Did you know around up to 70% of our immune system is present in our gut? This proves that by eating a nutritious, healthy, and balanced diet and taking care of our gut and digestive health we can improve our immunity, boost vitality, and fight disease effectively.
As a Holistic Health Coach, I have helped many clients overcome long-term diseases and health conditions using Nutrition, Natural remedies, and Homeopathy.
I truly believe that the best way to treat any disease (physical, mental or emotional) is to understand the root cause and focus the treatment on that. Every individual is different and a holistic approach focuses on how you as a unique individual are affected by life’s situations, trauma, stress.

A tailor-made treatment plan is created to help you deal with any ongoing problems. This approach offers effective and lasting relief and improves your overall health and vitality.

If you are looking for a natural, alternative treatment approach to dealing with any health problems then you are in the right place.

How can we use Food as Medicine?

Nutrition is important both in prevention and treatment of long-term diseases. Learning about foods that improve our health and recognizing food groups that are essential for treating disease and improving our immunity naturally can play a key role in overall health.

I love the concept of food as medicine. In this blog, I would like to share the secrets of gut health and how to boost your gut health by eating the right foods that will beat vitamin deficiency symptoms and diseases naturally and improve your immunity.

Why is Gut Health Important to Boosting Immunity!

Have you been wondering what is the root cause of your chronic diseases? Why is your immune system not functioning optimally? Why is gut health so important?

How exactly does the gut affect your immune system? I am going to share answers to these questions and talk about 7 reasons why gut health is important to boost your immune system and overall health. 


Our brain and gut are connected by a network of neurons, chemicals, and hormones. How does your body know when it’s hungry? The gut-brain connection means that poor digestive health can even lead to mood disorders.

A period of intense stress might have a negative effect on your gut, while a sunny summer spent eating lots of fresh vegs and working outside can have a positive effect.

This effect is not just because anxiety may cause your muscles to tense, your emotions can actually change the behavior of your microbes in your gut.
Are you feeling tired and depressed for long periods of time? Do you suffer from insomnia and finding it hard to sleep at night? Do you notice energy dips throughout the day?

These could all be warning signs that you are suffering from chronic stress, or also called adrenal fatigue. To learn  more about how to deal with adrenal fatigue naturally watch this video.  


Many skin conditions originate in your gut and require more than skin creams to remediate. Inflammation in the gut caused by a poor diet or food allergies may cause increased “leaking” of certain proteins out into the body, which can, in turn, irritate the skin and cause conditions such as eczema.

Are you suffering from skin problems or eczema and looking for natural ways to treat it? Skin is a  medium of elimination for the body. Unfortunately, when we use skin creams, we are in turn suppressing the elimination of toxins and pushing it further into the body.

This results in flare-ups when we stop using the skin creams. The best way to treat eczema-related skin problems is to understand the root cause and to treat it internally. To learn more watch this video.


The gut bacteria play an important role in the breaking of hormones and their removal from the blood. This is especially important for women because problems in this area can cause imbalances in estrogen. This could look like PMS, irritability, depression, weight gain, and accelerated ageing. Nutrition deficiency is known as a root cause of hormonal problems.

What are the common signs that indicate your body may be suffering from nutritional deficiency and foods you can include in your diet to overcome this deficiency? To learn more watch this video.

Studies have shown that combining certain foods in a meal can help your body can absorb maximum nutrition from each meal. To learn more about the food combinations to boost your  nutrition absorption watch this video.


Digestive health and the wellbeing of bacteria in our gut have been recognized as factors that can also impact our sleep. It is no secret that lack of sleep, appetite, and obesity have a tight bond, but so far, we did not know much about the microbiome and its role in sleep.
Lack of sleep or insomnia can put our appetite out of balance, increase our food cravings, and cause weight gain. That is because lack of sleep decreases the level of a hormone called leptin, which is responsible for our feeling of fullness after a meal. Nutrition is a great way to improve your sleep and deal with insomnia naturally. To learn more about how to improve your sleep through  nutrition watch this video.


Did you know certain diets that limit inflammatory foods and excess carb intake can improve thyroid autoimmunity and body composition? Thyroid autoimmunity is the most common cause of hypothyroidism.

There is preliminary evidence showing that the treatment of bacteria H.pylori has been shown to reduce thyroid autoimmunity. Adding more anti-inflammatory foods to your diet is a  great way to deal with thyroid conditions. I share my top anti-inflammatory foods in this video.


Some people have an overgrowth of bad bacteria in their intestines, which has been correlated to being overweight, having high blood sugar, and having high cholesterol. Preliminary evidence shows improvement in metabolism after treating these gut bacteria.

There are also studies showing that improving good gut bacteria might be a powerful way to managed high blood sugar levels, which can be related to diabetes. To learn more about how to do a liver detox naturally at  home and lower your cholesterol, watch this video.


Studies show that up to 84% of people suffering from digestive disorders like IBS, Gerd, leaky gut have an overgrowth of bacteria in intestines. To know more about IBS, causes, symptoms and how to treat it naturally, watch this video.