Obesity and overweight are significant health problems that can lead to medical risks like cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. According to the World Health Organization, 2.8 million people worldwide die every year from obesity-related problems. These are a global health crisis.
To combat this problem, you need to follow an overall healthy lifestyle such as diet and some physical activity. There are numerous diets on the market which all claim to help you take off the pounds quickly and bring you down to a healthier weight. 
The Body Reset diet is one such regimen. This plan may help you burn fat quickly, jump-starting your weight loss, and making it easier to keep going.

The Body Reset Diet

The Body Reset Diet is a plan that was developed by a fitness trainer called Harley Pasternak. The diet aims to radically restrict calorie intake for 15 days for quick weight loss. This initial drop in pounds is supposed to motivate you to keep dieting [1].

The plan is outlined in Pasternak’s book called “The Body Reset Diet: Power Your Metabolism, Blast Fat, and Shed Pounds in Just 15 Days”. There’s also a recipe book included that gives you meal ideas [1].
A study published in Behavioral Sciences (Basel) found some evidence to support the idea that losing a lot of weight early in a diet can motivate people to stay with their plan.
Pasternak suggests that the best diet plan for the first two weeks on the regimen is made up mostly of smoothies, combined with some low-calorie solid foods. It also involves light exercises [2].

Workings of the Diet

This diet plan is meant to speed up your metabolism, which can cause it to enter into thermogenesis. According to a study in Nutrition and Metabolism, in this state, the body burns fat rapidly. This initial metabolism boost is supposed to lead to faster weight loss, which should push you to continue dieting and losing.

Recommended Diet Plan

Smoothies – healthy diet

Many followers find this to be the best diet plan for weight loss.

You begin with smoothies only for the first five days, and there are three types: white, red, and green.

For breakfast, you have white protein smoothies filled with milk or Greek yogurt.

For lunch, you consume red smoothies rich in fruit. At supper time, you drink green smoothies packed with vegetables [2].

Twice a day you may have a healthy snack of 150-200 calories. It may include vegetables like carrots or edamame, plain popcorn, celery with peanut butter, or cut apples with turkey [1].
At different points in the diet, smoothies get replaced by a regular meal. The suggested foods are a mix of protein, fiber, and good fats. They may include salads, sandwiches made on whole grain, soup, scrambled egg whites, and stir-fries [1].

Remember to include some of the best brain foods to boost your cognition, such as berries, tomatoes, blackcurrants, pumpkin seeds, and broccoli [3].

Suggested Timing

The Body Reset Diet works by really cutting calories for 15 days. The plan has 3 phases of 5 days. It also incorporates physical activity to get the benefits of exercise.
During the first stage, you drink smoothies and walk 10,000 steps each day. In phase 2, you replace one smoothie with a regular meal. When it comes to exercise, you have to walk 10,000 steps plus do 5 minutes of resistance training three days a week. You don’t need to know how to plan workouts – it’s already laid out for you [1]
For the last phase, you eat two solid meals a day and one smoothie. You also complete 10,000 steps a day and do 5 minutes of resistance training every day. For all stages, you can have 150-200 calories worth of healthy snacks twice a day, like vegetables.

Only drinks free of calories are permitted, like coffee or water [1]. The third phase is also the maintenance diet that you will continue with after the first 15 days.

Pricing Information

The Body Reset is not an expensive diet. You purchase the food you need with your groceries, and because your list will be shorter on meat and snack foods, it should be cheaper than usual.

The exercises are stipulated by the diet, and you don’t need a gym membership to do them. Price is not going to be an issue with the Body Reset Diet.

Effectiveness of the Body Reset Diet

Body Reseat diet

There is evidence that diets that restrict calories do work, and maybe part of a healthy lifestyle. According to the National Institute on Aging, research supports the effectiveness of calorie-reduced diets in helping with weight loss. However, they note that too great a limit on caloric intake could be problematic and make it hard to continue.
If you can stay on it for the full 15 days, it should lead to weight loss. The issue is that maintenance over a longer period is difficult because the menu and daily allowance are limited. This fact could influence the overall effectiveness of the diet.

Ease of the Body Reset Diet

As we’ve said, this isn’t the easiest diet to follow because you eat a limited amount daily. When your meals consist mainly of smoothies, there’s a good chance you’re going to get somewhat hungry and bored. If you can stick it out with this diet, it may work for you, but you’re going to need willpower.

Physical Activity on the Body Reset Diet

Physical Activity

If you have trouble figuring out how to plan workouts, this could be a good diet for you. There’s a set plan which includes walking 10,000 steps a day and doing resistance training. There are four exercises to choose from, and you alternate as you see fit. You don’t need any equipment nor do any planning yourself.
The diet takes advantage of the benefits of exercise for losing weight without burdening you with a heavy workout. The physical activity regimen is simple and not at all strenuous.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • The Body Reset Diet may help you lose weight quickly
  • The diet speeds up your metabolism, leading to fat-burning
  • It does not involve strenuous exercise
  • The menu consists of some of the best brain foods
  • It includes recipes suitable for the regimen


  • It’s hard to sustain
  • The diet is not varied; you eat the same foods and smoothies all the time
  • It’s not suitable for people with a heart condition [4]
  • You have to spend time preparing meals and smoothies

Customer Questions and Answers

Q: How do you reset your body’s set point?

A:Your biological set point is the weight or range that you usually stay within. It is determined by genetics, as well as factors related to your environment. If you eat poorly and fail to exercise, you can end up at a higher and less healthy set point. The answer to how to reset your current point is to lose weight slowly and gradually [5].

Q: Is it possible to speed up your metabolism?

A: Yes, it is possible to increase metabolism. With the Body Reset Diet, they do this by restricting calories without completely starving you. You eat a lot less, but there are regular meals and snacks throughout the day, so your body does not go into starvation mode. There are several other ways to increase metabolism, such as consuming stimulants like caffeine, eating plenty of protein, drinking water, and exercising [6].

Q: Can the Body Reset Diet help with any medical conditions?

A: Research published in Diabetes Care found that low-calorie diets have a positive effect on people with diabetes, even putting them into remission. Besides weight loss, this regimen can lower blood sugar levels.

Q: How long does it take to reset your body?

A: It is a very difficult question to answer because everyone is different, and our bodies do not all function the same way. You should certainly lose weight if you keep to this diet, but how long it will take to get to an ideal, healthy weight will vary based on the individual.

Q: Can you modify your immunity?

A: Certainly! There are steps you can take to boost your immune system, including eating foods rich in antioxidants like berries, dark chocolate, kale, beans, and cabbage. Exercising can also support the immune system, as can getting an adequate amount of sleep every night and lessening your level of daily stress [7].


The Body Reset Diet is a 15-day regimen that restricts calories and aims to increase your metabolism, helping you lose weight. The philosophy is that if you lose a lot quicker, it will motivate you to proceed with the diet.

The diet includes healthy foods and smoothies and allows for 2 snacks a day. It involves non-strenuous exercise that is planned out for you, and recipes are provided to help you organize meals. On the downside, there is some food preparation time involved. Also, this is a hard diet to keep up as the menu is limited and the calories are restricted. This diet isn’t suitable for people with heart conditions, and possibly other medical issues as well. This is why it’s very important to see your doctor if you’re planning to try this plan to get medical approval first.