The Revolutions of the past – Overview

Sit and reflect, how often in our generation have we had the opportunity to be part of something truly special, an event or experience that would forever alter the course of behaviours across millions of lives? In 1986 I was born in Toronto, Canada, and have lived through what I consider to be only a handful of these moments in time.

We saw the personal computer hit the average home and local school by the early-mid 1990s, telephones no longer had curly cords but were handheld and considered “smart”. Televisions – flat, and video games are considered to be a virtual reality but pay attention because 2021’s Global “me-too movement” of Health & Wellness has already begun.

For most major cities across Canada, we’re quickly approaching the 1-year anniversary of Covid-19 related changes in our lives and our communities are looking for answers & outlets.

Beautiful facilities offering every amenity imaginable, on every corner of our streets with the lights off and rooms dark. Saunas and steam rooms closed, group fitness studios bare and metaphorical dust collecting in all corners of the Health & Fitness Industry.

According to the Canadian Centre for Substance Use & Addiction, 25% of Canadians aged 35-54 reported increased alcohol consumption at home due to stress and boredom. With Canadian unemployment rates rising to 9.4% nationally, the statistics are staggering but the fact of the matter remains the same – 94% of Canadians are spending more time at home (for good reason) but with their health, wellness, and most notably, their mental and emotional wellbeing – the casualty of Covid-19.

Practicing Fitness

As an experienced industry professional, who began his career as a Personal Trainer well over a decade ago, I’ve had the opportunity to witness the broad ebb and flows of our industry from 2008’s recession, through equipment trends like the TRX, to business model trends such as the emergence of boutique studios. Each filling a singular need, (for the most part) some larger and some smaller but all based upon necessary industry pivots and changes.

Over the course of these last 11+ months, I’m sure you have heard the many industry franchisees, franchisors, Founders, Owners, and Industry Professionals alike mention how they’ve had to “pivot” their business model. That word just feels so inapplicable to me, this is a REVOLUTION.

We don’t need to pivot our industry – we need to REVOLUTIONIZE our industry.

…and it’s happening as I write this article…

The Fitness Revolution in Canada

Fitness Revolution

February 9, 2021 – in an Official statement, the Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC) asked the Government of Canada to make physical activity tax-deductible. “Fitness Membership & Services” as medical costs.

Preventative Healthcare is made equal for all people written in such a powerful stance and statement.

It is for these reasons and far more than I can cover in a single article that I feel Covid-19 has created a vacuum of health & wellness needs. Be hopeful for it is the dawn of a new era across the $4 trillion global wellness industry. Many of our friends and families are coming to the understanding that being healthy and well doesn’t require a membership.

We’ve begun to see the successful appearance of Independent Trainers with minimal capital, lean on niche skillsets and create a market for themselves via integrative virtual services – synchronicity between health & tech in the most positive fashion.

Stay Healthy

I believe Covid-19 could end tomorrow as we know it – but the world has changed forever. I believe the days of piling 30 people into a sweaty class are behind us, virtual services are here to stay. No longer do I feel we’ll be building $10-$15 million facilities after watching the industry Goliaths struggle to cover their overhead costs as they pull out enormous government loans.

I believe micro-boutiques will be the wave of our future – smaller, more intimate spaces with low overhead costs, minimal expenses, and a model that can easily mitigate the public’s health and safety risks and concerns. We’re seeing complimentary services not only litter the internet but from personal experience, our communities are actively participating.


I am an Independent Personal Trainer who has successfully Founded what is becoming a local household brand, Spectrum Health & Wellness Inc. We were established March 18, 2020 – only days after the initial lockdown in Canada. We are truly “built & designed with the pandemic in mind”. We hold $0 debt without a single lien on the business. We were profitable through a pandemic in our first year and are projecting exponential growth.

This is a revolution.