An Overview Of Premature Ejaculation And What Every Man Should Know About It

One of the problems that come with trying to treat premature ejaculation – whether through premature ejaculation exercises or behavioral therapy – is that many things can cause it. It is an elusive problem because it can be caused by both physical and mental issues. Therefore, it’s hard to pin down, even for doctors.

Because of this, men get treated for premature ejaculation in the wrong way. They address mental factors when the problem is physical or vice versa. Premature ejaculation exercises. like the ones we will be discussing shortly are a great way to combat the condition, but you should talk to your doctor about it for the best chance at effective management.

Of course, any man can do these premature ejaculation exercises, so they may be able to help a wide variety of men.

But it should be noted that there is no premature ejaculation cure. These exercises are certainly not a cure, and proper treatment will most likely entail a combination of treatment methods – another reason why management can be so difficult.

Undue anxiety could also make premature ejaculation issues worse. Anxiety could produce a sort of fear associated with sexual intercourse.

Sometimes, men too anxious about sex, which is why they climax too soon. It is best to try to alleviate some of this anxiety in any way you can.

Masturbation before actual sex can help alleviate stress and minimize penis sensitivity. Discussing sex with a licensed behavioral or sex therapist can also help to release some of the anxiety that you may be feeling in regards to intercourse.

An effective premature ejaculation treatment is difficult to accomplish. But there are several things that you can do to limit its occurrence.

9 Premature Ejaculation Exercises You Can Try For Effective Management

1. Kegel Exercises for Men

Kegels are one of the most effective exercises for men looking to prevent premature ejaculation.

That’s because many times, premature ejaculation occurs as a result of weak pelvic muscles. Kegels entail contracting the muscles you use to stop the flow of urine for about 1-2 seconds at a time and then releasing.

kegel exercises for men

2. The Squeeze Method

Many men have experienced successful premature ejaculation treatment by using the squeeze method.

The squeeze method entails squeezing the head of the penis when you feel the urge to ejaculate. This will help reduce the sensation of orgasm and pause the erection temporarily so that you can continue with intercourse.

3. Squats

One of the causes of premature ejaculation is low testosterone. And studies have shown that front squats with weight can boost testosterone levels.

To do this exercise, hold a barbell across your chest and with your feet, spread the width of your shoulders, squat down at the knees and stand up straight again. Repeat this motion as many times as you can to build a stronger pelvic wall and promote the right amount of blood flow to your penis during intercourse.

4. Tantric Exercises

The concept behind this exercise for premature ejaculation treatment is very simple. While having sex, when you feel that you are on the cusp of orgasm, simply stop.

You may need to disengage completely or simply stop thrusting. In any case, the goal is to cease the sensation before it leads to full ejaculation. You can repeat this any number of times suitable for intercourse with your partner.

5. KettleBell Exercise

For this exercise, you will need a kettlebell weighted so that you can swing it but not too easily. There should be some weight resistance. Stand with your legs wider than the width of your shoulders and grab the kettlebell between your legs.

Swing the kettlebell upward so that they reach shoulder height and swing it back down toward your feet. While this is certainly not a premature ejaculation cure, it will help strengthen the pelvic floor, which can help with circulatory issues that can lead to premature ejaculation.

kettlebell exercise

6. Clamping the Penis

This technique is similar to the squeeze method, but the pressure should not be applied to the head of the penis. Instead, you should firmly grasp the shaft of your penis with one head directly below the head when you feel yourself about to orgasm.

This will cease the sensation temporarily so that you can continue with intercourse. This is one of the more effective erectile dysfunction exercises, but you need to be careful not to squeeze too hard.

7. Hip Thrusting with Weights

Again, this is not a premature ejaculation cure, but it will condition your body for healthy sex. For this exercise, you will need a barbell and a weight bench. Lie with your back flat against the weight bench and your feet flat on the floor.

Rest the barbell (with some weights appropriate for you) on the fold of your hips (where your legs bend at the hips). Then, slowly thrust the barbell upward using your leg and hip muscles. Slowly come back down so that your back is once again flat against the weight bench.

8. Squat Exercises with no Weights

This exercise is similar to the squats method we already described but requires no barbell or weights. It is also one of the most effective erectile dysfunction exercises.

Simply stand with your feet at shoulder width and bend at the knees downward, then come back up to a standing straight position. You should try to do this motion repeatedly as fast as you can.

These types of exercises are effective for increasing nitric oxide levels in the blood, which is why they are useful for men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

squat exercises

9. Use Different Positions During Sex

Most men will find that certain positions stimulate them more than others. One simple exercise that can help with premature ejaculation is simply switching positions during sex.

If you feel yourself about to climax, change the position to one that produces less of a sensation. This is one of the many great erectile dysfunction exercises as well because it can help you explore more sexual positions that can enhance sexual interest.

Some Concluding Thoughts On Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation doesn’t have to control your life. Many of the issues that cause premature ejaculation for men is an unhealthy perception of sex.

Some men put too much emphasis on their performance or are too nervous about the activity, which can cause them to climax sooner than is sexually satisfying for their partner.

In cases like this, it is helpful to sit down and have a discussion with your partner about sex and what you both expect from sex. Oftentimes, simply talking about it lifts the undue weight that sometimes gets placed on sex and causes men to climax too soon.

And of course, good exercises like kegel exercises for men will help with the physical factors that lead to premature ejaculation. It’s also important to try to live a healthy lifestyle.

Poor diet, lack of cardio exercise, drug and alcohol abuse, and smoking tobacco can all exacerbate premature ejaculation problems and lead to other sexual abnormalities. Practicing safe sex is also very important for avoiding sexual problems.

A lot of times, these kinds of problems are stress-related. And while it can be very hard to avoid stress since we all have to work or go to school or both, you should try to take some time out every day, every week, or at least every month to decompress and alleviate some of your stress.

This can also help you improve your attitude towards sex, which can make a world of difference.

But in some cases, talking to a therapist may be needed to alleviate your premature ejaculation issues. A professional, licensed therapist can help you work out some of your sexual problems.

In any case, it helps to be self-aware. Only when you are honest with yourself can you overcome premature ejaculation.