Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic, painful condition causing inflammation of the joints. This inflammation may make it difficult to get up and do the things you enjoy most. 

Those who struggle with rheumatoid arthritis know that there is, unfortunately, no cure. However, there are things you can do that might help manage your pain and stiffness. One example is making sure to exercise for pain.

It is possible to manage pain caused by arthritis through exercise, and if arthritis runs in your family, you may be able to learn how to prevent arthritis.

Can Exercise Treat Arthritis Pain?

While there is no cure for arthritis, exercise may benefit everyone, regardless of chronic conditions. But exercise for joint pain may be particularly helpful[1] for those struggling with arthritis.

If you’re wondering how to prevent arthritis, exercising may be helpful. Exercising helps strengthen the muscles around your joints, allowing you to regain your mobility. 

Treat Arthritis Pain

Exercise for joint pain takes some stress off your joints. It also helps with weight management, since losing weight may help take the pressure off your joints. 
Remember that there are other benefits to exercising regularly. Exercise helps you feel more energetic during the day and may help you sleep better at night. Exercises for arthritis in knees also help you and be more mobile.
If you’re looking for exercises for arthritis that will help you manage your pain and stiffness, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The first is to make sure you’re doing low impact exercises since high impact options may affect your joints. 
Make sure to talk to your doctor or rheumatologist before performing any exercises for arthritis. They will be able to help you determine if these exercises will be helpful for you and direct you towards what they think will be beneficial.
Remember, if any of these exercises hurt, you should stop and try something else. Exercise for muscle pain should be helpful, not harmful.

Best Exercises for Arthritis

1. Walking

This low-impact activity might seem pretty basic, but walking is a great way to get your heart rate up, strengthen your leg muscles, and alternates pressure from one leg to the other, making it a great exercise for joint pain. Walking also helps strengthen your bones and helps increase your range of motion.

Most experts recommend walking at a moderate to fast pace three to five days a week to get all the physical benefits of walking. You can start with 10-minute walks, slowly increasing your time until you’re able to go for about 30-minute sessions. Ideally, you should be walking about 150 minutes per week. Walking is one of the best arthritis exercises for seniors.

Water Workouts

2. Water Workouts

This type of exercise is best for people who have particularly bad joint pain. Water allows you to move fully while also avoiding impact entirely. It helps with your range of motion while building muscle. They are particularly good arthritis exercises for seniors.

There are a few different types of water workouts you can do. If you’re in a pool, you may walk briskly from one end of the pool to the other. This is one of the best exercises for arthritis in the knees. Plain old swimming is something else you can do.

Try looking for heated pools, as warm water might help soothe joint pain. 

Studies have shown how beneficial aquatic therapy can be for a range of issues, including Parkinson’s disease. 

3. Yoga

Yoga is a fantastic way to increase your range of motion and build strength in your joints, making it a good exercise for joint pain. Slow and gentle stretching are great ways for those who struggle with chronic joint pain to work out.

If you’re interested in trying yoga, it is important to look for a certified yoga instructor. Avoid any of the more “intense” forms of yoga, like hot yoga or Vinyasa yoga. Instead, look for any instructors who have experience working with those with chronic pain and may provide you with exercises for arthritis.

Moreover, some yoga studios will have special classes for people struggling with joint pain. Since, yoga is all about stretching, it is also a good exercise for back pain.

Tai Chi

4. Tai Chi

This is another way to move your joints slowly to increase your range of motion. It is also good for those looking for more low-impact exercises for arthritis. If you can find an instructor who teaches sun-style Tai Chi, this particular type aims to improve your overall mobility with slower movements.

If you’re starting with Tai Chi, you should bear in mind not to practice this type of exercise for muscle pain for any longer than you can walk. This will prevent you from over-straining your joints and will allow you to build up your strength more effectively.

Tai Chi can also be a particularly good exercise for back pain.

5. Hand Stretches

One of the most painful types of arthritis is arthritis of the hand. We use our hands every day for so much, and when they are in constant pain, it can make doing things you enjoy very challenging. That’s why it is important to find exercises for arthritis of the hands.

