Americans and other people in different countries are leaving behind organized religion because they disagree with many things.

Emma Green from The Atlantic wrote an article, “What are they looking for?” These people aren’t atheists; however, they are moving towards a very popular trend, ‘spirituality.’

As one person puts it, ‘I’m not some kind of cold-hearted atheist. I’m nice, friendly, and spiritual but not religious.’ Sacred sexuality forms part of most spiritual traditions around the world.

Sacred sex today implies being aware that sex is the start of new life because, without the sexual act, none of us would be around. Our life force and our sexual energy is understood today to originate from the same divine source that transcends any particular culture.

What Is Sacred Sex?

Sacred sex teaches us to honor the body as a temple of the spirit. Sacred sex originates from ancient traditions.

It’s almost like a spiritual journey that you share with your husband or wife. The word “sacred” is a biblical word, so when we talk of sacred sexuality, we are talking about God-ordained sex. 

The creation of the first couple in the Bible, as well as their children that followed, were a result of sacred sexuality. Sacred sex is much more than just two people together, skin on skin.

Sex is a physical fact and act, a spiritual mystery where the Bible talks about “Two Shall Become One.” That’s what sacred sex is.

Sex and spirituality

Spirituality And 8 Ways You Can Have Sacred Sex

1. Sex and spirituality are linked

Sex is a big part of spirituality. If you do have feelings of embarrassment, guilt, and insecurity manifesting themselves in your sexuality, you will be blocking the channel and the connection – you are depriving yourself of all that it should be and can be. Sacred sex is not about restrictions, it’s about freedom.

2. View your partner as divine

If you believe yourself as being a divine expression of the universe, then so should your partner. Building on a relationship is hard work. It requires constant commitment. That can often make you lose sight of the divinity of you and your partner. Expand your understanding of your partner with no judgments, showing him or her the love you feel for them – sacred sexuality heals any imbalances that are experienced in a relationship.

3. Is your environment conducive for sacred sex to blossom?

When you want to make real love to your partner, do you make the environment befitting for this to happen? Soft music, rose petals, soft blanket, candles – these all create an ambiance that creates a sacred space of exploration—a warm, comfortable, and inviting space. Romantic tools create expressions of love that can blossom.

4. Sacred sex means preparing and adorning your body

When you are partaking in sacred sexuality, your body should be prepared for it, adorned with oils and perfumes as sex and spirituality are tied together. Clothes are worn that make you feel sexy and alluring, or pieces of jewelry that make you feel more centered spiritually. You can take turns to anoint each other with essential oils of rose or sandalwood.

5. Follow your sexual intuition

Follow the internal voice that leads you on, guiding you lovingly, using your sexual intuition to keep you in the know and not thinking of other things. You are in the present and revel at the moment.

Sacred orgasm

6. Experience a sacred orgasm

When you feel yourself climaxing, practice drawing the energy into your heart – the bliss. You are joining yourself with your partner, here is how you can have an energy orgasm[1].

7. Remember to practice aftercare

You will feel intoxicated after making love to your partner. You were both immersed in the expressions of love. The afterglow after making love, where you share your feelings and thoughts is known as aftercare – the spiritual version of pillow talk, where both of you have engaged every part of who you are. 

8. Give way to pleasure

There is such a thing as good selfishness; it’s when you care for your own needs, giving yourself all the energy you need to take care of others. Prioritizing your pleasures means starting to fill your life with pleasurable, simple things that make you and your partner feel good, using products on yourselves that are healthy for the body and the planet. It is being mindful of what you put on your skin and into your body so you can nourish your souls as well.

Changes To The Body During The Practice Of Sacred Sexuality

Sexual health is being mentally, physically, and socially comfortable with your sexuality. Here are a couple of changes that seem to occur when you practice sacred sexuality:

  • You start to value yourself and what you want – Soon, you will understand what you want for yourself and your relationships. You will start treating yourself as important, appreciating who you are, and embracing your positive attributes.
  • Sexual health should be part of your wellness routine – Sexual health needs to be a part of your wellness routine. That means ensuring you have regular check-ups and being tested for STIs. It might not sound like sacred sex if you have a few partners, but it is all the more necessary to be checked regularly.
  • Increased feelings of religiousness – Scientists say that hormones are released when you have sex that can increase your feelings of religiousness. This hormone is called oxytocin and it promotes the link between sex and spirituality and social bonding.


Sex is truly a coveted experience in modern-day culture. People long to find a connection with the divine, wanting to transcend in a way that no other experience allows us to do. Sacred sex is transforming and life-changing, powerful energy.

When you experience it, you open up a field of intimacy in your relationship. Have you heard of soul-ties[2]? It’s when two souls feel so joined together – they are like soul mates.

Sexual spirituality is not only about the physical but also the emotional. Every part of you is involved when you have intercourse with someone.

Your body, soul, and spirit are all involved – souls are knit together. This is because your body is connected to the person you are having sex with.