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Superfoods: Health Benefits, Uses, and Risks by Olena Heu

Found in regions with tropical climates you’ll find Breadfruit… A nutritious, starchy fruit with prickly green skin that is packed with vitamins and health benefits.

Breadfruit - Superfood

Breadfruit - Superfood - (Image Credit: Shutterstock); Author picture - (Image Credit: Author)

What is Breadfruit?

Over the years superfoods like kale, acai, avocado and matcha have taken the world by storm… Now it’s time to make way for a new superfood kid on the block – Artocarpus altilis, better known as Breadfruit, is a member of the mulberry family of trees and also looks much like a jackfruit but the potato-like fruit itself is very unique. The large green cylindrical fruits bear rough and slightly spiny skin, which the meat when ripe is soft and breadlike to the touch.

Benefits of Breadfruit

Benefits of Breadfruit
Both the ripened fruits and harvested seeds are considered to be very nutritious and full of needed vitamins. Carbohydrate rich, this fruit also has a significant amount of protein, great fiber, potassium, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, niacin and thiamine.

As the name would suggest the fruit is also a good source of energy for those who eat it as it provides 60 grams of carbohydrates per 1 cup of the fruit. Many in south pacific cultures look to the breadfruit as a staple for meals, a convenient substitute for bread or potatoes and a good source of vitamins.

Gluten Free

Surprisingly, as the movement to reduce the consumption of gluten and wheat in human diets increases, people have chosen to look for other options when it comes to baking, flour, bread and etc. Creating breadfruit flour has become a celebrated addition to the gluten free society as chefs have started to cook with, bake with and create dishes with the naturally gluten free fruit.

Some items created with breadfruit flour include pizza dough, gnocchi, bread, breadcrumbs, chips and tortillas. Those with Celiac Disease have found breadfruit to be a wonderful addition to their diets to help with wheat complications.

Why is this a Superfood?


Studies have shown that breadfruit, which is low in calories and fat but high in nutrients and carbohydrates, is also believed to help lower cholesterol, vitamins are key to help fight various types of infections, as a good source of fiber this is also a diabetic friendly food and the potassium lends itself to help with blood pressure and overall heart health.

Some say the vitamins in breadfruit are good for your hair and skin, while eating the leaves could also be beneficial for cardiovascular issues as well.

Side Effects of Breadfruit

It has been said that the high amount of fiber in breadfruit is good for curing constipation, although too much fiber could lead to worsened constipation. Additionally, those with any bleeding disorders or those who are allergic to bananas should not consume breadfruit. As with anything you eat and enjoy, be sure to consume in moderation.


Overall breadfruit is a nutritious, delicious, and plentiful option for those who would like to add it to their diets. It is especially welcome for people who are gluten sensitive and/or avoiding wheat. The fibrous fruit is highly appreciated and considered very tasty when supplementing for carbohydrates, potatoes, and even bread (as the name suggests). Islanders enjoy the vitamin-rich cylindrical treat for pancakes, pastas, chips, breads, gnocchi, pizza crust, baby food, and more. The product is easy to cook, bake and add to your diet… all the while offering many benefits and bounty to those who grow it, buy it, and cook with it.

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