If your arthritis is bad in your hands, doing some hand stretches will help. Start by stretching out your fingers as wide as they can go, and then squeeze them into a fist. Repeat that gesture a few times. This is another exercise for joint pain that works great in the water. You can also try using a stress ball.

6. Elliptical Exercises

This is a good exercise for muscle pain for people who are at higher levels of training, and who have good endurance. Ellipticals are relatively low impact, so you get to build up your strength and mobility without worrying too much about adding any stress to your joints.

But remember that this isn’t for beginners. If you’re ready for more advanced workouts, the elliptical could be the right machine for you. Start at a lower height and resistance, and work your way up gradually as you get stronger. Getting your legs moving at low impact makes it one of the best exercises for arthritis in the knees.

7. Chair Stands

Ideal for people who are looking to build muscle and strength in their legs, chair stands may seem too basic and ineffective to be one of the best exercises for arthritis. However, they are great for people who are beginner levels of exercising.

To perform this exercise for pain, begin by sitting in a chair. Stand up as you would normally, and then sit back down slowly, being mindful and aware of your body as you go. If you’d like to challenge yourself more, find a chair lower to the ground.

8. Pilates

Pilates is one of the best exercises for arthritis, as they may be performed at varying challenge levels. They are also fantastic because they focus not only on your body but on your mind and mental awareness of your body.

You can find many online Pilates workouts at different levels of intensity. Some Pilates workouts are designed specifically for those struggling with arthritis or other types of chronic pain. One particular exercise for pain you can try is the bridge.

Lay on your back, knees bent with your arms at your sides. Inhale through your nose, and then as you exhale through your mouth lift your pelvis without arching your back. This is a great exercise for back pain. 

Since Pilates can target many muscles in your body, it is also a good exercise for muscle pain.

arthritis exercises for seniors

Frequently Asked Questions

The best exercises for arthritis are exercises that allow you to increase your range of mobility with also building strength.

If you struggle with certain types of pain like knee pain, look for good exercises for arthritis in knees. This could be walking, water workouts, or elliptical workouts.

If you exercise for back pain, Tai Chi, yoga, and Pilates are all great options. If you’re a senior, looking for specific arthritis exercises for seniors is your best.

Stretching exercises are great for arthritis. They are good for anyone looking for exercise for back pain.

Stretching is great for increasing your range of movement, which is important for anyone struggling with arthritis. Since stretching is low impact, it is also one of the best arthritis exercises for seniors.

Stretching also causes the muscles to relax and contract. This makes stretching a great exercise for muscle pain.

Arthritis of the knee may be particularly difficult to deal with, as it makes walking around hard. Finding good exercises for arthritis in knees significantly improves your mobility.

Going for walks, using the elliptical, and water workouts are all awesome exercises for arthritis in knees. These are simple yet effective methods flexing your joints.

Additionally, spend some time researching the best exercise for pain in the knee, and speak to your doctor for their recommendations. Therapists can also give you valuable advice.

Health care professionals may be able to help you find a good exercise for back pain if that’s something you struggle with too.

Finally, if you are a senior, you should also check with your doctor or rheumatologist to learn more about the best arthritis exercises for seniors.

Exercise for pain is one of the best ways to manage your arthritis. Exercising allows you to build up muscle and bone strength, which means you are putting less pressure on your joints.

If you’re wondering how to prevent arthritis, exercise plays a role in that too. Even if you aren't currently experiencing pain from arthritis if others in your family struggle with it that means you may be more prone to it. Exercising may help prevent future issues.

Exercise for muscle pain is great if you’re already experiencing this chronic pain, and may help you regain mobility.

Yes, but it depends on the supplement. Relief Factor reviews show that a supplement like Relief Factor can help you regain mobility.

When you combine supplements like Relief Factor with exercise for pain, that can help manage your pain even more.

For those interested in how to prevent arthritis, supplements can be helpful.

Supplements good for arthritis


If you struggle with chronic arthritis or wondering how to prevent arthritis, exercise is one of the best things to try.

Finding the right exercise for muscle pain can be a challenge, as everyone’s arthritis affects them differently. But trying new things, experimenting, and speaking to your doctor will help you find the right exercises for you.