Vinia red grape powder contains 30 veggie capsules.

Blood Flow-7 and Vazopril are two products that provide similar benefits to Vinia. They enhance blood flow and lower blood pressure levels. You can compare reviews of these products on independent review sites or online retail stores.

The manufacturer claims no side effects were identified during clinical trials. Also, research shows that human subjects are yet to experience any side effects from resveratrol use.[8]

You will learn more about Vinia red grape powder from their official website. There is also information about the product on independent review sites and third-party retail stores.

What Are Consumers Saying About Vinia?

Some reviewers affirm that the supplement has helped improve their blood circulation, energy levels, and overall well-being. However, some reviewers report no noticeable effects or find the product to be quite pricey.