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Power of Mindset And Exercise By Patricia Keller

Power of Mindset And Exercise

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Have you ever caught yourself going into the gym or starting a workout expecting the worst, or did you dread it and tell yourself you hated every minute?

If the answer was yes, let me ask…
How was the workout?
Did you feel satisfied with your efforts?
Did you feel it was time well spent?
The answer is most likely not, and the reason is your mindset.

What is Mindset?

Think of your mindset as a series of self-perceptions or beliefs that you hold about yourself and your abilities, and there are two types of mindset: a fixed or a growth mindset.

Have you noticed how some people are determined that they can not do better? Do they believe that they can not learn something new and are stuck with what they have? People who think this way have a fixed mindset.

A fixed mindset can hold you back in life and in the gym. Then you see people who are excited about life, aim to look at things from other perspectives, are constantly learning and trying new things.

How does it affect Exercise?

1. Fixed Mindset

Giving up
First, we are going to tackle the most common mindset associated with exercise and physical activity.

A fixed mindset, A Fixed Mindset, in general, means that you feel your skills and intelligence levels are stagnant, and you can not learn and can not improve yourself.

Having a fixed mindset can have adverse effects on your life as a whole and your workouts.

If you don’t think you can learn something new, what are the odds of trying a new class and finding a new passion?

The odds are slim, and you might be stuck in the same pattern of trying, giving up, and being disappointed.

A fixed mindset toward exercise means that you are not confident in your abilities, and when the activity starts to become challenging, you call it quits because it’s too hard and think you cant do it.

Those who are stuck in a fixed mindset do not believe they can improve or get stronger.

Does a fixed mindset sound familiar? Do you resonate with all or some of the aspects of a fixed mindset?

If the answer is yes, we need to transform your fixed mindset!

2. Growth Mindset

The most beneficial mindset is a growth mindset!

A growth mindset means you believe your skills, level of education, or fitness level are never fixed and can constantly improve!

You think you’re a rockstar and can do anything you set your mind to and do it well!

A growth mindset towards exercise means that you walk in the gym or studio like you own the place.

You walk in with the confidence that the workout will be great and will make you stronger. When the work gets hard, you call yourself a strong badass, and you keep going.

You put in the apparent effort, believe in yourself, and are not afraid to take chances. Having a growth mindset towards exercise can lead to skyrocketing results in the gym which can pour over into your everyday life.

How to develop a Growth mindset towards Exercise?

Remind yourself that you are worthy of great things and you are lucky to have a body that can move and perform exercise or some form of physical activity.

Make a checklist of motivational thoughts that will put you in the mood to crush the workout.

The list is going to look different for everyone! I fall back off the wagon sometimes, too, and have to readjust my mindset.

Here is an example list that I use when I fall back into a fixed mindset.

  • Every workout makes me stronger.
  • One step closer to crushing my goal.
  • More effort = more results.
  • This workout will provide me with mental and physical benefits.
  • I will feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.
It can take time before a growth mindset towards exercise becomes the default, and sometimes you might fall off the wagon, and that is ok! As long as you keep trying!

We are all humans who have good and bad days, and some days we have zero motivation to exercise, and our mindset is fixed.

The key is to take note of your current mindset before your workout. Are you excited? Ready to put in great work and make steps towards your goal? If not, then I suggest visiting that list and reading it to yourself with enthusiasm.

Play some music that makes you happy, put on your favorite workout clothes, eat a snack, drink a pre-workout and get ready for a great time!

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